Status Update 5/30/2016

Good news and bad news this week.


The good news is that there has been a huge development for this project. We managed to get copies of the 3.63 Lin Client and 3.63 Source code to function together (mostly). This means on release we won’t be 3.53 like the old server was. 3.63 offers us a lot of new content, features, and improvements we could not have created on our own. Below are a few photos for you to look through, with descriptions of what you are seeing.


This photo shows the new character sheet. You will notice the addition of two new ring slots and a talisman slot. The ring slots traditionally unlocked at lvls 76 and 81. How those will work on our server is still up in the air. The talisman is basically a toggled item that gives an effect when it is on. You may also notice that this place is not very familiar, it is an updated version of SKT!



This photo shows a giant spider boss, who has taken up residence on the new Talking Island. The entire island is covered in new monsters, and is no longer a safe place for newbies. You may also notice that it is raining in that photo.



This photo just shows sprites for two new monsters, one is a nine tailed fox god and the other is the updated model for Lindvinor.


So there is a TON to be excited about with this new client. This isn’t even close to all the new stuff it adds, and I am sure we will be showcasing more of it as we go along. The BAD news however is moving to this new client adds a LOT more work. We need to figure out what work we’ve already done can be transferred over, and what will need to be redone from scratch. There is a TON of translating to do, bugs to fix, and code to review. We are really buckling down (Legends is a machine!) on getting this new client into the same working shape as our old one asap, but it’s a big undertaking.

As a result, I estimate we will probably go to some kind of private Alpha sooner than we planned (but in a significantly less polished  and more buggy state than expected) so that core bugs and mechanics issues can be discovered. This will probably happen as soon as the client is stable and all the glaring bugs and errors are fixed, however we don’t have an estimate on when that will be just yet.

Open Beta and release will likely be delayed from when we expected to allow time to fix all the issues. When we release an open beta version to the public we want to be confident it is a reflection of what our end product will be, and that means no glaring bugs, most if not all the content completed/working, and a fully functioning website and toolset. I know it’s cruel to post cool pictures and then tell people to wait, but the wait will be worth it in the long run!




12 thoughts on “Status Update 5/30/2016

  1. Kersleaf says:

    This is awesome news and worth waiting for. As i said before if you need someone to test and root out bugs let me know. I been playing lineage anarchy and it is version 3.43 so i am really looking forward to see how your server turns out.

  2. RegressPuppy says:

    With some of those new sprites (giant werewolf boss, shadow of hardin, fox god boss, etc) that opens the door for a lot of custom monsters for the zones you plan to make. There is also Hinomoto for a map (talk to npc below giran x).

  3. Kersleaf says:

    Hopefully things will be better than on other private servers. found a 3.63 version one and trying to make elven wafers is almost impossible. There is no fungus in the elven forest that I can find. So I not sure how to get the fruit of ent I need. Need to keep this in mind.

    • Wafers as a concept were always a little dumb. They worked on live with high populations because they gave newbs a way to make money, however on private servers they tend to be far more of an inconvenience than anything. This is why most places just sell them in a store. Other classes have their various class specific buff consumable sold in stores, why should elves have to slave away to make theirs?

      We actually have been considering implementing a change related to this, we will probably do it for alpha/beta and see how people like it. We would remove Wafers, Braves, Wisdom Potions, Forbidden Fruit, and Essence of Nobility. They would all be replaced by a single Enhancement Potion, which when used would give whatever class drank it the same effect as their original potion (Elf gets wafer effect, knight gets brave effect, mage gets wis etc). This would condense and remove a lot of drop clutter, used up storage space, and shop space. This saves system resources, which is very important to us.

      It would also mean that one potion type would be a valuable drop for every class (we will probably add some minor token effect for dark elves, like +2% edo/claw crit chance). Anyone who runs out could be given some by a friend of any other class mid hunt.

      Overall I think it’s a change that most people will find improves their quality of life, but we will be open to feedback and concerns once people have a chance to experience it.

  4. Kersleaf says:

    Personally I like making the wafers. It is a nice break from grinding. The other private servers I have played on made it so you didn’t have to give the ent fungus but just beating on it would give you fruit of ent.

    Though I do like your idea long as it isn’t hard to get ahold of.

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