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Quick update to show off some of the recent work Legends did to round out a few of our tools. Previously we had tools to edit monsters, items, and shops. We’ve added one more functionality tool and one quality of life tool, the ability to add monsters to the spawn list and an index for all existing inventory icons. First, the spawn list tool…

This picture shows all the existing spawn locations for your standard Taurverus. You can see their X and Y location as well as how many spawn at that point. For anyone unfamiliar with how Lineage spawns a monster from a code perspective, it has a set X/Y location, a range value, and a count. The game picks a random location with X/Y as the center and range as the possible distance then spawns the monster. If that spot is invalid, possible outside the map or in a wall, it will try again up to 50 times.

Here is the actual edit page. With the data I’ve entered, we are adding a single Taurverus spawn to FV anywhere within 25 cells of 33729,32324. The values below “Range” are all defaults used by 99% of the spawns in the game. You may notice there is an entire map option, that uses the 2nd way the game knows how to spawn things called “Grid Spawn”. When you select “Yes” for the entire map field, it changes the form to have an X1, X2, Y1, Y2. These values combine to form a quadrangle, the game calculates the center, then spawns using that center location + range. Legends coded this option to pull the map corner locations from the DB and fill in automatically, making the quadrangle the shape of the entire map. This essentially allows us to quickly add monsters that spawn randomly throughout an entire area. Very useful for adding monsters quickly to an area.

The combination of the two spawn methods in my opinion produces the best results. Just using the full map grid spawn method tends to result in very randomized and clustered spawns. Just using location spawn makes for a very flat/predictable experience. This is very noticeable in places like FV where people have memorized and bookmarked all the Taurverus spawn locations. For areas I design, and as I tweak old areas, a combination of the methods will be used. Location spawns distributed to provide some consistency, with a blanket grid spawn to provide randomization and density.


The other cool thing Legends finished is tool that allows us to browse existing icons in the database. This is INCREDIBLY useful for creating new items, since it allows us to see icons that exist in the code but are not in use. There are a TON of sweet icons in this version of the game that many U.S. players have never seen. Here are a few pictures, I’ll talk more about what you are seeing below.


So this is just a small snapshot of what Legends has done. It would take me like 30+ screenshots to show every icon/category. Each icon is sorted by what we think it looks like, there is no inherent categorization. The number below the icon is ID you assign when you are editing an item. If the border is yellow, it means that icon is currently in use somewhere in the DB, with the small number at the top left of the icon showing how many times it is used. Some icons get reused a lot, the one for a “written” spell scroll is used 80+ times.

On a personal update, my move into my new home has been complicated due to carpet replacement. Everything my fiancee and I own is currently on the 1f of our home. All the bedrooms are upstairs, so we are living in the dining room right now amidst all our furniture. Hopefully this will all be sorted out by the end of the week so we can kick things back into high gear.



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