Status Update 6/15/2016

Sorry for the late post!

It’s been a very busy week for us outside of lineage work, so this will be a fairly short post. We are still cruising along fixing all things we consider to be essential to create an alpha version of the game. Lots and lots of database updates. I hope to buckle down and power through these over the next two weeks so we can re-evaluate where we are at and start looking at a timeline for a first phase alpha.

We’ve also begun work on a website. That is going to be a fairly long project as it involves getting working player tools and an online market, but the front page is certainly looking nice! I’ve attached a picture of it below, along with a very rough compilation of some of the new sprites in the new client. Sorry for the haphazard compilation, MS paint is not my strong suit. Also, as a pre-preemptive note, the event dates are simply random placeholders used to test the countdown. They are in no way actual representations of our plans. Sorry!






8 thoughts on “Status Update 6/15/2016

  1. Kersleaf says:

    Looking good, Glad to see you are working on a website page. It is looking great and I am really looking forward to this server.

  2. BroncoElite says:

    I really can’t wait to see how your guys server will turn out first up todate server I’ve seen with a lot of work going into it keep up the good work 🙂

    • Full disclosure, we are not going to be “up to date”. Currently we are running the 3.63 client, however live lineage is on 3.89 or something. We will be on a more recent version of the game than a lot of other servers, however we don’t have the time or resources to fix the absolute latest client from the ground up. Still, we hope to have a server that feels new and fresh to old lineage players with custom developed content.

  3. Kersleaf says:

    Thought this maybe a good time to ask if this is possible on the server. I know it is a pvp based game but there are times when people just want to lvl and not worry about being attacked. Is there a way to turn off pvp go into lvling mode so your not attacked and can lvl in peace? So those who want to can do so and those who enjoy being attacked can.

    • This is one of those issues that we have debated to death over and over. PVP is such an integral part of the game for a lot of players, and is fundamental to a game where resources (like bosses) are shared. Ultimately we reached the conclusion that you can’t just disable people’s ability to fight one another over resources. It has far too much potential for abuse.

      That said, the experience people who only PVE have is very important to us. While we can’t turn off PVP for someone, we can help in other ways. Having more level gated zones is one way we can accomplish this. Players below level 52 have the weak ToS, and players below level 60 can hunt the Proving Grounds. This allows lower level players places to hunt where they can’t be ganked by some level 70+ powerhouse.

      The addition of more higher level hunting zones will help as well, along with buffs to seldom or never used hunting zones. Having a much greater variety of hunting ground options will allow PVE players other places to go should they encounter hostility.

      Lastly, having more PVP focused content will hopefully keep players who want to PVP happy and occupied. Boredom is the number one cause of conflict between people who want to PVP and people who don’t. By having several sieges a week, Castles with rewards worth fighting over, and a daily capture the tower PVP zone, we hope to provide an experience that people who want to PVP will find fun and engaging.

      I want all players on the server who log on to feel like they have something to do like daily quests, farming bosses (I’m currently reworking dungeon bosses who nobody used to kill), grinding xp or summon shards, participating in new Giran DM types, or fighting.

  4. Kersleaf says:

    I understand you can’t just turn off pvp. that makes sense. Could a solution be making some hunting grounds safe zones were pvp isn’t allowes? I know in the client I am playing now (version 3.63c) the sky castle is a safety zone. Would this be possible?

  5. RegressPuppy says:

    Would it be possible for you guys to strip some of the sprite files from something like the 3.80c client? I have the files for that version of the server but just couldn’t get it to work (hard to understand google translated Chinese). I believe 3.80c has the updated TOI (10 floors + Top) and as someone who has played Korean and Japanese live as well as some other Pservers with those map sets, I have to say those are some of the better maps NC has come out with in recent years.

    Still looking forward to the server!

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