Enchanting Changes!

A few quick updates before I dive into the primary topic of this post (Enchanting). First, I have been very busy working on a lot of little things that have been put off in favor of large projects. Cleaning up and identifying NPCs to remove, creating proper teleport scrolls for places, and gathering info on places we still have translation issues. Legends has been very busy with some major work projects, as well as some family stuff, so not too much progress has been made on the skill overhaul.


Enchanting! It’s essentially gambling, and it’s addictive! We spent a lot of time reviewing and cleaning up the enchanting code. There was a lot of code added over the years for various event enchants that we were able to purge, as it no longer did anything. At some point between our old server version and our current one they removed the ability to take an item safe to +0 and cursed enchant it then blessed enchant it to make it +2. Instead the best you could get was back to +0. We reverted that change back to the old code because I felt it was a mechanic players were used to and removing it would cause a lot of frustration as players waste resources trying to do it when it’s impossible.


Some people may remember back when the giant grave and sanctuary of evil were added to the game they also added some “new” enchant scrolls. These were the Kalbas and Gians scrolls. There was a ton of speculation about these scrolls, and many people believed they had a higher success rate than your standard scrolls. Ultimately, this was untrue. As far as the code is concerned they function exactly like zel/dai scrolls, they just have a different name and icon for flavor purposes. I however really liked the idea, so we’ve decided to implement it. I have renamed them to”Legendary Enchant Weapon Scroll” and “Mythic Enchant Armor Scroll” (Yes, I named them that on purpose), and they can be obtained from T3 bosses or higher (starting around 25% chance, but scaling up with content difficulty). They come in normal and blessed varieties, and function the same as normal enchants except with a slightly higher success rate. The actual number isn’t set in stone yet, but it won’t be more that 5%. This gives players an addition type of resource reward for doing difficult content. It also gives players who want to try to over enchant rare items a way to have slightly better odds, at the cost of using a significantly harder to obtain enchant scroll.


Elemental enchants were also changed a bit. At some point they added two additional levels to each kind of enchant that are unlocked at high enchant levels. We’ve decided to keep this, but made a few tweaks. Previously any weapon could be enchanted up to level 3 (+2/4/6 dmg). The way it will work now is a weapon can increase in elemental enchant level based off how over enchanted it is. A weapon that is safe to +6 can get elemental level 1 at +7, 2 at +8, 3 at +9, 4 at +10, and 5 at +11. If a weapon is safe to +0, it unlocks each level at +1/2/3 etc. Essentially however over enchanted it is, that’s how strong an elemental enchant it can hold. Elemental enchants are still an item sold in stores only. They can never blow up an item, but they have a low success rate (that also decreases as you enchant higher). They serve as one of the major ways to remove adena from the game.

The reasoning behind this change is that it allows medium tier items to remain useful when compared with rare boss items. When they reach extremely high over enchanted levels, the bonus damage you gain from increasing the element level helps close the gap between the already very high damage of a rare weapon. A good example of this is Ori dagger vs Bloodletter. Here is a breakdown of their stats below:

Ori Dagger: (7/7 +3dmg)

Bloodletter: (16/16 +6dmg +5hit +2str)

At +0, Bloodletter is a vastly superior weapon. However when you compare various over enchant Ori daggers to a +7 lvl 1 Bloodletter the gap closes significantly, eventually passing it.

+7 lvl 1 Ori: 4 (average of dmg range) + 3 (weap +dmg) + 7 (enchant level) + 2 (element lvl) = 16dmg average

+8 lvl 2 Ori: 4 (average of dmg range) + 3 (weap +dmg) + 8 (enchant level) + 4 (element lvl) = 19dmg average

+9 lvl 3 Ori: 4 (average of dmg range) + 3 (weap +dmg) + 9 (enchant level) + 6 (element lvl) = 22dmg average

+7 lvl 1 Bloodletter: 8.5 (average of dmg range) + 6 (weap +dmg) + 7 (enchant level) + 2 (element lvl) = 23.5dmg average

+10 lvl 4 Ori: 4 (average of dmg range) + 3 (weap +dmg) + 10 (enchant level) + 8 (element lvl) = 25dmg average

+11 lvl 5 Ori: 4 (average of dmg range) + 3 (weap +dmg) + 11 (enchant level) + 10 (element lvl) = 28dmg average

At +10 the ori begins to pass the Bloodletter, however the additional str and hit make Bloodletter the better choice overall. A +11 weapon begins to do superior damage over a safely over enchanted boss weapon. Obviously if you over enchant rare high quality weapons they will be superior even to +11 versions of more common options. Making a +11 level 5 ori won’t be easy or cheap, as anyone who’s tried to make just a level 3 elemental weapon with bad luck can attest to, but this change allows players who can’t reliably farm a boss that drops their good weapon a way to still improve and compete with those who can.

