Weekly Status Update 5/16/2016

Another update!

It was a fairly busy week for both Legends and I so not a ton of progress was made, but we did still manage to address some things. The monster stat edit tool is for the most part complete and functional. I have been using it this past week to adjust most of the bosses in the game. Pretty much across the board bosses have been given some form of buff. This includes things like HP, HPR, MR, DR, Str, or Int. The primary goal is to make bosses less easy to solo, especially for early game mages. This means in a lot of cases larger health pools so lower level mages will run out of MP before killing them. Non-mage characters typically have to wait until they are high enough level just to survive without immune to harm, and are not limited really by their damage output. Some easy┬ábosses have been buffed more significantly, like Dark Elder and Caspa. Both of these example bosses have very high quality rare loot, so we wanted to make them feel a bit more like an actual boss. That doesn’t mean they won’t still be soloable (they fall in the same place power wise when compared to other bosses that they did originally), but don’t expect them to be the easy mode push overs they once were. Also, to compensate for their new strength their drop lists are being updated to be more rewarding on a consistent basis.

We also implemented a system similar to iLvl in another game to help us compare existing items for balance purposes. Adding values to each possible stat an item gives and giving a sum total allows us to get a better idea of how good an armor or weapon is. This will hopefully help us identify some items that were maybe too strong, and others that were a little too weak. (FYI, Weapon procs are currently using a place holder value, so take any weapon with a proc with a grain of salt)

Over the next week Legends will be working on the spawn tool, which is how we will add new monster/boss spawns to maps (FYI, it looks pretty awesome. He’s even working on a map with visual representations of spawn areas).

Screenshot 2016-05-16 10.21.26

I will be continuing to work on various balance changes for monsters and items, creating new monster entries in anticipation of some new zones, and updating boss drop lists. When I make these changes to boss difficulty/drop lists the goal I keep in mind is that upon killing said boss you feel…


A.) like you accomplished something (hence the buffs to difficulty)

B.) you have something to be excited about (almost every boss will have SOME rare item that is desired)

C.) you feel properly rewarded (this is mostly about when that rare item doesn’t drop, and has to do with bosses having a good balance of common drops)

When we reach a testing phase all of these changes will be re-evaluated based off observations and player feedback.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Status Update 5/16/2016

  1. Eyrk says:

    I am excited for this server. It sounds like it is going to be the best one I have played in years. Looking forward to the end result.

  2. Kersleaf says:

    I am looking forward to having proper lvling zones for your lvl. Playing resurrection right now and even though they boosted the exp to 8x after lvl 52 I am still in the same zone killing low lvl monsters. So I am looking forward to a server that is set up properly.

  3. RavenSky says:

    Sounds like it’s coming along nicely. Can’t wait till you guys open this server. Hope for a somewhat peaceful experience. ­čśÇ

  4. RegressPuppy says:

    Just wanna let you know that if you are doing the same stats on the proc weapons as you did on the original, ronde edo and thebes weapons are stupid strong. And by thebes weps i mean thebes staff and bow.

    • GMLegends says:

      The entire weapon proc system is being gutted and re-written. Balancing multiple weapon proc mechanics against each other is difficult. The new proc mechanic will replicate the types of procs we saw before on all the various weapons, but give us a better way to balance and adjust them on the fly. Without having to make hard coded changes. There is a lot of time and dedication being spent on balance. We learned from previous experiences, not just from LoA but from many other private servers we played on, that balance is one of the biggest issues that continues to pop up. (damn elves and triple arrow hehe)…but rest assured we are devoting a fair bit of time on the proc weapons. Everyone loves them, we want to keep them fun but fair.

    • As Legends said, we are recoding procs from the ground up. One of the major issues with proc weapons we had previously is we never really made a system for editing them. Some were in the DB, others hard coded for specific weapons. Some used completely different methods for implementing their proc from others. As a result many weapons that needed balance attention never got it. Fidelity weapons are a perfect example, we added procs to them as a proof of concept but never finished balancing them. Many were intended to be largely cosmetic, but instead you have fid 2hs that also procs for several hundred damage!

      Having a streamlined tool for editing procs on the fly will allow us the quick fine tuning we needed to get procs more in line. It will also allow us to add more procs far easier. When the tools are done I’ll do an in depth post on it so people can see how it works.

      • RegressPuppy says:

        Ah the good ol fid 2hs that procced lol. After J7 made his we were like yep, thats a stupid weapon haha. Good to hear that you guys should be able to touch some of the hardcoded procs like Thebes (at least looking at server db files i never see them in the weapon_skill table).

        Personal request, a proc that does the Giant Worm AoE please lol. Could be purely cosmetic, I just like the animation.

        • lol I’ll have to look into that animation. In theory, the new tool will allow us to assign almost any animation in the game to a proc so it could potentially be done. Maybe we will make a Regresspuppy Worm Smasher, I’ve been meaning to design a drop to give to that boss to make him worth killing.

          All of the fidelity weapon will have a visual dark lightning proc, but how much it hits for, if it scales, and the proc rates will all vary. Some will be basically entirely for flavor so people know you are wielding an awesome weapon (1% chance for 10 damage with no scaling for example). Others will potentially be a more significant portion of the weapon’s damage (crystallized staff proc will hurt, but won’t melee for any real damage on its own).

          Thebes procs are the worst to deal with. They are poorly coded and the chaser mechanic has a lot of bugs in it (you literally cannot kill something with a Thebes proc for example). Thebes will ultimately probably be normalized like the rest of the procs in the game to just do one hit of damage per proc. I already know some people will complain about this, but the entire chaser system is just junk. Having a more standard one hit proc will make balance easier and reduce the chance of bugs. Also, elves will have a multitude of other weapons to choose from so if you don’t like the changed Thebes there will be something else for you to use (like a working fidelity bow!).

          • RegressPuppy says:

            Just gotta make sure to remove the chaser when you put the single proc! Something happened after loa was shutdown that caused Thebes weps to have 2 procs (chaser and single). That was a fun time fighting elves haha.

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