Short Personal Update

Hey all,

I spent a lot of last Friday night in the ER again after waking up with similar symptoms to Tuesday. Further tests basically ruled out Kidney stones. Was discharged without a real diagnosis, just recommendations I see a specialist and some medicine to dull the pain. Once home, I promptly fell down some stairs. After suffering through the weekend I am feeling much better and starting to visit some specialists to track down what’s actually wrong. All signs are positive, but I am pretty battered and bruised both internally and externally so have not done much outside of rest.

I hope to get back to work next week (both actual work and Lineage).



2 thoughts on “Short Personal Update

  1. RegressPuppy says:

    Ouchies, it is never good to have internal pain. Have you checked to see if it is something like your Gall Bladder? Hope everything works out and you get better!

  2. Puddles says:

    Myth, dude, wtf… screw Lineage, take a long rest and get better. I recommend lots of cookies, and ice cream. Not good for you, but they make you feel better. They can give you extra padding for if you fall again. Or, make a pillow suit. They look funny, but help a lot when things ail you to the point of distraction and you don’t see steps coming.

    No clue how anything can have similar symptoms to a kidney stone. Did you swallow a battery and forget? Did you let Lore teleport you down to the surface thinking it was Data? Lore can be a prick. Might have shut off the bio filter. Maybe the Romulan Ale turned a little green that you imbibed a while ago. Traditionally the pale blue is sweeter, and the darker midnight blue is tart but gives a better buzz. Green is bad, unless it is an Orion slave girl. Just ask Kirk.
    “They’re like animals: vicious, seductive. They say no Human male can resist them.” You are human, are you not? I know, its not polite to ask, but just checking.

    Quote of the day, “some medicine to dull the pain.” Partial quote of the day. Just what the doctor ordered. If you are west coast, they prescribe better than east coast now a days. East coast they just figure you can get better on any street corner.

    (Had links to some good stream sites. Probably why it wouldn’t post.)

    The only other advice I can offer is get a cat. Cats have magical powers for healing their humans. They cuddle nicely when you are sick, and the purring can soothe the most serious ailments. Being on drugs doesn’t hurt when they go flying through the air and land on your chest for no reason.

    Feel better soon. Relax. Chipped ice is nice.

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