To recap, ultimately this makes it so the more easily obtainable weapons like ori dagger, tsu, 50 quest weapons, kaiser weapons etc are still valuable to players even into the end game. Early on they will be the best weapons available to most players. Later, people can stockpile them then try to make +10/11 versions that will at least become more comparable damage wise to the .2% drop rate boss tier weapons. Those rare weapons will still edge out these older options in terms of additional stats, but the raw damage gap can be narrowed. Fidelity weapons are a league above, with boss tier weapons only barely competing with them around the +10/11 mark. How you craft Fidelity weapons will almost certainly receive an update as well. More on that once we finish updating the crafting system.

One final thing to keep in mind regarding elemental enchants, the damage bonus they provide will be of their respective element type. This means it will be subject to the target’s elemental MR, and may be reduced or amplified depending on their resistance/weakness. This makes it overall a less reliable source of damage, as it could be more or less than if it were just raw damage. Keep that in mind when evaluating any two items, in the case of the +10 Ori vs +7 Bloodletter, the ori relies on elemental damage a lot more. If the thing that player is hitting is weak to that element, it may be the better option of the two. However if they are hitting a player who has good elemental MR or a monster with the same type of element as their enchant, it is almost certainly the weaker weapon.


Our next topic is Doll enchants. Doll enchants will be sold by a vendor. Players can use these enchants to try and improve their doll. Each enchant level grants 2% weight reduction, and reaching level 6 and level 10 each grant +1 primary. The success rate starts out moderately high and scales down significantly, similar to accessory enchants. You are not intended to easily obtain a level 6 doll, and level 10 dolls are intended to be extremely rare. All dolls are obtained via a universal boss drop called a Magic Doll Contract. You can trade one of these in for a standard Monster doll, or several for a “Class” doll. The class doll combines two of the effects from the monster dolls.

We are implementing a doll enchant system because we want a way for dolls to leave the economy. We decided to offer a lower and higher tier doll so players have the choice of getting many normal dolls to try enchanting or getting just a few of the better dolls. We didn’t want the class dolls to just be monster dolls with better stats, otherwise players may feel obligated to go for them. Instead, I paired the existing doll characteristics based off how desirable I felt they were (low with high) and how thematic they were with their class. For example, the Succubus doll will give 2% spell crit, Lich doll 1SP, and Elder doll 30 mana regen ticks. The Mage doll combines the succubus doll and the elder doll, giving 2% spell crit and 30 mana regen (Not 2% spell crit and 1SP, which would definitively make buying a normal monster doll a bad idea). If you only care about the 1SP/2% spell crit, and you want to make a +6 for the +1 primary as easily as possible, you are better off buying Monster dolls to over enchant. I’ll post all the doll stats sometime down the road.


Our last topic is Accessory enchants. You all are probably very familiar with the accessory grading system. Low Grade gives mana and eventually SP, Mid grade gives health and eventually MR, and high grade gives elemental resist.  After discussing this at length, we’ve decided to change how the system works from a fundamental level. The accessory grading system has an inherent bias towards caster classes and causes weird itemization choices. We are removing accessory grades completely. Instead, there will be three different kinds of accessory enchants that will drop from bosses. These are the Core Accessory Enchant, Guardian Accessory Enchant, and Support Accessory Enchant. Below is a table with their respective scaling, the bonuses shown are the cumulative totals for each enchant level.

In general, the Core enchant replaces the low grade but instead of giving 1SP it gives 1 Primary. This makes it useful to all of the classes. Because it gives a core stat, the other bonuses the Core enchant gives are comparatively lower than the other enchant types. The Guardian enchant replaces the high grade, and gives players an excellent defensive option. The support enchant is intended to be useful for players while hunting. Keep in mind we don’t have any server wide weight limit increases, instead choosing to provide players with more weight reduction options.

It is my hope that this change gives players more options when considering gear. Players will have a path for gear improvement that doesn’t hinge on obtaining super rare items. A +10 ring of magic resist still won’t beat something like a Thebes ring, but working on obtaining your +6/10 rings will give you more goals and item progression steps between the two.

That’s all for this post. I know some of these changes are fairly significant, but they will hopefully result in a better overall long term experience for both casual and hard core players. As always, feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.




15 thoughts on “Enchanting Changes!

  1. RegressPuppy says:

    One thing on the math with the damage numbers. Ori Dagger is only +2 damage which would lower the average damage per swing by 1 on all of the ori numbers.

    I like that the Gians and Kalbas Scrolls are going to be made into something exclusive that makes them worth something and that the cdai/bdai czel/bzel combo is making its return. Going from the older clients to the newer ones and not knowing of that change really screwed us a lot lol.

