A Wild Update Appears!


I has been a while, we’ve been quietly working while dealing with the day to day trials of real life. I figured it was time for an update that included more than just “we are still alive” so… here it is! In this post I’m going to walk you through the process I use to make a new zone. I’m going to include a lot of screenshots of the various tools Legends has helped create to streamline the process. All the tools are online, so I can access them where ever I have time to work!


Step #1: Create the core concept behind the zone.

Basically, what is the reason this zone exists? For our example today, I wanted to create an undead focused map for players level 60+ to grind XP. Undead because it ties into the reworked level 50 weapons (all of them are silver now), it’s generally helps favor melee classes, and honestly because I just wanted an undead map.

Step #2: Find sprites for monsters!

I look through the available monster sprites via our catalog to hopefully find working spites that are unused (or at least under used) in the game already. You can see a snippet of the webpage I use below, Sprites 3073, 3083, 3089, and 3092 are all sprites I decided to use for this map. You may notice a lot of sprites look like shadows or just the glowy bits, that’s because the game layers those over the core sprite. This is coded into the client, and can’t be changed. Not all the sprites work, so we use a custom GM command to spawn a test monster with a given sprite #, then play around with them to make sure they can move every direct, cast every direct, and attack every direction.

Step #3: Find an unused map!

This can be one of the more frustrating steps. I use our maps tool to look at all the maps in the game, typically sorting by their internal ID number. The higher number ones are newer, so I start there. I use GM commands in game to tele to each map and check them out. To vet a map requires several things. First, will it even load (some crash immediately). Second, does it feel functional? If you can tele off the map, walk through objects, if the mini map doesn’t work etc. Third, does the spawn table work? To test this I need to add spawns to the map. In cases where it doesn’t they won’t spawn randomly, won’t spawn at all, or spawn “off the map” in dead space. For our map today I chose map 5200. It’s sort of a cross between TOI and IT, you can see it and the map tool below.

Step 4: Make Monsters!

Making monsters is quite easy. I use the save button in the picture below to create a “clone” of an existing monster. This copies all the existing stats of a monster into a new DB entry, giving it a new unique ID. It doesn’t really matter what I start with, but once I make the first monster for a zone I tend to reclone that monster so their stats start similar. In the pictures below you can see the core monster tool page, the “cloned” frog, and then the final product for our “Soulless Lich”. A couple things to note, there are more monster stats than the picture shows, I just didn’t want to try to fit them all in one copy. Also, you may notice the ID’s don’t match, because I cloned the frog for this post after finishing the monsters. On the monster tool page, you may notice tabs indicating tiers of monsters, every monster has a field in the DB where we can set it’s tier for organizational purposes. It makes comparing similar power level bosses much easier. It’s important to note that this step gets revisited a lot, to adjust monster stats. Str, Int, XP, HP, etc all get tweaked a lot throughout the process. Once we reach the end, I’ll hunt the zone and come back and tweak these things about a million times. I do a lot of zone to zone comparisons as well to calculate XP vs HP of monsters vs quality of loot vs ease of hunting vs density of monsters etc. There are a ton of factors to consider and I am certain whenever we go to a beta there will be a ton more tweaks, since I absolutely won’t get everything perfect the first time.

Step 5: Add spawns to the map!

This step is one of the easiest. Going back to the map tool, I select the map and open it’s spawn page (shown below, albeit finished), then select Add spawn. That opens the second page shown below, where I enter the monster I want (it autocompletes based off existing DB monster entries thank god), then choose how it spawns. If I select “Grid”, it will fill in the max X/Y coordinates and spawn randomly across the whole map. Otherwise I need to give it a preselected X/Y and a spawn “Range” for how many cells away from that point it can spawn. Lastly I put in how many I want to spawn. If it works, I try to stick to Grid spawn because it’s much easier, however if I need “areas” of the same map to have different monsters (like new TI) I have to use coordinate spawns with ranges. I gather that data in game using the .loc gm command around places I want certain things to spawn.

