Myth Update!

Hey all,

Sorry things have been so quiet. Figured I should give you an update on all the things that have been going on in my life keeping me from Lin, and what’s in store for the future. I think I mentioned in a previous post that I moved back in September somewhat suddenly. That was because the owner of the house my GF and I were renting decided she wanted to sell it. Our lease was through December, but my GF was living in San Diego at the time for a 4 month internship (August – December). Since we were paying rent in two places, we decided to move immediately when offered the chance so we could save some money. I moved into a friend’s guest room, most of our stuff went into storage. October and November, basically every weekend was either spent driving to San Diego to visit her, or her driving back home to visit me (plus a friend’s wedding and Thanksgiving). This did not leave nearly as much time for Lineage work as I had previously.

In December I helped move my GF back to Phoenix, and we spent time finding a new place. I also proposed, so we are engaged now (only took 7 years!). We’ve found a new home and should be moving in January 6th/7th. With her back and us moved/settled in there will finally be some consistency to my schedule to put in more Lineage hours.

As Legends said, we have been around this block before. Real life stuff always comes up, and every project goes through phases of intense productivity and slow weeks. We both agreed when we started this project it would be a marathon, not a sprint. Our old server taught us “once you release it, expect 95% of your time to be spent maintaining it”. Since we have so many things we want to accomplish, we want to be sure we finish them before we have to devote most of our time towards maintaining the server (and we want to automate as much as humanly possible). We want what we release to not only feel exciting, fresh, and new but also be well designed and stable enough that if we both suddenly died in freak accidents, the lineage life would go on essentially without noticing due to automated restarts, scheduled events, etc. (atleast until it gets shutdown due to lack of payment on the server bill!) The unfortunate side effect of all this is that it takes a lot of time.

Thanks for being patient with us! By end of January I hope to have some more screen shot posts for you all to enjoy.



7 thoughts on “Myth Update!

  1. Puddles says:

    Wow, so much good news here, don’t know where to start.

    Congratulations on the proposal. She said, “Yes?” Seems like it. Even better.

    We are all still here waiting. We know a good thing when we see it. Bunches of us discuss MythicLoA all the time. Usually when bad things happen on the game we are currently playing. Which is all the time.

    Automated to the point of… wait, are you guys building SkyNet? Instead of terminators we have to worry about DeathKnights tearing apart our garages? Give me terminators anyday instead of some maniac with a sword and summoning spartois. I do have a few neighbors that I wouldnt mind having a Lich or KV pop up in their living room…

    Can’t wait. Good luck with it all.

    • Yes, she said “Yes”. We are looking at a Spring 2018 wedding, so it’s a ways off. Thank you for the congratulations!

      Automation is probably the feature we are working on that I am the most excited about. A bunch of other features are all dependent on the core systems we are designing to make automation possible (like town invasions, automatic reboots, automated events…).

      The core concept is pretty simple. The server can keep track of time, it’s how buffs work, how monsters/bosses spawn, how it knows when sieges are, etc. So if you can keep track of time and you can edit the database you can basically do anything. As long as you have the database changes coded as functions, the system can call them when the appropriate time triggers. Here is a very
      rough example below…

      Drop event from X date/time to Y date/time.

      “At X date/time, run DropChange(2) and restart server”
      This turns on a 2x drop event.

      “At Y date/time, run DropChange (1) and restart server”
      This turns drops back to normal.

      The nice thing about this is it isn’t necessarily limited to just rate changes. If we design an event where imps are supposed to spawn in certain areas, all we need is to code a function for turning their spawn on/off. Then we can schedule that function and voila, the event turns on for a week, people kill their imps, and after a week it removes them from the spawn table and reboots. Event starts and ends, and the whole time we could be on vacation or something. We will hopefully be able to literally schedule all the seasonal events for the year. Super exciting.

  2. Kersleaf says:

    Sounds awesome. What are you planning for the castle sieges? Most of the servers i have played on only have one castle siege total. were you planning on having more or is that dependant on server population? I am really looking forward to this server.

    Congratulations. Wishing you and your future bride all the happiness in the world.

    • The number of castles will likely depend on server population. We are completely removing the tax system from the game. The benefits for owning castles will not be based on taxes. While we have not set it in stone, we plan to have castles include things like special buff npcs and possibly a teleport npc with more convenient options. We want people who own castles to feel special/rewarded compared to the regular populace without the annoyance of taxes.

      We have other extensive plans regarding PVP that we hope to develop. One of these is the addition of a PVP “Capture the towers” style map. We actually already found the perfect map inside the database that is unused. Essentially it would be a very large zone with 5 different towers (at each corner + center). The zone would open up for a 2-3 hour window daily. The towers would originally be defended by NPCS, but players will be able to kill them and “kill” the towers, claiming them. After that, they need to defend them from other players. A pledge wins when they take all 5 towers or if they control the majority of towers at the end of the time limit. The winning pledge will get some sort of bonus until the next round the following day. What that bonus is isn’t fully decided yet, but it will likely rotate from week to week. Think things like 20% increased xp gain, higher summon shard harvest rate, etc. We want this to be the “daily” pvp event while castle sieges will be more of a weekly thing.

      Another plan is for a scroll (and bookmark) accessible “Arena” area (this idea is more likely to be cut). This is intended to serve as an alternative to fighting at Phx/top drake. The area will be big enough to tele in off screen from the middle, but not too big that you can’t chase down/corner people. The center will also be a boss spawn point, except that when it spawns a boss it will select randomly from most bosses in the game and will broadcast a message the the server that it’s up. Think something like “Lich has spawned in the Arena!”. People will be encouraged to go try to fight over the boss. If Elites were ever going to be given a way to spawn naturally, this would be how.

      Our primary goal regarding PVP is to give pvp players enough things to do that they don’t feel bored. This keeps them happy because they have content to fight over, and keeps PVE players happy because they can play their game without being targeted as much.

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