Life Status Update + FI Item Upgrades

Hello All,

Sorry I have been MIA for the past six weeks. Pretty much all of my time is spent either at work dealing with stuff related to the end of the fiscal year or at home doing wedding planning. I have worked on a lot of little things related to Lineage here are there, but none of it felt that it justified an update.  Work will probably stay crazy until the end of July. I am hoping the wedding planning stuff cools down soon now that a lot of the major things are taken care of. Really looking forward to having free time for both Lineage and other stuff!

Since I am making a post I might as well talk about something Lineage related, so I figured I’d give people a look at some items you will be able to craft using “Ancient” armors and weapons. The intent behind these items is to give players a way to pull items requiring ancient scrolls out of circulation and to give people more avenues for gear improvement. I am a big fan of having all equipment be enchantable/destroyable.

When you have items that can enter the economy but have no way to leave you inevitably see the value of those items reduce significantly over time. The best example of this was on live back in the day with rings. I am sure many of you can recall the 2nd or 3rd iteration of the Halloween event, where literally thousands of elemental resistance rings dropped. Almost every single player came out of that event with a complete set of rings. At the time accessory enchants didn’t exist, so there was no way for those rings to ever functionally leave the economy short of players quitting without giving them away. This absolutely tanked their value, which in turn tanked the value of many bosses who relied on ring drops to be worthwhile.

One of my goals is to avoid this kind of situation happening as much as possible. We could just make ancient items enchantable, but doing so felt like it took away an aspect of the items that made them unique. It also would change their power curve in relation to how easy/difficult they are to obtain (I consider ancient armors to be fairly easy to obtain, so getting them over enchanted would also be relatively easy). Since I also wanted to add more utilization of crafting and crafting materials, it seemed like a perfect solution to have craftable upgrades for all of them. They could then be gated not just by how easy ancient items are to obtain, but also by the rarity of the other materials that go into their creation. We still want ancient items to be somewhat affordable to new players, so when upgrading them the ancient item will not be the typical bottleneck that players experience.

So on to specifics. Each armor upgrades into a new armor, while ancient sword and great sword upgrade into one of four variants. These armors are intended to be pretty good options for players, especially if they are over enchanted, but ultimately worse than the rare boss drop items like lich robe/baranka armors.

Ancient Plate Mail -> Darkness Dealer Plate Mail (Knight Only)

APM: 16ac(unenchantable) 3hpr -> DDPM: 16ac(safe +0) 5hpr 1DR 5hit

This should be no surprise since this was actually the only ancient armor that already crafted into a new item. DDPM got a buff, but the crafting materials needed to make it will also be increased.


Ancient Scale Mail -> Scale Mail of Draconic Might (Royal + Dragon Knight)

ASM: 15ac(unenchantable) 4mpr 8hpr -> SMDM: 15ac(safe +0) 5mpr 10hpr 1str 1con

The new scale mail will likely require combining dragon armor, ancient scale mail, and a slew of minor crafting materials.


Ancient Leather Armor -> Drake Hunter Armor (Dark Elf + Elf)

ALA: 14ac(unenchantable) 8mpr 4hpr -> DHA: 14ac(safe +0) 10mpr 12hpr +20 all element resistance

Similar to the SMDM, this item will also require a lot of dragon scales to craft in addition to other minor materials.


Ancient Robe -> Robe of the Magi

ARobe: 12ac (unenchantable) 12mpr -> RotM: 12ac(safe +0) 14mpr 50mp 1sp

The current plan for this item is to require players to combing an ancient robe with a robe of dark elder, along with other minor crafting materials.


Ancient Great Sword (27/45 +3hit +3dmg unenchantable) + Dragon Slayer (24/31 +1str +3dmg safe +6) = Blessed Ancient (Color) Dragon Slayer (27/35 1str +3hit +3dmg safe +6)

There are four color variants: Green, Red, Blue, White

Each are crafted by combining an Ancient Great Sword, a Dragon Slayer, and Gems/Dragon scales of the appropriate color. The weapons will have a minor elemental damage bonus, and all of them will have a very low chance of a “buff” proc that increases Str significantly for a few seconds. Which one you make will be more personal preference than anything.


Ancient Sword (35/20 +5hit unenchantable) + Tsurugi (16/10 +1dmg +3hit safe +6) = Blessed (Color) Ancient Sword (21/15 +1str +1dmg +8hit safe +6)

There are four color variants: Violet, Viridian, Crimson, and Azure

These will also require combining an ancient sword with a tsurugi, gems, and dragon scales. They will also have an elemental damage bonus, probably a little more significant than the BADS, and they will also feature a “buff” proc. With a high hit bonus this item will help mid level players hit some of the super high AC bosses more consistently.


That’s all for now, I am going to make it a goal this week to post some pictures of monsters and areas that are being worked on or are finished.

Thanks for being patient with us.





4 thoughts on “Life Status Update + FI Item Upgrades

  1. Puddles says:

    “Tyler says: Ballpark for beta? 2017?” I can help you with that Tyler; When its done. Not being a smart ass. Its just the answer you get. Its a fair answer.

    Strangely enough, with all the new information, this is my quote of the day, “Violet, Viridian, Crimson, and Azure.” It just sounds so damn cool.

    Is it my completionist (is that a REAL word) side that wonders if there will be any changes to the bowgun? It was always weak damage, but able to use a shield was quite nice early on, and you could already + it up. Maybe combine it with a Thebes bow and give it some list of random procs that it can gain.

    And what else? I agree, you should be able to blow up everything. Also, a suggestion, make it so everything sold to the shop can be bought by other players. Of course at some kind of wholesale/retail markup. But one mans trash is another mans treasure.

    Ok, DarkMatter is on. Going to watch. Good to hear wedding plans are going well. Good luck on getting a break at work. Hope to hear more soon.

  2. RabidSmurf says:

    Been out of the Lineage circle for awhile now. Was trying to find a server to play on and ended up here. Personally starting on a new server intrigues me so just curious on the overall status to launch or even player testing.

  3. To answer your question Tyler, I do not know if we will have an official open beta this year.

    Once the skill overhaul is complete and we give it a once over testing we plan to open up an alpha and invite people to test the skill system more thoroughly. Testing every skill in the game in all the different scenarios they are used isn’t really an effective use of our time when there is so much other content to work on. We will want assistance with this, so it’s likely we will create a forum and open the server for a few weeks with increased rates and debugging code/tools active. It won’t be the same experience players will have when we go to a real beta, many customizations won’t be active or finished yet, but it will give people a look at some of the new areas/content.

    This Alpha will happen this year for sure, probably in a few months but possibly sooner.

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