Weekly Status Update 5/23/2016


Not too much to post today. Legends has been battling a cold and I have relatives visiting, so not too much progress being made lately. Icon importing is working, but slow since it requires manually replacing existing (unused) icon files with the new ones and recompiling the packages. Here is a gif of a finished import though (stats/name are placeholders). You may also notice an interesting new scroll (functions identical to the spell except it autocasts on self). This is something we found in a newer version of the game, and are currently debating if we want to include on our server in some fashion (likely from a vendor with a very high adena cost to discourage casual use). It may or may not be in the alpha/beta, and it may or may not survive to release. Feel free to tell us what you think about the concept of an i2h scroll in the comments.



9 thoughts on “Weekly Status Update 5/23/2016

  1. Dayvan says:

    I don’t think Immune should have a scroll since it’s the main spell of a mage in a party. I wouldn’t mind having Cancel Magic scrolls for classes that can’t cancel hasted bosses though 🙂

    • Certainly a valid point. The big problem with immune is at some point, high end content does so much damage it becomes mandatory. This makes having a Mage an absolute necessity, while the same cannot be said about any other class in the game.

      IF immune scrolls did make it to live release, they would be designed to be cost prohibitive for most situations. You wouldn’t want to go use them for every boss you fight, and you wouldn’t just keep i2h up on yourself 100% of the time in PVP. They would be something you use when you found a powerful boss, don’t have a mage available, and can’t possibly do it without i2h. You would still want to call others to help you kill X powerful boss faster, so that you use less i2h scrolls.

      A knight, elf, and dark elf could in theory go kill Grim together without a mage by using i2h scrolls, but at a steeper cost.

      Cancel magic scrolls would certainly be interesting. The biggest issue I see with them is PVP balance. Having players other than mages be able to shell out adena for i2h could potentially make them more survivable, but it doesn’t help them actually kill other players. Cancel however can be used aggressively, which adds a whole different element to balance questions. If we ever did implement something like that we would certainly have to take these things into consideration.

      • RegressPuppy says:

        One thing to make sure of is that the same mistake isn’t made as before of spells like Fog of Sleeping and Para being INT/level based (level based being the big one here as I was a level 76 DE Paralyzing bosses with base INT because of the level factor).

        The main problem I see is that ever since NC put Immune in the game, bosses have had to get stronger and stronger because they have to factor in that you may have Immune 100% of the time. I would be against Immune Spell Scrolls unless they were for things like some Elite Deathmatch type thing that disappears/cant be used outside of it. Cancel scrolls are another thing that could be useful for all classes, but the issue lies in that spell scrolls have no delay (unless you guys choose to add a delay to them) and cancel could just be spammed by mages or elves.

        Scrolls that would be fine to see I think would be Berserkers, G-Res, and probably something like Heal Pledge. Nothing OP but has some utility.

        While on the topic of Spell Scrolls, we can also bring up spells that were put ingame on the previous LoA. Armor Break should not be in game, especially when as soon as a Dark Elf gets it, they kill almost instantly. Using my DE as an example, with a Ronde Edoryu I was able to hit for about 600-700 on a max crit with AB. Once I finished my Red Shadow Edoryu, I was able to 3shot a knight with over 2000HP because of Armor Break. Other things can be discussed once alpha/beta begins such as Enchant Venom/buff timers.

        Still lookin forward to the launch!

        • Armor break, enchant venom, and red shadow edo are all balance issues we plan to address. AB is a skill that exists on the korean live, however it is apparently a level 80 skill. Likely it will be nerfed to some extent.

          Enchant venom will likely get an overhaul. It was an interesting idea, but ultimately too complicated and gave dark elves too much of an advantage in certain situations. Expect the newer version to be much more simplified and not as powerful.

          Red shadow edo, along with all fid weapons, are broken. They have procs with placeholder damage that is incredibly high. None of them will be as OP as they exist on LA/old LoA. Edo of Ronde will be tweaked with the addition of the new proc tools.

          You are dead on about i2h becoming a necessity, which is why I am in general a fan of having a scroll for it. That said, I agree it should be mainly for things like elites. The easiest way to do that though is to just make it not cost effective to use for other things. Adena will not be as plentiful on this server as it is on others, both due to decreased adena drops and a lot more adena sinks. As a result, we will probably try to hone in on a price per scroll that discourages any sort of casual use. When you use an i2h scroll, it will be at some sort of financial cost that is significant.

          I am not opposed to the idea of other scrolls… but cancel scrolls imo would have too much of an impact in pvp for the reason you gave. You could potentially spam cancel scrolls, resulting in the death of another player. At best, I2H scrolls would only prevent your own death, not kill someone else, and it would be expensive. As for the others you mentioned, I would like to have mages retain some unique utility, which zerk / gres provide. I just don’t want it to be a “mandatory” utility that i2h currently provides.

  2. Puddles says:

    Spell scrolls. You can always try them. Adjust them as needed. If they don’t work, nix them from the game.

    Balance has already been addressed on things. Also, you are making lots of pretty tools to adjust as needed.

    On a side note; that dead cow is disturbing. Mage looks very guilty.

    Love what you have done with the place.

    • That’s the plan, have people test stuff in alpha/beta and give feedback. If it’s not working, it won’t make it to release.

      Legends is a known cow killer… (it was probably trying to steal the sword from the ground).

  3. Kersleaf says:

    Really looking forward to this server. Just got back into playing lineage. Tried the lineage 1.5 server but it has way to fast lvling. Sounds like this one will be way more balanced and ad that is what I am looking for. A newer version than resurrection with a decent pace for lvling and balance.

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