Quick Update 9/28

Just a very quick update. We are currently at least a week behind schedule. As Legends mentioned in a comment he has had a whole slew of things come up at work. In Myth land, I had an opportunity to get out of my lease a few months early, which coincided with some other things that made it too tempting to pass up. As a result, I’ve spent the last two weeks packing and moving a 3 bedroom house into storage. This has left me with next to zero time to work on things. Fortunately, the move is mostly done and I will have the cleaning finished and keys handed in by Friday. Hopefully I can power through the last few things on the checklist next week and we will be able to go to Alpha in ~2-3 weeks, but I can say with certainty the 1st isn’t going to happen.

Sorry for the delays! August and September have been surprisingly chaotic months for us with multiple vacations, work disasters, moving, etc.



15 thoughts on “Quick Update 9/28

  1. ike says:

    Hey as long as I can properly waste my Christmas days off playing lineage, I’m more than happy 🙂

    Holidays were meant to be spent farming snowmen, right?

  2. Puddles says:

    Hello busy busy people.

    We will be here when you are ready. Still excited for the server and check daily for updates. Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment.

    Take your time, relax, and work at your own pace. Good luck and have fun.

  3. Hogyn says:

    Just throwing this out there for anyone who played the KoD server. Its down and the website is gone. Guy named Rekt/order66 was caught speed hacking on video and ddosd the server. Seems to be shut down now. I have heard people talking about this server and was wondering what the deal is for it to be up or wondering where people are playing right now. Dont mean to “promote” another server but this is where i figure people would be looking to next.

    • GMLegends says:

      No, you can talk about other servers etc. We decided from the get go, that we are not out to take players from other servers. We will offer what we think is a good environment with stable servers. If players want to play here, they are welcome.

    • Speed hack is there. But will probably take a little tweaking to make sure it doesnt false kick. (Thats what happened on other server)

      DDOS prevent, will be at the host level. This will be something well have to consider when we buy a host. But its def on my list.

  4. metis says:

    just to let it be know a lot of us were playing on KOD server till you guys get this going …..the gm there banned a speed hacker dude named Rekt , dude got mad and Ddos the server out of existence Gm said he was vary talented and the ppl that ran the server took kod off their servers.

  5. metis says:

    The server is currently down and I do not know if is going to come back up. The person that attacked the server did a number and was very talented at what he did. My current host company has removed the server from service. I currently do not have any ETA if at all of when the server will be back online and if it would even be stable any more. I suggest going with another server currently until I can figure out what I am going to do. I apologize for this and hope everyone the best of luck.


  6. Hogyn says:

    Why are my comments not being posted? Looks like this same guy..Rekt/varian/order66/dekem…all the same dude just did this to the lineage ressurection server as well. The site was up last night and now everything is down.

  7. Puddles says:

    Big storm hammering about 15 states at the moment. Staring at computer…


    “This wouldn’t be so bad if I had some Lineage to play.”


    There will be more storms later down the road. I can’t wait.

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