Candles + Elixirs + Boss Tier…

I started to write a response to Puddles’ comment about candles, and realized it was like over 1000 words. I am just going to make my response a post instead…

There will be some sort of “candle” system that will allow you to redistribute stats and simulate level ups, but it won’t be through the in game candle of remembrance system. The in game system was created back when stat gains and caps had a major overhaul. It allowed players to simulate leveling again so that their HP/MP gains were not horribly gimped and to allow players to utilize the new 35 stat cap (remember back when the stat cap was 25?!). Unfortunately, it was a rough solution to a problem that was not well designed. Not only does it have numerous bugs, it has a lot of core design flaws that make the system a prime target for exploitation. I’m not going to get into what these are since other servers may be using unpatched systems.

We will be implementing a way to accomplish essentially the same thing, however it will probably be online as part of our account administration tools. We also plan to fold in the ability to do other things like name changes online as well. You will log into the website, select your game account and the character you want to candle, then go through the process using a simple menu that lets you set your base stats (and displays your core bonuses), proceed through your levels to add earned stats, then add elixirs at the end.

I’ll go over exactly how it works and what the costs are sometime in the future when we have a prototype system in place that I can use for visual examples.

As a bonus side note, our server has condensed all Elixirs into one item. There is now only *Elixir* and when used it prompts you for your stat choice. Elixir is still dropped extremely rarely by all DI monsters, but also drops from all bosses in the game. It starts exceedingly rare from easier bosses, and scales up exponentially in chance as bosses get more difficult. T0/T1/T2 bosses are .01/.05/.1 respectively, which covers almost all the bosses in the game outside of elites. Elixirs are completely trade-able, so players CAN sell them to each other or distribute them if a group of players gets one while killing a boss.

There is still a hard cap of 5 normal Elixirs, but one potential idea we are considering is adding a new form of special elixir. This would be an incredibly rare item from only the most ultra difficult content, and would allow a player to add to a stat beyond the normal 35 cap/5 elixir limit. It would be a way for the most end game 80+ super geared players to still progress their characters in some form. Let me know how you feel about this concept, but keep in mind it’s still very much a hypothetical idea and not a set in stone plan.

Since I mentioned it earlier, I figure I should explain our internal boss tier system a bit more. It’s just a way for use to classify them so we can help standardize their strengths and drops. Our current progression is the following…

Tier 0: Drakes/Caspa/Dark Elders – They can hurt and take a bit to kill but can be soloed by level 55+ players. Generally have faster respawn timers. I think of them as mini bosses.

Tier 1: Most bosses like Kurtz/DK/IQ… – This is by far the biggest tier, with the most internal variation. Some are weaker, some stronger, but they are all called bosses for a reason. They have a lot of HP, ok regen, and they hurt. Expect to kill them in groups of 2-4 depending on your level and gear. Very late game players will probably be able to solo these eventually. There are currently over 40 bosses in this tier, with plans to add a few more.

Tier 2: Powerful bosses like Laia/Baranka/Lich/KV/Grim… – These guys mean business. They hurt a lot, have a lot of health, regen a good bit. They drop some incredible items to make up for the challenge. It’s unlikely anyone will ever solo these bosses, but people are full of surprises.

Elite Tier 1: Intro into elites, these are more unique versions of existing T1 bosses summoned through our summon shard system. They are a big jump in durability compared to T2 bosses, having more health and introducing built in DR. They will likely feature at least one very annoying skill or ability. Expect to bring a solid and balanced group of people when you summon one. These bosses will drop their counterpart bosses items with increased frequency, as well as some unique elite only items.

Tier 3: Thebes/Varlok/Tarak/Yahee – The big bad beasts in the dark parts of the world. These guys all have a ton of hp/mr/ac and regen. They cast devastating spells and do a ton of damage. Bring a full team of 8 and a lot of CMs. These bosses drop some of the best items in the game.