Step 6: Monsters need drops!

What good is a monster without drops?! Using the monster tool, I can edit an individual monster’s drop list by clicking the number under the “Drops” column (shown above a few steps). I can add an item individually or open a page that allows me to add them in bulk. The page below shows the item name, the min/max the monster can drop, the chance to drop it, how many other monsters drop that item (Count), and a breakdown that estimates how many minutes of killing a monster it would take to get the item. That last number is mostly there to make sure we don’t make any glaring decimal point errors, it isn’t really used to balance anything since it doesn’t take anything but HP of a monster into account. Our Soulless Lich’ drop list is a work in progress in the picture. He doesn’t drop adena because at this time that zone won’t drop adena. I’ve included another drop list for a special monster, one of our elite dragons, as well… (Disclaimer: also work in progress!)

Step 8: Make a teleport scroll for the new zone!

This one is so simple I’m not including a picture. I create an item similar to how I created the monster, by cloning an existing tele scroll. I change the name, change the x/y/mapid it teles you to, and add it to a shop using a tool similar to how I added drops to a monster.

Step 7: Wait!

We don’t have our skill tool working yet, which would be the final step towards finishing this zone. Once it works, it will be very similar to the drop tool, where we will be able to edit and add a skill to a monster and enter things like power, mana cost, cast frequency, etc. We will also be able to create skills similar to how we create monsters now.  In the mean time here is a picture of the zone we created with monsters in it! I hope you enjoyed reading about this part of the creative process. I enjoy working on this part of the project the most, and I’m excited to share all the content we are creating with you guys some day. Hopefully we can get over our current major hurdle soon, once we do I’m confident we will be able to knock over a lot of subsequent dominoes very quickly. The skill overhaul is just a massive undertaking, touching so many parts of the code, that it’s taking a lot longer than expected. Because of how huge it is, it’s an easy task to burn yourself out on, so taking mental health time is important.





Really neat to see how this stuff gets made. Can't wait to get my hands on it!
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Harvey.. Oy

So most of you know I live in houston texas. Harvey has come and gone but man it wrecked a lot. I have not put ANY time into lineage recently. Work is till crazy and thanks to Harvery, it was compounded! But no flood damage to my home or vehicles, thank God.


Will follow up once I start back coding again. Thank you all for the patience.

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Ready to test some builds.
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Few Month Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of posts, but wanted to let you know what was going on. At my full time job we lost 2 employees and have been going through hiring a temp while we look for perm replacements. This has consumed a lot of my time and I am putting in 50-60 hour weeks. It will probably be like this for the next few months. With the extra hours I get home exhausted. I know this comes with a lot of disappointment but if I try to push myself to do both I will burn out horribly.


Thank you all for your patience and continued interest in the project. Will keep you all updated as things unfold.

You must not know NBK/Orim from Legends of Aden/Anarchy then.
I don't really see how Armando is worse than anyone else.
Am I a bad person hoping Irma hits Miami hard because I suspect Armando lives there?
Lineage M is a p2w mobile game. It plays for you. It bastardizes what Lineage is meant to be.
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As is Total War Warhammer! and very soon Total War Warhammer 2!!
@admin if you bring up a really cheap test server, I'm very willing to play it due to my incredible…
Never mind my last post. I was able to find the server files. Would you happen to know…
In the meantime, Citadel is fun.

Quick Post

I promised you guys some pictures of a new boss previously. Here they are! It’s a horror from beyond!



Lineage Is Life! Long Lasting Grind That`s Why We Called It ( Line of Age…
its really nice i cant wait to grind . and invite people GM Good job
Simplicity was the best part of lineage 1. Pump and swing. there is no other game with that "feel".
Everything looking great and looking forward to the server launch. I'm not a coder but would help in anyway I…
take your time perfecting things. I'd rather prefer the server come up with content properly implemented than wait a year…
For those not in the know the 77 server was a beta server
Slow is better. Hopefully really slow.hopefully server doesn't open Till I stop checking here.
I startet Lineage on the 77 server before there was any Dep... Then played Dep til 2 months or so…
Jerry i am also old school dep lin player. What char did you played? I played Tungusca (not very known,…
I am looking forward to join the alpha version and help a bit. Thanks again!

