Weekly Status Update 5/10/2016


It’s a day late, but here is our status update. It was a busy week for both Legends and I. Holidays tend to do that. Some progress was made on some of the tools, including adding some filtering options to the drop editing tool. The monster editing tool is coming along (turns out monsters have a lot of stats, many of which do nothing!), and progress on rewriting the boss spawn code is going quickly. We hope the change to the spawn code will add in more variance to boss spawns, while still maintaining some of the classic lineage feel such as double spawns. A breakdown of how the new spawn code for bosses works will probably be a topic of a more in depth post in the future.

I hope to have drop revisions done by the end of the week, as well as finishing up quest item reward changes (Come on finger of death, why must you suck?!). Legends is hoping to tackle the next admin tool for editing and adding monsters to the spawnlist. This tool, along with the editing tool, will essentially allow us to create new monsters and bosses and insert them into the game directly from our internet browser! Exciting!

I believe some people asked about rates. While these are absolutely 10000% subject to change, this is what we currently are projecting and some info about each rate:

[XP: 4x] Custom zones + changes to party xp + rest all make XP easier to obtain, so while the rate is low there are other things to help compensate.

[Adena: 4x] There will be a lot of ways adena gets pulled out of the system. That said, we are shooting for a lower adena rate. This allows adena as a drop to still feel rewarding. As a side note, there will be no taxes (other benefits to castles), and all potion costs in shops are both normalized and adjusted to be a bit lower.

[Law: Custom] Law rate scales with level, something like 32x sub level 30, but 1x or lower beyond level 70. Basically you will hit full law fairly quickly at low levels, but late game pvp if you go chao, don’t expect to go unchao in 5 minutes flat.

[Karma: Custom] Roughly equivalent to 10x, stones have reduced value but base karma gained from monsters is increased to compensate. We wanted to make actually hunting karma monsters to be the primary source of karma. As a side note, other earrings exist in game so you are not forced to go for slave earrings.

[Drops: 2x] This should be taken with a huge grain of salt. Drop lists are being adjusted a lot to properly match risk vs reward. Also, we technically scaled all drops by x2 so that the baseline rate is 1x for quality of life purposes.

[Weight: 1x] Potion weight has been reduced internally. More weight reducing options have been implemented and are available to players as well.


Hopefully this sheds some light on what you can expect. We want to offer a fun and engaging lineage experience that lasts, part of which means being relatively lower rate. That said, remember that ultimately this is a very custom server, so the rates won’t necessarily compare to existing ones that are more like live. That’s all for this week. Check back next week for another status update.



5 thoughts on “Weekly Status Update 5/10/2016

  1. Kersleaf says:

    The one thing about the rates I didn’t like is when you hit 49 the lvling hit a wall and it took forever to get the exp to get 50. Are you going to change that, I see you increasing the exp rate by 4x that will help some. You also mentioned adding new monsters. Will you add ones that will give enough exp to make the higher lvling go a little faster?

    • There is currently a level 49-59 zone focused on being a “high xp” zone. This is to both making leveling in that range easier and to allow people in those levels a relatively safe place to hunt and catch up without worrying about being ganked by people who vastly out level them.

      By release we will also have a zone for 60+ and a zone for 70+. These will be a bit more rounded in design, offering a more balanced array of XP / loot when compared to difficulty.

      One of the balancing goals with these new places is that we don’t want them to make all other hunting zones obsolete. Currently on many servers Lasta offers the highest XP for almost any class, but very little in terms of drops. These new zones will hopefully offer higher level players the choice of hunting either a place like Lasta (very xp, few drops) or some place a bit more balanced (high xp, good drops).

      End game lineage is very slow by design. We plan to normalize 75-79 so that XP rates follow a similar pattern (doubles at 65, 70, 75, 80, and 85, 86, 87 etc). Our server has both lvl 75 and lvl 80 morphs, so we want people to eventually be able to experience those. That said, don’t expect to hit level 80 in just a few months.

      There will be additional content in game to keep you busy at higher levels. This will hopefully include things like a 75+ very challenging + rewarding group hunting zone, new higher level death matches, and new PVP content. There is also a much wider variety of powerful items, including many new items, for people to seek out and customize their builds.

  2. Kersleaf says:

    Thanks for the reply. Sounds promising. I am looking forward to this server.
    I would be happy to test for you if and when you need testers.

    • GMLegends says:

      When we get to an alpha stage. We will be hand picking people for testing purposes. Of course being a follower of the blog helps a good bit. We will need people who are there to truly test and find bugs. So knowing whats been going on will help with that. Just keep and eye out and we will post when information about alpha is available.

  3. RegressPuppy says:

    I will help out with whatever sort of testing needs to be done. Bugs that need tested/exploited (not really the best word for it but just seeing what the extent of something might do incase you decide to leave it as a feature such as the dragon knight awakening spells being auras).

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