Elite T2: Unique Elite versions of T2 bosses. T2 but with essentially double the HP, added DR, and an array of “make you dead” skills. Bring the whole pledge. Same loot style as T1, but with even more unique elite only stuff.

Dragons: Valakas, Antharas, Lindvior, and Fafurion. The baddest monsters you will find in the game outside of elites. They have an extreme amount of HP. They have a ton of MR. They have DR. Their spells kill you if you miss a CM. They are Dragons, so they guard many treasures including some very unique items. (if we included some new kind of super elixir, it would start around this level of content at *extremely* rare chances)

Elite T3: Unique Elite versions of T3 bosses. So your level 80 and your crack team is taking down Dragons each week on respawn. Now it’s time to try an elite T3. These guys have an incredible amount of HP, a ton of regen, a lot of DR and MR, and max AC. They will constantly use nasty aoe spells and debuffs. I expect 16-24 people working together can bring one of these down. Expect again better odds at T3 loot + some very cool / special items.

Elite Dragon: Our ultimate challenge. If you kill this, you’ve won the game. It has an ungodly amount of HP, incredible regen, insane DR, and will use every horrible skill effect I can imagine. If the whole server works together, they “might” pull it off. Chances are better they will just leave a field of corpses.

???: A hidden boss… Who he is, how you fight him, and what he drops are a mystery… The only thing certain is no matter how many people you bring it won’t be enough.

Lastly, work on my end continues. I am still working on castle dungeons and our 60+ hunting zone. IGG Orc Kent are all done (and fine places to hunt now with a quality boss to kill!), Giran Aden and Heine are on the list for this week. I hope to have all of them + the new area done by next Sunday but we will see if life allows.



27 thoughts on “Candles + Elixirs + Boss Tier…

  1. RegressPuppy says:

    Alrighty so question here on the bosses. Most servers tend to buff the everliving hell out of bosses if someone manages to kill them early/solo them without exploits. Let me bring up Grim from LoA. I was able to solo him with a de at 65 with a +10kedo using no exploits. Assuming something along those lines happen again (soloing Grim without exploits for example), will you guys leave it be or buff the hell out of him?

    The candle and elixir changes look great, a lot of the problem with candles were the exploits which forced players to have to wait for a GM to log on to candle.

    As for boss tiers, I like the way they look with the varying bosses throughout. Question on timers/doubles. Will bosses spawn in the usual 2-4 hours for mainland and 4-6 for toi, and if they are not killed by the next spawn window, will they double or will the old one be “deleted”?

    • Excellent questions, I’ll try to answer them in order.

      It is my firm belief that players finding ways to do content solo, or earlier than “intended”, is a fundamental reason they play the game. There is a level of satisfaction to be had figuring out how to defeat something on your own, or with a group smaller than intended. I do not intend to rebalance anything around these successes. There will be boss tweaks and balances during the beta, but those are far more likely to be changes that make them easier. Once we end the Beta, I don’t expect to change much of anything regarding boss balance unless it’s to make something easier that players are finding impossible. I will never buff a boss to make it harder simply because someone killed it (without exploits obviously).

      We are rewriting the code used to spawn bosses completely. The existing code is incredibly predictable, very inefficient, and makes it difficult to easily add new spawn windows. The new system will feel similar to the old one from the player’s perspective. We will keep double spawns, as I feel they are honestly a part of the feel of Lineage.

      How the new system actually works: When the server boots it will see if it has a spawn time selected for a boss. If it does, it just continues until that time then spawns him. If it doesn’t, it will randomly select a new amount of time within the bosses variance window, then set that time to trigger the spawn. When a boss spawns, it rolls immediately to calculate when the next spawn will be. If the boss is still up at that time, it sets it to double spawn and waits until the 2nd one spawns to calculate a new spawn time.