Life Status Update + FI Item Upgrades

Hello All,

Sorry I have been MIA for the past six weeks. Pretty much all of my time is spent either at work dealing with stuff related to the end of the fiscal year or at home doing wedding planning. I have worked on a lot of little things related to Lineage here are there, but none of it felt that it justified an update.  Work will probably stay crazy until the end of July. I am hoping the wedding planning stuff cools down soon now that a lot of the major things are taken care of. Really looking forward to having free time for both Lineage and other stuff!

Since I am making a post I might as well talk about something Lineage related, so I figured I’d give people a look at some items you will be able to craft using “Ancient” armors and weapons. The intent behind these items is to give players a way to pull items requiring ancient scrolls out of circulation and to give people more avenues for gear improvement. I am a big fan of having all equipment be enchantable/destroyable.

When you have items that can enter the economy but have no way to leave you inevitably see the value of those items reduce significantly over time. The best example of this was on live back in the day with rings. I am sure many of you can recall the 2nd or 3rd iteration of the Halloween event, where literally thousands of elemental resistance rings dropped. Almost every single player came out of that event with a complete set of rings. At the time accessory enchants didn’t exist, so there was no way for those rings to ever functionally leave the economy short of players quitting without giving them away. This absolutely tanked their value, which in turn tanked the value of many bosses who relied on ring drops to be worthwhile.

One of my goals is to avoid this kind of situation happening as much as possible. We could just make ancient items enchantable, but doing so felt like it took away an aspect of the items that made them unique. It also would change their power curve in relation to how easy/difficult they are to obtain (I consider ancient armors to be fairly easy to obtain, so getting them over enchanted would also be relatively easy). Since I also wanted to add more utilization of crafting and crafting materials, it seemed like a perfect solution to have craftable upgrades for all of them. They could then be gated not just by how easy ancient items are to obtain, but also by the rarity of the other materials that go into their creation. We still want ancient items to be somewhat affordable to new players, so when upgrading them the ancient item will not be the typical bottleneck that players experience.

So on to specifics. Each armor upgrades into a new armor, while ancient sword and great sword upgrade into one of four variants. These armors are intended to be pretty good options for players, especially if they are over enchanted, but ultimately worse than the rare boss drop items like lich robe/baranka armors.

Ancient Plate Mail -> Darkness Dealer Plate Mail (Knight Only)

APM: 16ac(unenchantable) 3hpr -> DDPM: 16ac(safe +0) 5hpr 1DR 5hit

This should be no surprise since this was actually the only ancient armor that already crafted into a new item. DDPM got a buff, but the crafting materials needed to make it will also be increased.


Ancient Scale Mail -> Scale Mail of Draconic Might (Royal + Dragon Knight)

ASM: 15ac(unenchantable) 4mpr 8hpr -> SMDM: 15ac(safe +0) 5mpr 10hpr 1str 1con

The new scale mail will likely require combining dragon armor, ancient scale mail, and a slew of minor crafting materials.


Ancient Leather Armor -> Drake Hunter Armor (Dark Elf + Elf)

ALA: 14ac(unenchantable) 8mpr 4hpr -> DHA: 14ac(safe +0) 10mpr 12hpr +20 all element resistance

Similar to the SMDM, this item will also require a lot of dragon scales to craft in addition to other minor materials.


Ancient Robe -> Robe of the Magi

ARobe: 12ac (unenchantable) 12mpr -> RotM: 12ac(safe +0) 14mpr 50mp 1sp

The current plan for this item is to require players to combing an ancient robe with a robe of dark elder, along with other minor crafting materials.


