I’m still workin!

I got pulled off from lineage work for about a week a half to work on a kitchen remodel. But I will be back on it very soon. I have made some really good progress and I foresee things rolling through a lot faster now that I am over this hurdle!


Just wanted to give you guys some news.

Answered with a new post.
So, summons. They are going to need some love, too. Old problems range from…
realistically, when will this server be available to play?
More news!
I doubt they will promise a test server before they announce it ...
Significant progress = test server soon?
That kitchen though.
Sounds good!

8 thoughts on “I’m still workin!

  1. Puddles says:

    So, summons. They are going to need some love, too.

    Old problems range from low to no MR, random tele in dungeon = pet over the wall getting attacked, pita (pain in the butt) to switch gear to summon them, high level mages sacrifice to have them (adding to the dreaded CHA) and they cannot do anything but minor farming.

    No clue how balancing and fixing can start. Let owner buff them? Allow things like advanced spirit and immune to be cast on summons? Better options for armoring/arming them. Adjustable threshold for potions? Let them use power potions. More viable taming options. Why all the limits on what we can pluck from the field of battle as our tames?

    Summoners should exist in Lineage. Sometimes, evil GMs make evil monsters that just are not safe to run up on.

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