      Example: Demon – 2hr-8hr window. Server reboots at midnight. On startup it sees it is suppose to spawn a Demon at 2:35am. It waits until 2:35am, sees no Demon is up, and spawns one. It rolls a next spawn timer of 2hr 12 minutes. It calculates that to be 4:47am, and sets that as the next time to spawn. At 4:47am, the first Demon is still up. The game sees this and sets Demon to double spawn as the time to next spawn. At 7:05am, someone kills the original Demon. The game sees this, spawns a 2nd demon, and calculates a next time to spawn as being 7hr 4 minutes. The next Demon will spawn at 2:09pm.

      Some important things to take away from this system….

      First, we want it to be persistent through restarts. You won’t have every boss in the game spawn immediately just because we restarted the server. The only time the game should lack a set spawn time is when we start it for the first time after this system is implemented, or if we flush the spawn time table for whatever reason.

      Second, the timer starts when a boss SPAWNS. This means it’s possible for you to find a boss who has been alive for 3 hours, and who’s time to next spawn is coming up in 10 minutes. That boss will still respawn in 10 minutes, even though you just killed it.

      Lastly, spawn windows will have wide ranges. While we have not finalized the numbers, expect T0 bosses to be similar to what they were previously. T1 will be something like 2-6hrs, T2 4-12hrs, T3 8-24hrs, and Dragons 48-168hrs. More difficult bosses are more rare. There are a lot more bosses on our server than there are on a live like server, and we will have the summoning shard system for you to spawn them as well.

      We want boss spawns to be mostly unpredictable, while keeping the classic double spawn feel possible. Since the timer starts when a boss spawns, unless you know exactly when that was you are far less likely to be able to predict a future spawn.

  2. Puddles says:

    Everyone loves candles. Sounds like candy, so what is not to love. Fixing the bugs involved with candles is awesome. So many times you run into a candle bugged character and can tell right away because 4 days into the game they are tanking dk, and killing him, while your guild is trying to end him (the player), also. Without success. Kudos for knowing about the exploits and already have plans to combat/fix them.

    Elixirs. Nice to see they are still here, and in the old rare drop form from DI monsters. Never liked buying them in town from some NPC. Most cheaters just adena duped by selling calling flutes and bought their elixirs on the first day of server opening. Super elixirs that take you over the elixir/35 stat cap sounds like fun. But can the system handle it? Do the stat charts go far enough along to calculate what you get from it? Probably, but weird things happen when you ‘add tooooo much’.

    A single elixir type. Friggin’ classic. Falls hand in hand with the power potion. Lovely to get more item types out of the way. In Lineage you can never have enough hotkeys/inventory space/storage areas.

    Bosses, higher tier bosses, crazy bosses. Reading this made me remember the one reason not to play an elf. DR. Elf always gets slapped around by anything with even a moderate amount of DR. Seems elf is scaled down in damage because of triple. Higher rate of fire = less damage. Or is it because of hard skinned monsters making elf 1/2 damage then adding DR made the damage even worse. No clue, but I will be testing elf arrow damage a lot to see how it stacks up to say, insane critty dark elf, or even mages with affinity.

    To Rob, wasn’t the issue with Grim on LoA something to do with the bug with his 2 range hit space? As long as you stood in the right spot his melee attacks would not hit you. So, it was kind of using a bug, they just never figured it out, didn’t care, and never fixed it.

    Double boss spawns, persistent through restarts, because they “feel” right is awesome. It isnt fun to run up 10 floors to check a TOI boss, but to kill one and have another pop up right away (sometimes) makes it fun. I really dislike the way Korean Live just announces all the boss spawn times and you have at it for the next 1/2 hour. Where is the fun in hopping around on MLC 5/6/7 helping a clan member farm for immune to harm and pop in on DK while he is in a bad mood. Well, he is always in a bad mood, so not the best example. I like the extra effort to make boss spawns random.

    Fun to be had by all.

