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Since it’s been such a busy week I think it’s appropriate to have an extra update!

Legends and I are hard at work getting the new client/server into a similar state as the old one. Legends is working on updating the databases, importing our data, and linking them to the online tools. This is a massive task, as much of the table structure on our old build was customized to either be more readable or add functionality. He has to get the new tables into a similar format to the old ones, then import our old data while preserving “new” data. Hopefully this will all be done possibly by the end of next week but it could easily take longer. Once it is done, a long data vetting process will begin.

If you were to connect right now the game would look very odd. Every monster/npc in the game has their spawn location displayed as a title, and their npc ID as part of their name! This is so that I can go through and identify which NPCs are broken, misplaced, or irrelevant. It also helps identify npcs who are missing sprite files (they show up as a red X), hopefully we will be able to import their data from a different client to get them functioning. Lots of translation has to be done as well (typically involves translating Korean to broken English, then rewriting it into something similar that makes sense).

The other big task is fixing areas that were not properly or completely converted. Lastavard is a major example of this. At some point they converted that area from the layout people are familiar with (basement, 1f, 2f, 3f, 4f) into a new zone with a central map and 4 offshoot wings. Instead of reaching this place via the old walking path, you are supposed to teleport there via an NPC. It’s level restricted to 70 and only suppose to be accessable for 2 hours a week per character. On our server however, some updated versions of maps were added, while others were not. The NPC was never properly updated either, so there is no way to teleport to the “new” version. As a result we have the same old lasta tower, but it’s a mix of new and old maps. This means a lot of dead ends and unreachable areas.¬†Our current plan is to import the old lasta maps, and rebuild the old lasta tower people are familiar with. We will then properly link together the “new” lasta maps and maybe make them into a new elite lasta zone. This hinges on a few things that may or may not be possible, so it’s not a guarantee.

Overall, we feel very confident at this point about our ability to get this new client fully functional. It’s only been a few days but a great deal of progress has been made. Expect the next few posts to focus less on what we are working on and more on showing new features/locations made available by the new version. Speaking of which, here is one such new feature…



What you are seeing here is an in game web browser that is part of the lineage client. Legends spent quite a long time working on getting this functional, and we are pretty excited about it. This will allow players to access things like the online auction house or calendar directly inside the game! At the moment it only works while the game is full screen, and requires adding a line of text to your windows hosts file.

That’s all for now, feel free to comment below!


5 thoughts on “Extra Status Update

  1. Kersleaf says:

    I been playing a 3.63 private server and I have noticed the differences. There are things that I hope you will change as in junk drops, Making all items sellable to a vendor. From what I have seen so far you are doing a great job and I can’t wait to see how you two set your server up. I just hope you don’t go with the huge increased xp rate.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing an increase in the drop rate for some items make them a little easier to get. Hate grinding for hours to get a certain item. Really looking forward to the in game access to web browser.

    • To address some of the things you mentioned…

      *Junk drops as a whole will be/have been greatly reduced. This saves people time and saves the server resources. It’s a win/win.

      *Almost everything will be sellable, and solvent dissolves items directly into adena at a percentage of the sell price. Sell a platemail for 9k, or dissolve it for 50% of the sell price. Dolls do not require crystal to activate.

      *I think we will be a considered a pretty low rate server, but everyone has different opinions about these things. Overall we are going to be lower rate than our old server for comparison’s sake. That said, there will be high level content that we want people to eventually be able to experience.

      *What items did you specifically have in mind? Rough metals for example won’t necessarily drop more frequently, but will have significantly more sources to obtain them from (bosses for example).

  2. Kersleaf says:

    I was thinking of materials needed for crafting. I play an elf so trying to find the high gems even the highest takes awhile to do. I also like making wafers as I said in another comment. I know not everyone does.

    Also was wondering if it be possible to make places like diad fortress bookmarkable? If not will there be a way to get tele scrolls to there and other places like forgotten island?

    • Diad Fortress can be reached via the standard teleport NPCs. Many locations can be reached via teleport scrolls sold by vendors at varying costs. Places like FI and PI will be inexpensive as the boats do not function and are honestly just an annoyance. Places more difficult to reach normally will have a proportionally higher cost. Exactly which places will ultimately have scrolls is something that will probably change based on feedback during the Beta.

      Gems will be significantly more common since they are becoming a more standard drop from almost every boss in the game. In removing “junks” from bosses and condensing various potions into a single type, I’ve had to replace them with other items that are not worthless but also not overly valuable in order to preserve the feeling of getting a bunch of lines of loot.

      As a side note, a ton of our items have had tweaks or changes to improve balance and gear diversity. This includes a lot of the elven crafted items, many of which received buffs to make crafting them more worthwhile.

      All of these things are areas where during the beta we will be open to feedback and suggestions.

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