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Hey all,

Work continues. I’ve been mainly working on spawn and drop tables, so there isn’t much for me to post in terms of actual pictures. I’ve been both building a new hunting zone and rebuilding/refurbishing old ones. It’s tedious but made significantly faster due to the work Legends has done on our interface.

Legends has begun changes to the Skills database. The thing is a complete mess and in desperate need of an overhaul. This will probably be the most extensive change to the original databases and the most difficult editing tool to write. Once it’s done though it will allow us to quickly adjust individual skills as well as create new ones for monsters. This system will also be used to overhaul how proc weapons work to make them far easier to adjust and create. Currently all procs are literally hard coded into the source code. Expect a post explaining the skill system and tool in the future once it’s done.

When the skill and proc weapon tools are done, the general administration tool set will be complete and Legends will switch over to working on setting up our website and developing player tools (like an Auction House, Name change system, candle system) while I finish the remaining DB changes for proc weapon balance and creating/adding skills to our new hunting areas/bosses/elites. Once the core website is in place I can begin working on publishing the vast amount of documentation we need to do to allow players to understand all the changes we’ve made/plan to make. When we have a fully functional website we will likely release it to the public to create a better environment for discussion.

Once Legends is happy with our player tools and web interface, we will both return to working on implementing the rest of our planned content (the actual fun stuff to work on). There’s a lot of systems we want to update in addition to just completely new stuff we hope to add. Some of these changes/content we have discussed in the blog, others we probably won’t reveal until they are successfully implemented. Some are already half done, work done to serve as a proof of concept, while others are not yet started. This will be probably the longest phase of the project in terms of hours worked, but will also be the most interesting/exciting so it should be easy to stay focused and motivated provide life allows. We will probably start some kind of closed Alpha/Beta during this time to help test major content additions.

We have a set list of things we absolutely want done and working before release, and a list of things we would like to have done but may be put off until later. Once that core list is done and implemented, we will begin looking into doing an open Beta while we finish the optional stuff. I am not going to give any hard dates at this time, but I am very pleased with the progress we made in this month alone. We are slowly pushing through what is without a doubt the most difficult and tedious phase of the project, and we are both extremely excited to get onto the fun stuff.

On an unfortunate note, Legends broke his thumb yesterday. Please wish him a speedy recovery! Also thank you to everyone who has been posting their comments and questions, I appreciate the feedback and am always happy to answer questions.



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  1. Puddles says:

    Broken digits sucks. Get well soon.

    Sounds like the project is still pushing forward. Lots of eyes on this.

    One suggestion from Korean pay servers, a perm tele home scroll. Was a really nice thing to have. Kinda like the bottomless potions you mentioned.

  2. JPShroud says:

    Nice update on where we are. Hopefully with the group of individuals who watch this as closely as i do, should the need arise for additional testing support, you would have more than enough available.

    Also, for all of us who are just anticipating this and are ready for it to be out. Do keep in mind that even through the Alpha and Beta portions of their project we will likely still see many changes being made.

    Once the open Beta hits, we all (players) will likely uncover issues that Myth and Legends just did not have the time or scope to find. Within the First few days to weeks we will have, collectively logged more time exploring than they could have on their own. So when we find issue we will need to report them in a timely manner, so that they can look at it and decide on a course of action.

    • Yep, I fully expect once we allow in a full group of people to test for them to uncover issues faster than we can fix them at first. That said, we try our best to make sure stuff works from a technical standpoint and to build in error handling into the toolsets. For example, it’s impossible to have an item sell for more than or equal to what it purchases for. If you try to set a price higher than the purchase price, it will throw you an error. I’m sure a lot of people remember a certain old server having an issue with scrolls of curse removal being used to generate infinite tax revenue.

      One thing I want to make clear about any potential alpha/betas is that is isn’t just about finding “bugs”. It’s also about balance and tuning, and that is the aspect that we really need help testing the most. It’s relatively easy to test a skill or simulate a weapon in order to see if it functions and is bug free. It’s also relatively easy to balance them since it’s just a matter of math. However, it’s a lot harder to test all the various ways a zone can be hunted, or if after playing for 2 weeks you don’t feel like you are progressing fast enough.