    • RegressPuppy says:

      I don’t know if it was ever a bug as it worked that way on live as well. It is possible it was which is why Grim continued to get buffed early on (I actually reported it to them that I had been taking literally 0 damage). The version on there was after like 15 buffs made to him. Even standing 2cell you can still die if you aren’t careful, in fact that is why when we were killing Grim on the korean pservers I never took as much dmg as it still works there now. That isn’t to say he is weak (we saw him nearly 1shot on immune with 3k HP) just that knowledge is power. Nothing with this is different than say using monsters to block the path of DK while you shoot him with arrows. Worked on live and continued to work on pservers.

      As to the boss timers, great! As you know, I am a big fan of bosses doubling and seeing that Myth and Legend are keeping to it, it makes me happy. Now we just have to find out if I wind up playing a DE again or not!

      Question on the Werewolf Doll to Myth/Legend: Will that proc on it work with bow or strictly melee?

      • I will say this, if you were taking low or little damage it’s likely that it wasn’t his melee attacks not hitting you. Even with the absolute max STR value, monster damage in the base code just doesn’t scale very well. A Knight Vald with 125 strength hitting a player with -80ac can be out healed with basic clears and no i2h. Any significant damage (IE damage that can kill you) was coming from a skill or ability. Where you were standing may have simply been a weird range zone for his abilities, forcing him to only use a less threatening one (or even a completely broken one, it’s possible for a skill to do 0 damage if it’s not setup right). I will be reviewing skills for every boss when the tool is done, if something is wrong with his skill table I will find it.

        We are working on adding a bit of code to change the STR thing, so that difficult bosses can actually “melee” for significant damage. We will probably add a field to the DB that gives them a “melee modifier”. Whatever number is in there will multiply that bosses melee damage. This will allow us to take a boss like AG and lower his spell damage, but make his melee attack actually hurt like a big giant should.

        Dark Elves are going to be pretty damn good again. Their 50 quest weapon will make leveling a lot easier (same for all melee classes really). Late game, the fidelity claw/edo are pretty crazy. Claws in general have been improved to bring them on par with Edos (mostly by increasing crit rate, but some damage as well).

        Fire elves I think are also going to be surprisingly good. They have much better weapon options in general. Definitely going to be a damage powerhouse.

        My dark horse pick though is probably illusionist, at least out the gate. I am honestly not super familiar with the class, so designing items for it is difficult. This is made even more difficult by the uniqueness of Kiringku’s, and the lack of diversity in the item. Very little to compare them to, unlike chain swords which are similar to 2hs/spears. Definitely going to be asking people to test them during Beta to make sure they are not too OP given the much wider range of weapons available to them. It wouldn’t surprise me if off the bat an Illu with a fidelity kiringku just stomps everyone into the ground.

        I don’t have an official answer yet for your WW doll question, but my guess would be probably. It’s something we can test during the beta to see if it’s too strong or not.

        • RegressPuppy says:

          @ Grim: I had worked with you on buffing him so he did more than 0 damage. After it was all said and done, I still had to use aclears and CMs to do it until i got higher level and my gear got better (and by better I mean non-fid endgame items). He probably could have used buffed a little more, but many people that complained about standing how you had to in order to not be 1shot (just like don’t stand in front of a dragon to avoid the cleave) are the people that will find ways to kill bosses like Mummylord solo on a level 55ish mage by having him bounce back and forth along a doorway or using dolls to bug a doorway (dismissing a doll sometimes gives monsters the illusion that the doorway is blocked and they will just stand there waiting for it to be unblocked). I think this time around it should be better as you guys have made it clear that he is to be one of the top dogs instead of just another boss.

          One thing that worries me about Dark Elf is that they might be TOO strong again. Once I finished my Red Shadow on Anarchy, nobody wanted to fight me ever because it just did too much damage coupled with Armor Break. We’re talking 3shotting a knight with 3000HP kind of damage. What will the buff durations look like for DE and the strength of Enchant Venom?

