New Week, New Post (and more to follow!)

Thanks guys. I am much better now after some treatments. Waiting on further test results but all the scary possibilities have been eliminated. Only real issue I am still dealing with is the bruising from falling down on the stairs (It’s a bruise about 12 inches wide and 8 inches tall…), and it’s starting to look and feel a lot better. Will probably take a few weeks to actually visibly fade, but at it’s current rate I expect all the pain/discomfort to be gone in another week or so.

Work on the skill overhaul continues. Legends has settled on an implementation plan that I think will work very well. We are essentially building the new system into the game while leaving the old one intact. We will create a GM command to allow us to switch between the two in game, so we can test each spell  and compare them. Once we are certain everything works in the new system, we will remove the old one.

In the mean time I’ve been tackling some minor lineage projects that are low priority. I am slowly creating new elites. I can create the monster in the DB, give it stats + loot, write their dialogue/backstory, and create a rough outline of their planned skills to be implemented later. They are a lot of fun to write for. Also created a rough drop list template for each tier, all the way up to elite dragons (Spoiler: they drop a LOT of stuff). Having a template makes it so I can easily and consistently give every boss within a given tier the same core items, then add and adjust any unique stuff after the fact.

Legends and I have also spent some time discussing stats in general, will probably have a post about this in the near future once we both agree on some tweaks. In general we are looking at making stat progression a bit more linear, smoothing out weird spikes in stat value, as well as making it so regardless of your class there is no “completely useless” stat when considering an item. Obviously, if you are a melee char you want Str, but Dex/Con/Wis should still have “some” use.

I also recently tackled shield/guarder itemization and variety. Made some tweaks to existing items and added more mid and late game options for some classes. In general there were very few shield and guarder options originally, and shields were in general bad enough that some classes would choose to use a guarder even with a 1-handed weapon. That will no longer be the case. Now there will be a wider range of options available depending on what you want. Shields in general give more stats, and are heavily skewed towards defense. They are one of the few item slots where CC resist exists (in small quantities still). Guarders in general give less stats, and tend to be more offensively oriented. Players may still ultimately choose to use a guarder over a shield, but it will be out of a desire for different itemization, not because shields suck and guarders are just better in almost every way. I wouldn’t be surprised if late game knights keep both 2hs+guarder and 1hs+ shield on them at all times for different situations.

Lastly, we discovered some interesting things in the code relating to enchants that changed with some version update between our old client and this one. We’ve decided to keep some of them, revert some, and tweak some. An enchant update is also probably a good idea at some point to go over changes to elemental enchants, how doll enchants work, and the addition of two new kinds of enchant scrolls. It’s also probably a good opportunity to answer any questions people have regarding a system that is FULL of superstition and myths. I’ll try to make this post sometime this week.



One thought on “New Week, New Post (and more to follow!)

  1. Puddles says:

    Good to see your chosen hobby allows you to continue doing it while life kicks you around a little bit. Make sure you name your bruise. Its easier to say, “Godzilla”, will knock you off the ladder if you try to change the light bulb over the garage. It makes the creation of excuses for getting out of things, fun, rather than just excuses.

    As far as the game, its nice to see tons of progress. Putting the level of character creation right up there with Path of Exile. At least, initially, until the game is explored and learned. Used to be, a few questions about the client, and right back to the old faithful knight, elf, mage debate. Seems that is no longer the scenario. Now, all things need to be considered: gear, monsters, skills, etc.

    Ok, time to go spin/explode things in PoE. Good luck and glad you feel better.

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