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Hello Everyone!

Sorry it’s taken so long to get another post out. Both Legends and I have had some major shake ups / issues going on at our respective works. I am working 10 hour days and he is filling multiple roles. As a result we both end up pretty burned out by the time we get home, so progress has been slow. That said, we had a meeting yesterday and outlined/updated our plans both for the short and long term. I’m now going to give you a rundown of what we decided on, however please keep in mind things are subject to change.

Obviously the big thing people want to know about is when will we be going to Alpha. After discussing our status we believe we can wrap up some final remaining things and do what we are going to call Alpha #1 around October 1st. Some important things to note…

  • The goal of Alpha #1 is to establish the client works and is free of any major bugs. It is not necessarily to balance content or test new features.
  • This build will be much closer to “live like” than our final product. There are a lot of features we have not finished or even started yet. They will not be available in this build of the game.
  • We expect Alpha #1 to run for about 3-4 weeks.
  • Rates will start normal, and be increased over time.
  • We should have some sort of forum in place for testers to report issues and make comments.
  • Closer to the start date we will have some way for people to sign up.

After Alpha #1 we believe there will need to be an Alpha #2. This will be further down the road, and will be a build similar to Alpha #1 except with some of the major system overhauls implemented. These include things like changes to group XP, changes to MR/Ele resist, summon shards, daily quests, etc. Things that could potentially result in rollbacks were they added to a live server with critical errors. The goal of this Alpha will be to verify these systems function and don’t have any bugs/exploits.

Beyond that, our sights will be set on an open Beta. The Beta build should have all our planned customization and features complete. Things like skill overhauls, mage summons, new maps, event scheduling, new death matches, invasions. etc. The Beta will not only be about testing those things for bugs, but also about addressing balance issues. As a result, it will likely run for 2-3 months. When we feel we have a finished, polished, balanced product that is easy to manage we will wipe the Beta and go to a permanent Live release.

You may notice I have not given any dates or projected time frames beyond Alpha #1. For the sake of transparency, that is intentional. We don’t want to tell people something and either A.) fail to meet that deadline, or B.) stress out over trying to meet a poorly predicted goal. Ultimately this is a hobby we do in our spare time when we want to work on it. I know some people are very excited about the server, we are as well, however we learned from our past mistakes. We won’t release a server we are not 100% happy with, even if it takes 3 years to get there (please god no). Over work and burn out is a real issue that we try very hard to avoid.



16 thoughts on “Update 9/9

  1. JPShroud says:

    I personally think that this outline is amazing. I also love the amount of transparency you all are trying to provide to us on the thought process behind your project.

    I also would like to thank you both again for attempting to provide us with a experience that for most parts seems it will be better than what live ever offered. (from the Outlines i have read)

    • GMLegends says:

      When Myth and I talked about getting back into the lineage ps world…we knew there were a handful of core concepts we wanted to make sure came first and foremost….. Transparency was at the top of the list. The successfulness of a L1PS will always be the management and support it receives. Making sure your community of players trust your choices as well as your judgement is important. One of the most important ways to build that trust is with complete transparency.

  2. Puddles says:

    Awesome news. Always hated September. Getting in the way of good things to come. Go away September, come on October!

    Great post, happy to see things are rolling along. ^_^

  3. Puddles says:

    3 years, by Please God No. Should at the very least be a song and a group. Maybe a movie. Scary thought.

    Alpha #1 should introduce you to people willing to assist with the project and share the load. I have done beta and alpha for many a Lineage server and other games. Others that I know are waiting for this server to rear its mighty head have worked on their own servers and helped on others. Your passion for a good stable Lineage, and a rewarding new experience is shared by others. The burden for bringing that to life can be shared. Once Alpha starts, we can all put our skills on the table and see what is needed and what exists.

    Since my dream of crashing into ATM machine while driving like a lunatic on my motorcycle and having my consciousness transferred onto the internet hasn’t happened yet, I can settle for my other, no less exciting dream, of playing on a new Lineage server where there is a struggle, and the struggle is real.

    • Puddles was a loose cannon, always riding fast and hard on his old motorcycle. People kept saying “Puddles you need to slow down! You’re writing checks your bike can’t cash man!” Tired of it all, he decided to make one final withdrawal, by taking out the ATM that killed his father. What he didn’t expect was that he made one final deposit… of his consciousness onto the internet!

  4. Mrs.Legends says:

    This is super good stuff right here.
    Somebody (Legends) has a cheesier sense of humor than he would like to admit to me…
    Also, I NEED this movie to happen.

    • Legends says:

      Sadly, may not be ready on time. I have been slammed at work. Company hired another 40ish drivers and 10-12 support staff. So has been very hectic. I have not had the energy to invest at night. Will keep you guys posted.

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