Mythic LoA Returns!


After a much needed break, Legends and I are back working on Lineage! We learned a lot from our past experiences, and are now working on a new project that will totally blow away the old LoA! We hope to create an almost fully self sustaining server for the best and most engaging Lineage experience possible! To that end, we are dedicating a great deal of time to back end and infrastructure development.

In the past we rushed too quickly into launching the server, and as a result didn’t have time to finish a lot of the projects we were working on due to the day to day needs of running the server. This time, we are going to have all the tools and features we want completely finished before we start any kind of alpha/beta. This includes things like…

  • Online Candle system.
  • Online name change system.
  • An account management page, with character unstuck feature.
  • A system to sell items online.
  • Complete guides to all the changes and customization on the server.
  • Back end administration tools such as an event database and scheduler, item/monster creation and editing tools, and more.

We are also working on a ton of new content that we want to have finished before launch! This includes…

  • Finished summoning shard quest system.
  • Several new hunting zones, ranging from lvl 60 to 75+.
  • An overhaul of the Mage summon system, complete with new level 76 and 80 summons.
  • A functioning and persistent /ignore system!
  • Fully functioning skills for all classes, including new skills for some!
  • Tons of new and rebalanced items, including fidelity for all classes!
  • A newly coded, more random boss spawn system.
  • A daily pvp capture the tower map!
  • Removal of taxes, addition of new castle rewards.
  • Bonus xp for party hunting.
  • New bosses! Elite bosses!
  • Random town invasions by monsters!
  • Daily quests!
  • MORE!

We hope to create a playing experience that generates a lot of things for players to do and feel excited about beyond the usual grind. The addition of more items to strive for, greater challenges with elite bosses / high level content, more places that encourage pvp, and daily occurrences like invasions and pvp zones will hopefully keep the game feeling fresh and exciting. Our goals are very big, but will hopefully create a fantastic Lineage experience for people looking for a mix of nostalgia and fresh content. We don’t currently have an ETA for an Alpha/Beta/Release but will keep people posted.

That’s all for this overview post. Our next few posts will explore some of the new features in greater detail. Look for them in the coming weeks!


6 thoughts on “Mythic LoA Returns!

  1. RegressPuppy says:

    Looking forward to the release of this! Let me know if you need someone to help with testing things out.

  2. PapaPump, SexGodess, Lovey, etc etc says:

    OMG keep me informed plz I’m jonesing since anarchy went down! Your the bomb Legends!!!!!!!!!! Hi Gwen o.x

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