Brief Update

Happy New Year!

This is going to be a very quick update for me. 2017 ended in similar fashion to the rest of the year, a complete disaster. A week before Christmas my fiancee was in a car wreck. She is ok but her car was totaled. That same day my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two days after that, I was rear ended by a pickup truck on a freeway off ramp. I am ok, but my car was damaged. So mostly I’ve been dealing with getting my car repaired, buying a new car with my fiancee, and helping my mother. I have not touched anything lineage related in about three weeks as a result.

We’ve bought my fiancee a new car, my car is now getting repairs underway (I’m in a rental), and my mother had surgery last Friday. The surgery went well and we will find out more later this week. Hopefully now that things are getting resolved I’ll find some time to get back to working on stuff, although our wedding planning/prep is starting to ramp up and will certainly eat into my free time.

Hope everyone has an amazing 2018!



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