    One other thing, on some of the newer clients if you were to cdai a safe +0 weapon from +6 to +5 it would have a chance to blow up. Is that going to be the case here as well?

  2. You are right about Ori, not sure how I made that mistake. General concept still applies though.

    Definitely can understand some players getting screwed over by the c/b combo being removed. It’s why we decided to bring it back, since we didn’t want someone to waste a ton of enchants trying to do it any only ever getting back to +0.

    I will have to review the code. If I recall in the past cursed enchants never failed or exploded, if they changed it we will likely change it back to what people are most familiar with.

  3. Puddles says:

    Path of Exile is like rummaging around in a bunch of Yoda code trying to figure out what it does.

    Example of Yoda code; Old Kiringku damage formula.

    Me wanna blow stuff up, stab people, and be a general onus to the monster population of Aden. Does this make me a bad person?

  4. linaddict says:

    thank you. I am not familiar with different version numbers…
    but I hope its old school, before all the mob in fields were changed, like TI, DV and skt deserts.

  5. Unfortunately Linaddict I can tell you now we are using the updated Talking Island and Ivory Tower maps. Both are substantially more difficult, with TI being a zone intended for players 50+ and IT for 60+.

    Dragon Valley Caves are a little different but not substantially so. Drakes have an updated model but the dragon valley area as a whole is similar. I believe SKT desert is also similar to live.

    If you are not interested in updated and custom content I strongly recommend you check out Lineage Resurrection. The server they run is much more similar to old live servers than what we will ultimately offer.

  6. PJ says:

    The low grade ring use to give mana and SP, the medium gave HP and MR, the high gave elemental resist and regen. i am pretty sure legends wrote the code on it back when we all played WestKnights Server. i never liked the fact a mage had to wear junk items to get good upgrades with the enchants. i am looking forward to this new enchant option. i am just hoping the enchants all drop at equal chance from the same monsters. In my past experience I have learned that the stuff good for mages couldn’t easily be hunted by mages, and knight stuff was easier for mages, Elfs needed tanks hunting There Items and so on.

  7. All the accessory enchants will drop from bosses, any boss that drops them will drop all 3 kinds in equal proportions. They are available from T1 bosses and up.

    Very few bosses on our server will be soloable, at least not for a long time. You are going to want to hunt bosses with your pledge. That said, with how many more options people have gear wise I have tried to distribute class gear as evenly as possible. Lots of bosses have expanded drop lists and items unique to them to justify killing them. Also the removal of enchants from stores means even “mundane” drops from a boss will hopefully be valuable enough to justify the effort.

  8. Keylime says:

    What you guys are doing looks fantastic! I can’t wait.

    Anything about proc weapons? I like that you have a proper elemental system in place and always wished all the proc weapons were like that.

    Pets, too. Any plans for their magic to function like that? Also: any plans for pets generally?

  9. To Keylime:

    Proc weapons will be getting their own overhaul. We are going to use the new skill system and tie it into proc weapons so that they are not all hard coded into the source. Instead a weapon with a proc will call a skill, which is just a DB entry. This will allow us to create and modify proc weapons easily, and have more unique effects since any spell/buff/debuff in the game could be used as a weapon proc. Existing proc weapons will be re-evaluated from a balance perspective. Expect the chaser mechanic from Thebes to be removed as it results in a number of bugs and oddities. Thebes will still have a proc, but it will function more like other procs. Weapon Procs will do damage representative of their element, so wearing resistance to that element will reduce the damage of those procs.

    We normalized pets on our old server, the same will be true here. We may consider giving pets elemental type differences, but in terms of raw stats / damage they are identical (so you can pick tiger or bunny or husky purely based off which one you like the look of). High Pets > Normal Pets. Pets are sold from a pet vendor, they are no longer tamed. We’ve been debating gold dragons and have not reached a conclusion regarding how we feel about them. We are also working on making sure the pet item system functions properly.

  10. Icelance says:

    Dang retired old man needs something to do ^^

    Me, I m hoping this server opens AFTER I get used to life after lin(:

    It’s been rough without Lin but I’m getting used to it, slowly and like to stay that way. (:

  11. Lechtung says:

    Hi all. This is my first comment here.

    I am very excited looking the whole process to make the new Lineage Server. You guys are doing a great work.

    I played lineage long time and from old times, when your maximum lvl was 48 and the most dangerous area was Dragon Valley (Dep Server).

    I am also programmer (25 years experience) so i think that maybe i can help you with the programming stuff. Before you ask, i don’t have experience in custom lineage servers.

    So, if you think that i can help (maybe with some utility to modify the database or similar) let me know.

    Also if i can help testing the game (client + server) will be great also.


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