Lets Play a Game…

How do you think Kiringku’s work in the base lineage code? I’m going to give you the displayed stats for four different Kiringku’s. I’d like you to tell me which does the most damage, and estimate how much damage that is per hit on average. Feel free to rank them from highest to lowest.

In all cases, assume the same Illusionist is using it, and his core stats don’t change. He has 18 base Int, 18 base Str, and no other items on.

+ 7 Sapphire Kiringku


+1 SP

+3 Dmg


+7 Obsidian Kiringku



+3 Dmg


+7 Slave of the Arcane King


+1 Int

+1 SP

+7 Dmg


+2 Oblivion Archon of Fidelity


+2 Int

+18 Dmg


I’ll wait for a few of you to comment, then tell you the answer.




6 thoughts on “Lets Play a Game…

  1. RegressPuppy says:

    Pretty sure the code is (Weapon + Weapon Enchant + Damage on Weapon + some Int/SP modifier) but don’t know the exact numbers.

    +7 Sapphire: ~45-50 Damage (For some reason the Sapphire Kiringku always hits harder than Obsidian even when Obsidian has better stats)

    +7 Obsidian: ~40-45 Damage

    +7 Slave: 60-70 with proc: 150ish

    +2 Archon: 85-90 with proc: 175ish?

    Now if we use the full damage range on the weapons (like if they behave like normal weapons do):

    +7 Sapphire: 32-50

    +7 Obsidian: 27-45

    +7 Slave: 40-70, proc still about the same

    +2 Archon: 55-90, proc still about same

  2. RegressPuppy says:

    What makes Kiringku nice but not so nice is that they never miss, but have their damage reduced by half on targets with 100mr. Hopefully that got changed at some point, but as far as I know it hasn’t.

  3. Puddles says:

    All I saw was, “kiringku” and my brain started lagging and wanted to shut down. Been years since illusionist got implemented and still to this day no one can accurately explain why a kiringku does what it does. I do know that RegressPuppy and I farmed up 100 iron kiris and he + some up pretty high and they did great damage. That was until you started hitting something that wasn’t a storage dwarf in town.

    My guess is Slave did the most damage, followed by the fid, the obs, then sapphire. Rating the damage would be complete conjecture. The lawyer in me wants to say one thing, the outlaw in me wants to argue with that guy about everything he says. But I will hazard a guess they are all about the same, or not enough of a difference to justify the effort involved in getting an upgrade.

    Like I said about the crack dk/allbuff comment, you won’t be able to keep people playing an illusionist for long. Illusionists are pve only. Nothing they do well can compare to everyone else doing it better. Not missing does not make up for 1/2 damage.

  4. I’ll say, going through the code for them was quite an eye opener. I think they were grossly over estimated when people said they did a ton of damage with the kiri.

    The system is overly complicated and I highly doubt anyone will be able to describe how the damage works, unless they see the code.

  5. Puddles says:

    Hit dwarf in town, “Oh, wow, Illu is OP!”

    Hit monster pre level 20, “Oh, wow, Illu really is OP!”

    Hit anything with 75+mr, “Oh, wow, they nerfed Illu! Reroll time.”

  6. RegressPuppy says:

    This is from the Korean Powerbook:

    ① The key link is not a physical damage, but a magical damage weapon .

    ② Because the damage of the key link is the magic of the character INT (intelligence) and the SP (SP) varies by the damage.

    ③ Because the damage of the key link is magic, the damage of the subject depends on the MR of the target .

    ④ The damage of the enchanted key link is added to the enchantment damage to the last calculated magic damage.

    ⑤ When you use magic magic among magic magic spells , the damage increases by the enchant value of key link. For example, in the case of Smash in the first stage of the magic spell , 15 damage is fixed when a +0 key link is worn, but 22 + 26 damage when a +5 key link is worn . ⑥ When two or more physicians who wear a key link attack a target (PC), damage reduction has been applied by magic nesting. However, the damage was normalized through December 7, 2011 update.

    Broken English and all, it shows that the damage is INT, SP, Weapon, Weapon Enchant, etc etc. Way too complicated for so little damage.

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