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What monsters have the most spawn points/count in the game? Including all locations that they can spawn. Give me your top 10 and an estimate for the actual spawn count for #1.



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  1. Dinin and so many more says:

    Succubi! Dragon Valley Caves 5 & 6 and Several TOI floors. As for how many ??? Well idk. but allot that’s for sure.
    DV Skeleton’s. Well DV oblivious and DV caves and TOI floors.
    Shelobs (the big spiders). TI, mainland and TOI.
    Werewolves. TI, mainland and TOI.
    Ghouls. TI, mainland and TOI.
    Fire Warriors and Archers. FV and TOI floors.
    Zombies. TI, mainland and TOI.
    Orc’s. TI, mainland.
    Black knights. Mainland and TOI.
    Ants. Mainland desert and the caves there.

  2. JC says:

    On top of my head I’d say number one is between skele or orc.
    Skele-TI, Gludio prison, the area between glud and kent, SKT, SKT cave
    Orc-TI, gludio prison 1f, All round gludio, windwood, desert, SKT, outer part of DV, weldern area
    Actual spawn numbers are beyond me

  3. RegressPuppy says:

    Oum Warrior (Lastavard): 137! Seems like it would be close because they spawn in so many areas.

    Dark Elf Wizard
    Dark Elf General
    Dark Elf Thief
    Priest of Death
    Priest of Corruption (unless the whole group doesn’t count)
    Fire Egg
    Ice Golem
    Ice Man

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