      Also on that note, ultimately we want this server to be fun to play, with the right amount of challenge. If everyone feels leveling is too slow, or some item is too rare/powerful, or bosses are too hard, that is something we want to find out and address during the beta. My biggest goal when we release our server for an open Beta is to gather as much feedback as humanly possible regarding all aspects of the game. The open beta will likely run as long as we need it to in order to address all the concerns we feel are valid, so that we can release a “live” that will need a few balance tweaks as possible after the fact.

  3. RegressPuppy says:

    Question on the dolls available on the server and how we will obtain them. Is it going to be like Legends of Aden (Anarchy for those that started after it changed) where bosses can drop the Slave Trader Token? Or will it be something more akin to KoD where to get the doll you have to hunt the monster? Finally, is this server still stuck with lv1-2 dolls or did they finally add things like Dark Elder?

    • Doll contract tokens drop from basically every T1 boss and above, the item name changed to Magic Doll Contract but the concept is the same (Slave seemed too dark). There are more doll options, and what they do has been tweaked. Here is a list of standard dolls and what they will do at the start of the beta. Keep in mind they are subject to change. (when it says HPR/MPR, it’s per the doll tick, not like MPR/HPR on a piece of armor.)

      Spartoi = 3 DR
      Crustacean = 10 hold resist
      Ettin = 15 weight reduc 1 DR
      Bugbear = 30 weight reduc
      Cockatrice = +3bow hit +1bow dmg
      Yeti= +3hit +1dmg
      Ramia = 50hpr 15mpr
      Sea Dancer = 100hpr
      Succubus = 2% spell crit
      Elder = 30mpr
      Werewolf = 5% 30dmg crit
      Stone golem = 10% 30dmg block
      Lich = 1sp

      In addition to these dolls, there are also plans to implement the “class” dolls that were added to the game at a later date. How these will be obtained is yet to be finalized but the current plan is to have them cost multiple tokens. Their current planned effect is a combination of two of the “monster” dolls. Here they are, again subject to change.

      Mage = 2% spell crit + 30mpr (Succubus + Elder)
      Elf = 3bow hit + 1bow dmg + 50hpr + 15mpr (Cockatrice + Ramia)
      Royal = 10 hold resist + 10% 30dmg block (Crustacean + Stone Golem)
      Knight = 3 DR 30 weight reduc (Spartoi + Bugbear)
      Dark Elf = 5% 30dmg crit + 100hpr (Werewolf + Sea Dancer)
      Dragon Knight = 3 hit 1dmg 15 weight 1DR (Yeti + Ettin)
      Illusionist = 1sp 30mpr (Lich + Elder)

      Now, all dolls will be enchantable using a unique “Doll Enchant” scroll that is sold by a vendor. These enchants are intended as an adena sink. Each enchant level of a doll is currently planned to give a small bonus to WR, with +6 dolls granting +1 Primary. Enchanting dolls will involve some chance for the doll to explode, with increasing chance at higher levels.

      The idea behind this is to allow Dolls a way to be removed from the economy in order to preserve their value, and to allow us another way to remove adena from the economy with the enchants. Monster dolls don’t have as good as an effect as the Class dolls, but won’t cost as much to obtain so getting a high enchanted one is in theory easier.

      At some point I will do a post about all the ways we plan to combat inflation, this is just one of them.

      • RegressPuppy says:

        Thanks for the update on dolls. I noticed you said primary, will there be a way this time around to kind of choose your primary without putting the stat as the highest on character creation? For example you werent able to make an 18con DE as de starts with 15dex and 12str. Thus, you were left going 18str 12con every time before adding other stats.

        • No, but Primary is based on your core stats not just your stats at creation (I believe, I will need to verify this but if not it will be changed to this). If you start an 18con 15dex 12str DE, then add 3 points to Str, all +primary items should start giving you strength (In the case of ties, it goes Int > Str > Dex). “Most” players should be level 53+ by the time they obtain an item with +primary, and late game your core stat will almost certainly be 35.

          We may consider re approaching our methods if this is truly a problem, but right now I am confident it works in 99.9% of cases beyond level 55+. As a side note, there are significantly more gauntlets in game, as well as better throwing dagger options. A ranged Dex based DE is in theory possible.

          • RegressPuppy says:

            The problem lies in a ranged DE would never be able to come close to the damage output of a melee. No ranged weapon has a crit, double break doesnt work with anything other than claw and edo. I just remember trying 18con on the other server and having all my primary gear swap to dex.

            • GMLegends says:

              It is based on the highest stat out of Int, Str, Dex. If str and dex are equal you get str. If int and str are equal you get int.

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