          Illu: I really like playing Illusionist so it makes me happy seeing that you guys are working on them. The biggest issue that illu has is that their weapon damage is reduced by 50% on targets over 100MR because it 1) never misses and 2) is a magical attack. They attack slow and move slowish but they make up for that with utility. Last server you guys made all stuns last like 5sec, Illu stun is supposed to be a higher success rate stun but only lasts 1 second. Confusion is a short duration silence that silences even knight skills. Phantasm puts the target to sleep til an aggressive action is taken on them or 8seconds (I think) elapses. Mind Break is trash for the most part as the delay is too long to make it a good nuke and it only burns 5mana.

          Fire Elf: Biggest thing they need is Soul of Flame to not be ungodly rare, aside from a little DR.

          Bow Elf: A fid worth using is what they need. Last server the fid bow was garbage because it couldnt be enchanted safely and was outdamaged after the removal of procs (not your doing). Also how will pets work this time around? All the same again?

          Mage: You guys still planning to do the Affinity stuff?

          Knight: Knight is always good, early game may suck because of Affinity though.

          Royal: They need their updated buffs to be really viable.

          DK: You guys still planning on making Bloodlust be a slight life steal? Also, how will you guys run the Foe Slayer Reveal stacks?

          • DE: Armor break in it’s LOA form will be gone. Instead the current plan is for it to work similar to Erase but for AC (and a set duration). It will literally lower the target’s AC by a percentage for a set amount of time. Obviously more effective vs Knights. Won’t amplify damage at all, so it won’t make Mages do more damage. Just makes that target easier to hit and lowers the DR they get from AC. It’s a pretty big nerf overall honestly but I think it needs it. Enchant Venom was overly complicated and honestly too strong. It will be simplified a lot. Power potions now give DE’s the movement speed from Moving Accel. The Moving Accel spell will be reworked to do something else. Buffs for DE in general will likely be between 10-30 minutes.

            Illu: Illu currently get brave move speed from power potions. Do you feel they could use either wafer or brave attack speed as well to be viable? Stuns in general will be a topic for later when we have time to visit them for balancing. All their other abilities will be fully functional at Beta, we can adjust their strength if we find people feel they need it. Having late game weapons beyond Sapphire Kiringku will go a long way though.

            Fire Elf: Soul of Flame currently drops from 7 different T1 bosses at .75% and 2 different T2 bosses at 2%. It will be rare enough to have value, but still obtainable.

            Bow Elf: The overhaul of the proc system will help this a lot. It will allow us to have both int and dex based procs (balanced appropriately). Dex elves should do more damage than Int, it’s just a matter of crunching numbers and making adjustments.

            Mage: Yes. The numbers part of it are not finalized, but the system itself will be implemented in some form.

            Knight: Knights have access to many better resistance style items, and will have easier access to CB. Solid Carriage is getting a complete overhaul, it will be a tanking style skill.

            Royal: Royals will benefit from having many powerful royal only items. We are considering tweaking some of their skills as well. Royals also bring a unique XP bonus to parties.

            DK: Yes. I don’t think we have a final answer on that, but I would like to make foe slayer work in all polys. DK’s also benefit greatly from having significantly more chain sword options.

            • RegressPuppy says:

              Sounds good on most of those. The one thing that intrigues me is the change to Armor Break, I think it came out in 3.63 but I might be mistaken and it came out in 3.80 instead. If it came out in 3.63 it should function properly as it does on live (dmg increase). This is another one of those things that I can’t really give an opinion on until I have seen it in action.

              As for Illu, I think it would be best to see where they are at before making any changes. At most I would say wafer speed for swinging as brave speed with Illu would be insane. To see brave speed on illu, just hop on Lineage Epoch and buy dragon bloods.

              On the note of Dragon Bloods, I hope you guys never do a Chocolate Cake/Dragon Blood event. The 3rd stage acceleration of those breaks game balance entirely (One of the GMs on Anarchy buffed the dragons to regen every second instead of 5 because I was able to solo dps them down and was killing them as just me and a mage).

              • Armor break, and all the level 80 skills, are not in the base game client we are using. We created it by converting Final Burn to it, but without all the other 80 skills for other classes it just is too strong. I think the replacement skill will fit a better role and overall put them in a good place.

