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Since people seem to be reading this now I figured I’d give you a few actual pictures to look at! Here is a quick peek at something we are very excited about, and some of the applications for it. We are now able to create and use HTML text windows in game. This means we can create new menus and displays, as well as edit existing ones. Below are some examples of this concept in action!


This picture shows the new -warp menu. While -warp 1-9 will still work in a pinch, you can also just type -warp to get this handy interactive menu!



This is the result of typing in “-who”. It’s a work in progress, so the data displayed will probably change. It does allow you to quickly see everyone who is online at any time though!



This last set of photos shows the Ring of Summon Control menu, with a new addition at the bottom! Level, type, etc are all just place holders so don’t read into those too much. A full post about these changes will be made sometime down the road when they are both finalized and completely implemented. The picture below shows what happens when you click Death Knight!



Hopefully if you are reading this you are as excited as we are about this project. Please keep in mind though that we have a long way to go before anything is playable, since we can only work on this in our spare time. I am going to try to do mini status update posts each Monday, and pepper in some more in depth posts every few weeks. Feel free to follow along or leave comments!


3 thoughts on “Bonus Post!

  1. Ron says:

    This game is a great childhood memorie I was hardcore till ncsoft pulled plug please give me info if their is a way of playing this again. One of the best games of all times.

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