Status Update 6/6/2016


We managed to fix several major bugs with the client over the weekend! They took quite a lot of work tracking down but we were eventually able to root out the cause and apply a solution. Importing of existing content/toolsets continues to progress. Most of the developer tools Legends has made are now functional with the new databases, however we have a lot of source code changes still waiting to be imported. We are also in the process of purging “unnecessary” npcs from the game. This includes a lot of fluff npcs, or ones with broken HTML. This will ultimately save resources and improve long term stability.

Up next on our plates, we need to finish translating foreign texts and getting all those replaced and up to date. Finish reviewing existing npcs to make sure they are all necessary, translated, and functional. We need to finish importing our source code changes to various parts of the game. Lastly we need to verify/update drop lists for monsters and bosses, many new ones don’t currently drop anything. Once we accomplish these things we will roughly be back to where we were previously on the old client.

This new version features a number of updated hunting areas. DVC, IT, TI all have updated monsters. Sometime later this week I will find the time to post pictures of various new monsters and areas for people to see.

Legends and I have been going very hard for the past two weeks working on transitioning over to this new client. When presented with the possibility of switching to a newer client, we discussed the pros (new content!) and cons (major amount of additional work!) and ultimately decided it was worth doing. We knew it was going to set the project back, and resolved to make it as short a delay as possible by putting in a significant number of extra hours. Once we get caught back up to where we were though we will need to¬†slow back down a bit to a more reasonable work pace (Can’t do 3-4 hours a day/7 days a week forever). This project is ultimately a marathon, not a sprint.




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