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I promised you guys some pictures of a new boss previously. Here they are! It’s a horror from beyond!




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  1. Lechtung says:

    Looks great!

    But, it’s a monster that you have created from scratch or the sprite was in the last version of the client that you are using?

    I ask becouse it’s not easy to paint this kind of monster and all his movements…


  2. He was a sprite that existed in this version of the game but was unused. There are actually a lot of sprites within the game that are not used. Some are from events, some from older content that was never released, and some are resources added during the development of future patches.

    We have a tool that displays all the different sprite packages in the game, and Legends wrote a GM command to spawn a test monster with a given sprite ID. I use this to test sprites to make sure they are complete/functional. Some are not, for example this client has the beginnings of several new DK polys, player level 85 polys, and new TOI boss sprites. Unfortunately these are only included because they were unfinished works in progress for a later client. As a result they don’t work properly.

    Still, we work with what we have. There are still lots of sprites available that are new and were never used on NA live.

  3. Lechtung says:

    Thanks again for your work. This is not a bussiness for you, so it’s really apreciated.

    Keep on! (and remember that i offer my help)


  4. Dinin and so many more says:

    Jerry go one post back, there you will see a reply to when is it going live…they will eventually need some testers for an alpha and a beta test.. We are many who offer to help in that regard 🙂

  5. As soon as I get the skill code rewrite finished, we will most likely be opening an alpha to help debug and test all the skills. It is going to be too large a task for just the two of us. Will post as soon as I am close.

  6. Jerry says:

    BTW, I have at least 4 or 5 more people that will want to play (2 are old school Lin1 Dep players like me)

  7. RegressPuppy says:

    Legends or Myth of you get the chance i have a question on the LoA/Anarchy files. If you could email me that would be awesome.

    Lookin forward to this server still, even if it is 2020!

  8. Lechtung says:

    Jerry i am also old school dep lin player. What char did you played? I played Tungusca (not very known, liked to play by my own).

  9. Dinin and so many more says:

    I startet Lineage on the 77 server before there was any Dep… Then played Dep til 2 months or so before the end …

  10. keshanberk says:

    take your time perfecting things. I’d rather prefer the server come up with content properly implemented than wait a year for the good stuff. I remember the boss shard idea wasn’t fully added on the previous server either — and that idea was pitched like 3 years ago. I’m also willing to help code for this server if you guys are lacking workers/coders/testers.

  11. Jon says:

    Everything looking great and looking forward to the server launch. I’m not a coder but would help in anyway I can

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