Ancient Great Sword (27/45 +3hit +3dmg unenchantable) + Dragon Slayer (24/31 +1str +3dmg safe +6) = Blessed Ancient (Color) Dragon Slayer (27/35 1str +3hit +3dmg safe +6)

There are four color variants: Green, Red, Blue, White

Each are crafted by combining an Ancient Great Sword, a Dragon Slayer, and Gems/Dragon scales of the appropriate color. The weapons will have a minor elemental damage bonus, and all of them will have a very low chance of a “buff” proc that increases Str significantly for a few seconds. Which one you make will be more personal preference than anything.


Ancient Sword (35/20 +5hit unenchantable) + Tsurugi (16/10 +1dmg +3hit safe +6) = Blessed (Color) Ancient Sword (21/15 +1str +1dmg +8hit safe +6)

There are four color variants: Violet, Viridian, Crimson, and Azure

These will also require combining an ancient sword with a tsurugi, gems, and dragon scales. They will also have an elemental damage bonus, probably a little more significant than the BADS, and they will also feature a “buff” proc. With a high hit bonus this item will help mid level players hit some of the super high AC bosses more consistently.


That’s all for now, I am going to make it a goal this week to post some pictures of monsters and areas that are being worked on or are finished.

Thanks for being patient with us.




To answer your question Tyler, I do not know if we will have an official open beta this year.…
Been out of the Lineage circle for awhile now. Was trying to find a server to play on and ended…
"Tyler says: Ballpark for beta? 2017?" I can help you with that Tyler; When its done. Not being…
Ballpark for beta? 2017?


I have made some good progress on rebuilding the skills table and all the code behind to implement it (well I have the classes setup and am starting to cleanup and replace)

@PUDDLES dude this server will never gonna open rofl, ppl come here to read lineage 1 fantasy.
Ok, summoning up my armored polar bears and search and destroy carrier pidgeons. They are being ordered to look…
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Reread my comment. It didn't come out as it was intended. Highlander 2 is always 'left-off' any discussions…
Just look at this version of lineage as Highlander 2. It will be called Lineage. It will look…
Nope. This is a custom lineage server. We are balancing and changing as we see fit. The essence and soul…
Are you taking into consideration any of the updates and balance changes korea has made?

Was going to be a reply.

I understand why you all feel like this project is not moving forward. But as we have stated from the very beginning that this was a hobby and was not being rushed. My job has gotten very busy these last few months with massive growth and changing technologies. I have been getting home completely beat at night. It is hard to get home from a job where I sit all day looking at a computer screen and sit down and have the mental clarity to program effectively.

And to Tyler’s”never want to release something”. I have run 3 very successful servers in the past. I learned from each of those instances and do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. There is nothing more frustrating than getting something you love going out there and spending all your time baby sitting it, managing people drama, changing passwords because people share, looking for hackers and exploiters, making drop changes, etc etc etc.

I would much rather invest the time in the beginning and greatly reduce the time I spend after we push it live. So much of the work over the last year has been writing administration tools for the server. Content editing, creation, deletion is almost instant now. We can easily tweak items to bring balance without having to greatly change the source code and push another jar file. While this may not seem that time involved, it was a pain in the ass and consumed far more time than I would have liked. Every code change in the source code has the potential for adding more bugs. The more we can pull out of the source and make dynamic, the more consistent and stable the server will and can be.

We are currently running the server on google cloud services with on-demand resource allocation. Setting all that up, getting it to run on a docker container with an underlying linux OS took time as well. There have been pieces of the project that have just taken more time than expected.

We appreciate the eagerness to play. We want to see you guys play as well as play ourselves. But this isn’t a job. I invest time when I have free time and do not want to neglect my family etc. So please, continue to have patience. We will keep updating the blog as we make progress.

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Well, I know I want to see this server happen. I actually try not to comment a lot anymore…
Sorry if I came off negative, just excited to see what youre cooking up is all. Thanks GM.

Micro Update

Hello All!

