Status Update 6/20/2016

Hope everyone had a great Father’s Day weekend! Naturally the holiday consumed a lot of our free time, so there isn’t much new to report this week. Work continues on the website and database. Since we don’t have anything exciting to talk about I figured now is a good time to break down some of the features we hope to implement.

Summoning Shard System

This system is something we had wanted to implement on our old server, but we were not able to finish. It’s designed to add an additional incentive to grinding, allow players who can’t dedicate the time to camping bosses a way to still experience them, a way for people to fight “Elites”, and encourage people to work together.

This system will begin with a quest that is available to start at 52. You will speak to an NPC, who will ask you to prove your worth by collecting blood shards. These are an item generated by killing a monster. How many you get is based off the XP value of the monster (split between party members). You will suffer an XP penalty (currently -20%, subject to change) while collecting them (think of it as some of the monster’s power being absorbed), so some players may choose not to start this quest immediately if they value leveling faster more.

After you have collected the required shards you will be given an item that allows you to harvest soul shards. These are functionally similar to blood shards in terms of how they are gathered. There is still an xp penalty, but you can reduce and eventually eliminate it by upgrading your item. Unlike the blood shards, you can toggle the item on and off to stop collection and remove the xp penalty.

You can trade soul shards in for summoning shards at an NPC. Soul and blood shards are not tradeable, but summoning shards are. Summoning shards are the currency you will use to trade with the NPC and summon various bosses, or to upgrade your item to reduce the XP penalty.

The cost to summon bosses will be based off the tier of boss, with harder bosses and elites costing more. You will not be able to summon a specific boss, instead summoning a random boss from within that tier. Every boss in the game will be assigned some kind of tier. While the tiers are not currently set in stone, here is an example of how they might break down.

1 Shard: An easy boss like low TOI or Dark Elder. Tier 0

8 Shards: A basic mainland boss like Death Knight or Demon. Tier 1

16 Shards: A hard boss like Lich, Laia, or Chaos. Tier 2

32 Shards: A high power boss like Varlok, Tarak, Death, or Grim. Tier 3

50 Shards: An Elite version of a Tier 0/1 boss.

75 Shards: An Elite version of a Tier 2 boss.

100 Shards: An Elite version of a Tier 3 boss.

150 Shards: An Elite version of a Dragon.


Currently we plan to balance it so that you gain 1 complete summoning shard per every 25% farmed at level 52-64. To farm enough shards to summon elites you will likely need to pool shards within your pledge. You will also need to work together to bring them down, as they will be extremely difficult. If you fail to kill a summoned boss within a set amount of time (15-30 min) they will despawn.

The NPC and summon location will have their own map. It will not be a safety zone, so be careful when summoning bosses that rivals are not around. People are encouraged to plan ahead when attempting difficult summons and to go at odd times or while other players are engaged in other activities like sieges or DM.

Overall we hope players find this system adds a new rewarding element to standard grinding as well as a reason to cooperate with other players to take down more difficult challenges. All elites will be exceedingly difficult, with incredibly high hp, regen, and damage. They will have unique skill combinations that are intended to challenge (and kill) players fighting them. As a result elites will not only have better drop lists than their normal counterpart, they will also have a chance to drop items unique to elites themselves. These are still in the works, but current plans definitely make elites worth the effort once players are strong enough to beat them.

Hope you enjoyed reading about this planned feature. Please remember that all the details are subject to change, especially in regards to balancing costs and rates. Next post I will probably talk about some of the new Death Matches we are planning to add, as well as how we are implementing them.


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