                That was my thought for Illu when Legends and I were discussing it. There are going to be a LOT of balance changes during the beta so we will see how things flush out.

                I don’t think we will ever see an event that gives everyone brave effect. I remember a holiday event on live where players got these consumable coins. One gave Brave speed, the other instantly restored like 250 mana. Those two things combined to allow mages to solo basically every boss in the game. Waaaay too op.

    • The biggest issue elves faced was the fact that they inherently did half damage to any monster that was “hard skinned”. This makes additional DR significantly more effective against them. If an elf shoots for 40 damage an arrow, and a knight swings for 40 damage a hit, both attack a hard skinned dragon with 10DR. The knight does 30 dmg a hit (40-10), while the elf only does 10 (40/2 – 10).

      We eliminated the hard skin mechanic completely (all it did was force melee players to carry whetstones, which were less of a challenge and more of an annoyance). How this affects elves fully is yet to be determined, but most likely there will be either no “ranged penalty” to damage or it will be a hard coded percentage that affects only bosses and is somewhere in the 15-25% range. It’s something we will definitely need to test and flush out during the beta.

      In my honest opinion though, I don’t think elves need a damage nerf when it comes to “hard skinned” monsters. The old system just forced elves into INT builds to circumvent the issue with proc weapons. Ranged weapons typically do less damage anyway due to their reliance on arrows for the core of their damage. Bosses in general are all tanky enough that I am not really concerned about elves doing “too much” damage to them, especially beyond T1.

  3. Kersleaf says:

    Glad to hear that DR is being changed for elves. i prefer playing elf and this is good news for me and others like me who like to play elf. Lot of information here to process.

      • A bit of info as to how this works. When you use a power potion, it first looks at your class. If you are a knight or a royal you get brave, if you are a mage you get wisdom, and so on… However if you are an Elf, it also checks what your “primary” stat is. If Str > Int or Dex, you will get brave effect. Otherwise you get wafer.

        • This is probably a full post topic, but the TL/DR is we know there are skills like SoF or CB that really make or break a class. I am a firm believer in balancing around a completed class, and having all your skills is mandatory for that. So in general, all the skills in the game will be easier to obtain than they are on some servers. This isn’t to say there won’t still be “rare” skills, but all of them will drop from multiple sources and be something that the average player can obtain either themselves or by purchasing from other people. There won’t be the scenario where only Varlok drops CB .2% of the time, so only 5% of the knights on the server have it.

          On a related note, many skills are sold in shops. If your character could learn it before level 40, chances are it’s now sold in a shop and NO LONGER drops from monsters. Mage books level 1-7 are all sold in a shop. Level 8 and above have to be obtained naturally. This change dramatically reduces clutter and makes it very easy to know if a spell item is valuable if you are not familiar with the class it is for. I’ll do a full post with details on this later.

  4. Puddles says:

    All this discussion is bringing me to remember the most annoying commercial of all time, and its not Chuck Testa… Its the Cash Now ones… Lets apply it to this server, “I want it NOW!”

    Trying to search interwebs for lineage server being played on a cloud from a closet. Adding in, smartest man alive, to the query… nothing… including power potion… still clicking… the madness is overcoming me. I need to set up a program/hack that will make launchers for every ip in the known world, let include the moon, too, that will look for lineage servers. Kinda like Ferris Bueller did in war games when he was looking for gaming computers. Need to study up on Stephen Falken so figure out the backdoor code to get in. I will prepare!

    Need more vacation until the server comes up.

  5. RegressPuppy says:

    Another question I have is what are your plans in terms of accounts per IP/Computer? Most servers now are doing 2 per IP/PC but on the previous one you guys had it set up where we could run multiple (allowed me later on to run like 6 clients at once to buff myself with different class buffs).

    Also Karma: How is it going to be split? Last hit, even split? Will summons/pets give the owner the karma?