This is just a quick post to confirm that we are in fact still alive. I’ve been out of town for a good portion of the last two weeks. First two weekends ago for a relative’s wedding, then last weekend for an ice hockey tournament. Both were great, but I am glad I don’t have any more travel plans for a while.

I’ll make a real, actual lineage related post later this week.


No, but randomly found this when googling for old l2 stuff lol. who are you?
Dininx from TheDamned?
See new post.
O.0 11 days on and no news since ?? Where did I put my book of divinations ...
Ive been following this for over a year...is this vaporware? This seems like a classic case of software guys that…
Free James Brown!
Calling off my remote carrier pigeons and armored polar bears. Even though they didn't have a clue who they…

Short Update

Hello All,

Quick update today. Legend continues to be slammed both with work and IRL obligations. He is still making slow progress on the skill system overhaul but it’s taking longer than we originally hoped. Still, it will be worth it in the end.

In the mean time I have resumed working on the core pieces for creating some new zones, and flushing out an existing “new” area. I’ve created the monsters for our undead themed 60+ zone as well as a new “horrors from beyond” zone. The undead zone will feature one new boss who will likely be in the T2 category. I scrapped some of my previous work on this zone that I was unhappy with.

The “from beyond” zone is not quite fully flushed out, it was more of a spur of the moment decision to work on it. We had some monster models that were unused that I felt deserved to be in the game. I don’t know exactly where this zone will fit in terms of purpose and difficulty, but this area will for sure have one new boss. I’ll try to post some pictures later this week.

I’ve also been working on a Japanese folklore themed map that they added to the game. It has a lot of interesting monsters and will probably end up being a non-gated leveling/farming area tuned for players 55+. Currently the plan is to have two bosses in this zone, but I may create a third. I am also looking for a similar map to extend this zone into two areas so I can create more of a difficulty gradient and spread out the monster variety.

With the monsters created in the DB, the next steps are to gather location data and create a spawn distribution on the maps, then give the monsters stats, then loot. Skills will be added later once Legend is done with the skill overhaul.



We are STILL ready to rock.
@Kersleaf, yeah I'm sure all of my friends are tired of me saying that exact thing. I won't pay…
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This sounds more and more interresting. Now to find something to keep me busy til the server opens lol

Slow Progress

We are still working when we have the time, but that has been few and far between lately. Legend’s has been absolutely slammed at work, putting in many long days dealing with some extremely high priority projects. I am still spending a good bit of time getting medical tests, and I have had a few weddings to attend (plus another this month, apparently it’s wedding season) but I am still working on stuff for at least a few hours a week. Hopefully things will calm down this month and we can kick things back into high gear.

In regards to what I have been working on, a lot of my time lately has been spent on reviewing work I’ve already done, mostly comparing items, monster drops, and zone viability. As things change over time it’s important to occasionally go back and make sure everything is still on the same level.

To review items I tend to create a spread sheet of all the items that share a type. This allows me to easily compare their stats and to see how item progression feels. For weapons specifically, I include a few extra columns comparing average damage small/large. For the most part not too many item tweaks were needed in review, but some new items were created. These include a set of element based rings for a new zone, a new magic resistance ring, a Baranka Ring to complement Laia’s, as well as craftable “upgrades” for all of the ancient items so they have a way to exit circulation. A lot of unused or irrelevant items have been purged from the DB.

Reviewing monster drops mostly involves making sure bosses within a given difficulty range are consistent, and that drops added to new zones are consistent with existing areas. It’s a lot of looking at drop lists by monster and by item and making sure percentages reflect monster/area difficulty and scale properly. If X drops zels at .5% then Y needs to be .6% since Y is stronger than X, and Z needs to be .2% etc. It’s tedious, but important.

Related to monster drops somewhat, I’ve also spent some time adjusting the drop rates of items I consider to be “crafting materials”. This is stuff like gems, dragon scales, ores, etc. A lot of this is creating consistency and in many cases adding new sources. Gems are some of the most prevalent drops in the game, but are all over the place in terms of rarity. Some easy monsters will drop an emerald 70% of the time, while a powerful monster or boss only drops it 6%. I am slowly evening all of this out so that all crafting materials have a drop rate consistent with their rarity and in relation to the difficulty of the source. This will be important when we overhaul and consolidate the crafting system in the game.

