Status Update 7/25


It’s been about two weeks so it’s time for another update. July has been a busy month, with vacations and other things taking up time. Still, we are making progress. The list of things to do before we start our first Alpha is getting smaller by the day. When we do go the Alpha, the game will be in what I will call a “playable” state. We want people to be able to make characters, grind levels, and try out a few of the revamped areas introduced with the new client. To that end, a lot of work has to be done making sure all the monsters in those areas have drops and are balanced, and that all the essential functions in the game work/are translated.

We also want to have some of our custom content implemented, especially stuff we had completed in the old client. The databases for the new vs old have some different structure/fields. This has made importing our old content a very tedious process. Legends has been hard at work making sure everything imports correctly, but it takes a lot of time. In the mean time, I want to talk a bit more about one of the changes we made (I mentioned it briefly in a comment before, but it’s fully implemented now!).

In lineage past, most classes had some kind of potion/consumable that served as their alternate powerup along side hastes/blues. Knights had braves, Mages had Wisdom potions, Elves had wafers etc. We have removed all of these individual class items and replaced them with one single consumable, a “Power Potion”. When a character uses this item, it checks what class they are and gives them the appropriate buff. The effects per class are listed below…

Knight -> Brave walk/swing speed (Brave Potion Effect)

Royal -> Brave walk/swing speed (Essence of Nobility Effect)

Mage -> +2sp / +2mpr (Wis Potion Effect)

Elf -> If Fire you get Brave Walk/Swing Speed. All other elements get Wafer walk/shoot speed

Illu -> Brave walk speed (Forbidden Fruit Effect)

Dark Elf -> Brave Walk speed (Moving Acceleration changed to Accelerated Reflexes, Gives +3% crit chance)

Dragon Knight -> Brave Walk/Swing speed (Bloodlust changed, gives minor life steal on hit)

For Dragon knights, Forbidden Fruit formerly gave move speed, while Bloodlust gave swing speed. We consolidated these for quality of life purposes and gave the spell a new effect. The life steal will mostly be negligible in PVP, but will allow for slightly more efficient grinding.

For Dark Elves, we had a couple things we wanted to accomplish with this change. One is simply that we wanted Power Potions to be useful to every class in the game. This meant we needed to create an effect for them, since they didn’t previously have any similar consumable. We also wanted them to have access to their movement speed effect without having to grind to 30 and do the 30 quest. Lastly, we wanted pretty much every class to be able to use a power potion to restore movement speed when cancelled. The exception to this rule obviously are mages, who we wanted to still be inhibited by silence for balance reasons. Because we added their movement speed effect to the potion, we needed a new effect on Moving Acceleration that wouldn’t be too good or completely useless. We settled on having it give a static amount of crit chance, which is added to whatever their existing edo/claw crit chance is. It’s a pretty low number, so it won’t drastically change their damage output, however it’s still worth casting as it is essentially a pure dps increase. For people concerned about Dark Elves being too strong, other balance changes are also being made (Armor Break specifically)

The driving ideas behind this change was a desire to remove excessive drops from the game while also making a resource that is useful to all classes. Previously if a Knight ran out of braves during a pledge hunt, unless another knight happened to have extras on him he would need to leave to restock. Now any class can loan any other  class a power potion. Monsters no longer need to drop various different potion types, which reduces inventory clutter (and storage space!) as well as server resources. Also, different classes are no longer favored by having their potion type drop frequently while others were more rare.

Any monster in the game that previously dropped any of the replaced items will now drop Power Potions. The overall rate has been adjusted to compensate, but for the most part they will drop in almost every area and be fairly common.

They are also sold in various stores for 1k adena each.

Feel free to let us know what you think about this change, and any changes you think we should consider!





8 thoughts on “Status Update 7/25

  1. Ryoko Hunter says:

    Power Potion sounds like a great idea! Keep up the hard work. Can’t wait to get into the testing phases of Lineage 1. – Nostalgia

  2. Puddles says:

    Power potions. Just f’ing classic. Amped by that idea. Well thought out and cannot wait. Alpha already… >,<

  3. RegressPuppy says:

    Should change armor break into old school armor break/current soul of flame. Give you a boost to your damage and allows you to be able to use it in pve.

    Also, what about possibly making illu get wafer speed (movement and attack) when using forbidden fruit? Would give people a reason to play an illu aside from buffs.

    • Armor break is going through a complete rework. It won’t be the same as it was on LoA. We had originally modeled that change after ones they made on the korean servers. Turns out that spell is an existing level 80 dark elf spell. However since the other classes did not get their level 80 abilities it made dark elves a bit op.

      The new version we are working on functions similar to erase, except for AC. It will reduce a player’s ac by half for a duration. This allows for more physical damage to be dealt without making the target more vulnerable to high burst spells like Destroy. By design it will be more effective against Knights, who have physical mitigation abilities in Counter Barrier and Solid Carriage (also getting a rework), than squishy classes like Mage/Illu. It also keeps in theme with the idea of physically breaking someone’s armor. This ability will be subject to balance tweaks a lot during the beta, and may be scrapped all together for another new idea if needed.

      I like the idea of giving illu wafer speed. It’s certainly something to consider. Illu and Dragon Knights are easily the two classes Legends and I are least familiar with. How strong they will be is something we have a hard time predicting. I would be cautious about buffing them too much, as many of their skills either have been fixed to work or improved, but this is a change I could see us trying out for the Beta. For the record both Illu and DK have a wider variety of end game weapons available to them, which should help them compete with other classes. FYI they also start with a newbie Kiringku/Chain Sword. I hope both classes will be pretty fun to play and find a role in pvp.

      • RegressPuppy says:

        Illu has a giant power drop vs anyone or anything with more than 100mr due to the kiringku being purely magical damage. As long as there are no chocolate cakes/dragons blood for the stage 3 acceleration, illu is hard to break that way.

        Armor break is a level 60 spell on live :p. Their 80 spell is Assassinate which is a guaranteed double damage attack from blind hiding.

        • I have a response for this but in retrospect I will just make it a topic in our next blog post. We have some changes to MR/Ele resist, as well as an entire new feature, that we are working on. If I am going to discuss them I’d rather do it where everyone can read it and I can provide actual formulas and details. Look for it later this week, next Monday at the latest.

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