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So it is with a heavy heart I post this, but after much deliberation I am moving on from lineage. Lineage has brought me 2 decades of joy and fun and heartache but its time for me to put my development skills into something else. I have decided to start working on my own indie game and with that means I need to focus my time on it and not trying to do lots of different hobbies (of which I have many…too many).

I have spoken with Myth and we are in agreement that all the work we put into making the management suite for L1J-Private shouldn’t go to waste. So I will be releasing the source code to everything I have. All the tools we’ve made, all the tools I have acquired over time. I’ll release the files very soon, but in the coming weeks I will write up some instructions on using the various tools and setting up the server.

So if you want to try your hand at setting up and running Lineage, you’ll have everything you need. Now that said, I will release the database in the state that Myth left it in. Lots of custom items and changes. For an original database, you’ll need to find one on one of the many google search results and/or fill it back out to the best of your knowledge. Myth and I moved on from L1-Vanilla long ago.

In the documents I’m going to put out, there will also be instructions on how to implement new monsters that are already in the client but not used as well as items, skill icons, etc. But that’s going to take some time to write up. But I have told myself I am going to do it as my final farewell to lineage. Lineage will always be special to me, it shaped my childhood gaming.

I am sure this will get a lot of negative comments, but I am going to approve them anyway. A lot of you will be upset at Myth and I and say we led people on….but we never made any promises to anyone or on any dates. It was a pet project we worked on and had high hopes for, but life got busy….our time got pulled into other directions. We’ve both lost family and friends over the years, work has its ups and down, and lets be honest…awesome games like Elden Ring came out and we HAD to play them.

I pay for the hosting of this server as it runs other websites of mine. Ill leave this blog up and the files for a reasonable time, but a time will come when I shut it all down and sunset everything that is lineage. If you are interested in the game I will be working on (its too early to have anything concrete), I’ll be setting up a development blog for it. The intention is for it to generate side income, something to keep me invested and on track. Lineage was always a cost, but the cost was acceptable because of the enjoyment I got from it. I just need something I can call my own and say I did that.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and you all will be missed greatly. If you want to stay in touch leave a message and I’ll reach out and we can exchange discord information.

Database: http://blog.mythicloa.com/l1jdb.sql
Admin Tools (PHP) (300mb)- http://blog.mythicloa.com/admintools.zip
Server Configs and Bat (36mb) – http://blog.mythicloa.com/Server.zip
Source Code (21mb) – http://blog.mythicloa.com/serversource.zip
Lineage Tools and Other Stuff (60mb) – http://blog.mythicloa.com/tools.zip
Client (4.2 GB) Hosted on mega due to size – https://bit.ly/3OE7OVc

I have removed all the old posts not related to changes to our codebase/database.


9 thoughts on “Legends – Retiring

    • RP says:

      I am downloading the files now to see what I can do with them. Legends of Aden/Anarchy were my favorite pservers so I would love to get something running with the work they have done.

  1. RP says:

    Thank you for the work you have done with Lineage and for giving those of us that do this as a hobby (play with server files and stuff) a way to possibly finish up what you and Myth were working on! My favorite Lineage server that I have played on was Legends of Aden / Lineage Anarchy (they took over what you guys had done). Enjoy yourself and enjoy other games and life!

    I hope that maybe some day you will check in on how things have developed if one of us take up the mantle and launch a server. Or even if we have questions, maybe have something set up where we can reach out as a sort of consultation.

    Once again, thank you for the work you did throughout the years!

  2. RP says:

    I have to say, after looking through the files that I downloaded from here… You guys are madmen! I’m not perfect at setting up a server, but I can’t even get the DB to load up properly! It fails at the crafting table hehe.

    I shall patiently await the setup guide!

  3. Dinin and so many more says:

    Thank you for the fun we had Legends and Myth. I too have downloaded the files and would like a guide on how to setup a server lol

  4. Kobra says:

    Admirable that you released your work …for some reason so many work for years on a server and then hide it away like they are a dragon hoarding it’s gold….I’m working on downloading your server files just to see the difference of it from the one i have running for myself and 2 friends to play on …Sadly i don’t think lineage is going to get the come back we all hoped for :/

    Good luck to you all in your endeavors in the future! Lineage for life!! lol

  5. joel says:

    thanks for the transparency and hard work along with release and letting lineage live on.
    Would be great to keep in touch on discord you can add me as mine is –
    joel callaghan#1706

    Enjoy creating your own game ill definitely want to check it out as well

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