Zone viability is a somewhat difficult concept to compare, as there are a lot of factors that go into it. In general, how I approach this is I first compare monster HP vs XP for all the spawns in a given zone, and for the average of the zone as a whole. While HP is not a perfect metric for how strong a monster is, there is a strong correlation between the two and it gives me a good baseline to start from. From there I look at spawn density by comparing the spawn count to the map size. Again, this isn’t a perfect metric since map size does not exactly equate to overall spawn locations due to terrain features but it’s still a helpful comparison. Lastly, I consider the loot potential of a zone. I try to think about why someone would hunt an area if XP wasn’t a factor, and use that to determine what adjustments might be needed.

Most monsters in the game hover around a 3xp to 1hp ratio. Some areas were exceptionally bad, like FV (originally a 1.7 to 1 ratio), while others were incredibly good, like FI (originally a 5.5 to 1 ratio). Some of this is related to design decisions made when these areas were implemented and the overall balance of the game at the time. FV was added at a time when players were not very high level, stats were capped at 25, and getting to level 52 was a major accomplishment. Our FV has been buffed to about 2.4 to 1 ratio making it a good leveling zone for sub 50 players.

FI was added as the first “high XP high cost” area in the game. It dropped no adena, monsters were considered to be difficult at the time, and it had a significant time cost due to the boat ride length and infrequent availability. Of the top 25 monsters in the game in terms of XP to HP value, FI Doppel zone had 9. Now FI has adena drops, can be reached instantly via scroll, and the monsters on it are considerably weaker when compared to average player power. As a result, FI was arguably the most efficient hunting zone in the game. I have since nerfed some aspects of it, and buffed others. Spawn rates outside doppel zone have been improved, especially in the Cyclops/Ettin area. The XP values for many of the super low HP monsters have been reduced, while the XP for high HP monsters have been increased. Overall the area sits right around a 4 to 1 ratio with good density, making it still an excellent hunting zone but more in line with other places.

TOI areas were buffed a bit, 71-80 most significantly but almost all of the TOI monsters were tweaked a little bit. The bottom 50 floors should all be decent hunting areas, with pros and cons to the different zones. 81-100 had the biggest overall change to their XP values but that was because they were significantly under valued overall. The main draws to hunt those floors are still drop related, the xp buffs there simply make them not wildly inconsistently bad. Monsters in 81-90 and 91-100 both drop unique items you cannot obtain elsewhere (a new ring on 81-90 and earrings on 91-100).

I removed dancing swords from TOI and replaced them with succubi from the same floor set. As a result 17-20f TOI will be more dangerous than it was previously, but will also be a better hunting zone. I’ll admit this change was not for any balance reasons, I just despise dancing swords and their dumb hit boxes so I decided to abuse my absolute power.

Spirit Grave was tweaked considerably. The hp for the weaker spirits was lowered a lot, while the Abyss spirits had their XP buffed. This area provides a lot of quality loot in terms of ori daggers / crimson spears / element gloves, but will now also be a pretty good hunting zone.

Ivory Tower got yet another xp boost since my original numbers ultimately were still too low when comparing the difficulty of the zone (in general I try to aim for under tuning than over tuning so this is to be expected). Upper IT offers excellent xp and loot, but is an extremely dangerous area. Demon King (previously Demon) has been upgraded to a T2 boss to reflect the increased difficulty of his spawn zone.

That’s about all I have to cover for now, I’ll save the rest for a later post. Feel free to give your thoughts on some of these changes, or to let me know if there is any additional info you are interested in.




Only thing I have to say is, "MORE EXP IN FIRE VALLEY!" Oh I do love to cliff hunt.
Thanks for the detailed response GMMYTH!
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