Micro Update

Hello All!

This is just a quick post to confirm that we are in fact still alive. I’ve been out of town for a good portion of the last two weeks. First two weekends ago for a relative’s wedding, then last weekend for an ice hockey tournament. Both were great, but I am glad I don’t have any more travel plans for a while.

I’ll make a real, actual lineage related post later this week.



7 thoughts on “Micro Update

  1. Puddles says:

    Calling off my remote carrier pigeons and armored polar bears. Even though they didn’t have a clue who they were looking for, they were out in force looking. Dedicated little devils. Oooh, I should use devils to find you next time. With pitch forks that force you to work on Lineage.

    New thought, the deepest level of Dante’s epic poem, Purgatorio Revisited. It will involve the detailing of the torture of Lineage fans who are incessantly teased with the thought of playing Lineage, but never get to. Of course it will include hoards of Deathknights haunting their dreams, dieing chao and dropping +9bkats to voracious slimes, and maybe a few dozen destroy throwing teabag orcs in newbie town hunting areas. Fun for all.

    Can you tell I cannot wait for an update? ^_^

  2. Tyler says:

    Ive been following this for over a year…is this vaporware? This seems like a classic case of software guys that never want to release something…

    would love to try out what you guys have.

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