    And 1 final one for now: I think it was around 3.63 that the buffer NPC was introduced. He gives Str/Dex/Bwep for 1,000 adena now, but earlier iterations had 2 buff choices, Melee and Ranged, that gave you either Fire Weapon or Wind Shot. Are there any plans to have a buff npc in towns that will give just Str/Dex/Bwep?

    • The IP question I don’t have an answer for you. Legends and I will need to discuss this.

      Karma will be like XP. Players will earn it equally from monsters they kill (Just like how XP is not split, but earned equally). This means group hunting Karma is faster than hunting solo, since you earn the same amount per kill but kill more things. Just like with XP, we want to encourage players to hunt together. XP rates actually increase when you group hunt, although Karma rates will probably be static.

      The Karma value of monsters is significantly increased, while the return from “stones” is lowered. This means a majority of your karma will come from hunting, not from gathering stones. If we ever do a “Karma” event, it will increases the karma value of the monsters but not the stones. There will never be a scenario where people are encouraged to “stockpile” all their stones waiting for a double karma event.

      As for buff NPCS, we probably won’t have any in town NPCS. STR/DEX/Enchant scrolls will probably be sold in a shop for a modest amount, and the helms of magic will be removed. This allows players to still access those buffs, but without the hassle of changing armor or being force to return to town. Castles will have buff npcs who provide the owners more desirable buffs, like elf buffs or possibly custom ones, with very long durations.

  6. Puddles says:

    If you are watching the above youtube video, make sure you speed it up to at least 2x. Just click on the settings on the bottom right, speed, 2x.

  7. JPShroud says:

    Reading through all that was interesting. I love all the info you guys are giving out.

    If what Myth said with the Royals turns out to make them decent and at least partially viable, I will most likely be playing one. Between Royal and Fire Elf are my two faves.

    I do have a question, pertaining to something slightly off the topic of what has been going around though. I know that on most servers (live included) in order to have a royal, and have characters on the same account players needed to have someone create another royal and join their own characters in that way.

    Willl there be any changes to this Possibly scrolls that add the character to a BP if there is a royal on that account? or possibly switch to the “Teleport to BP Member” Spell that would allow the royal to “write” “Scrolls of Invitation”?

    All in all I cannot wait until this is up and running, and I appreciate all the work you all are putting into it.


  8. GMLegends says:

    Joining your own pledge. Yeah, was always silly that you had to jump through hoops to do so. I will make it so you can join your own pledge from either the website or a simple -join nameofroyal and as long as the royal is on your account it will add you to the pledge.

    Simple issue to fix 🙂

  9. Boom says:

    Any plans for noob protection or a noob safety hunting ground? Nothing worse than joining a server a year late and everywhere you go is a 70+ who see’s a free kill to pad their numbers.

  10. There are two fully level gated zones. Newb TOS/Desire caves are for players 45-52, and the Proving Grounds are for players 50-59. These zones are intended to be places where players can level up to 60 without worrying about high level players preying on them.

    At 60, your character IMO is leveled enough to no longer need the protection. There is a 60+ hunting zone, a 70+ hunting zone, and a 75+ group hunting zone that should all be done before Beta. These are level gated to provide reward for leveling and to further encourage higher level players to leave easier content to newbies.

    All of the castle dungeons are in the process of being revamped. They are all good places to hunt, but due to them having bosses they will not be level gated and you can expect higher level players to pass through them to hunt their boss (also they may just hunt there).

  11. Peashooter says:

    So i Just found this Blog and i gotta say I’m loving every word I’ve read every post up till now, 😀 😀

    I Loved LoA (Peashooter).

    But i had a thought is that ??? boss Girtas by chance. because i would love to be able to finally beat his ass legitimately, even tho i know by design he was supposed to be un-defeat able. ^^

    • No, Girtas as well at the Tikal Snakes are just too buggy to be worth trying to fix. Something about the “fixed” location bosses just doesn’t work right.

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