Bonus Post: MR and Elemental MR Changes

I alluded to some MR and Elemental MR changes in one of my comment replies the other day. I’m going to explain what changes were made, and some of the feature changes that go with them. First I want to go into how the code worked previously, and why we are making some of these changes.

In the code previously MR had a break point at 100. Below 100 MR, you had an increasing % chance to reduce incoming magic damage by half. After 100MR, that chance became 100%. This was not a linear progression, so 99 vs 100MR had a significant difference in the amount of damage you typically took. This made optimizing yourself to ALWAYS have 100MR extremely important.

What we have done is made MR give a direct amount of magic damage reduction percentage per point. The values have increasing diminishing returns past 100MR. The current values are broken down below…

1-100 = .5% reduction per point

101-125 = .25% reduction per point

126-150= .125% reduction per point

151+ = .1 reduction per point

Here are some examples of how much reduction a character will get based on the formula.

100MR Character = 100*.5 = 50% reduction

70MR Character = 70*.5 = 35% reduction

120MR Character = 100*.5 + 20*.25 = 55% reduction

200MR Character = 100*.5 + 25*.25 + 25*.125 + 50*.1 = 64.375% reduction


Essentially the overall damage reduction at 100MR is identical to the old system. Players below 100MR won’t be punished as harshly as they were previously. People who choose to go for more MR beyond 100 will still find some reward for it, but not so much that they ever eliminate all magic damage.


Now on to elemental MR. The old system failed to utilize elemental MR in a lot of ways. How it will work now is the same as how MR will work, with two exceptions. You gain no benefit for going beyond 100 element resist (50% damage reduction for that element), and you can go into the negatives for an element resistance, which increases damage taken. This is especially important because monsters that are weak or strong vs an element will have elemental MR values. If they are weak to it, it will be a negative value. Players hit with Elemental Falldown may find they are taking increased damage from that element if it puts them in the negatives.


To go along with these changes, we are working on implementing an entirely new system for magic users. Mages (and maybe Illu) will be able to select an “Elemental Affinity” similar to how elves select a spirit line. This won’t affect their ability to access any spells, but it will change the underlying damage type distribution for spells of that element. By default, any direct damaging spell with an element type will be split 25% element 75% magic. If you use a spell aligned with your affinity, that breakdown changes to 50% element 50% magic. Spells with no element will gain a portion of that element as damage.

For example:

No Affinity Mage Spells:

Sunburst (25% Fire 75% Magic)

Eruption (25% Earth 75% Magic)

Cone of Cold (25% Water 75% Magic)

Firestorm (25% Fire 75% Magic)

Destroy (25% Pure 75% Magic)


Fire Affinity Mage Spells:

Sunburst (50% Fire 50% Magic)

Eruption (25% Earth 75% Magic)

Cone of Cold (25% Water 75% Magic)

Fire Storm (50% Fire 50% Magic)

Destroy (25% Fire 25% Pure 50% Magic)


Water Affinity Mage Spells:

Sunburst (25% Fire 75% Magic)

Eruption (25% Earth 75% Magic)

Cone of Cold (50% Water 50% Magic)

Fire Storm (25% Fire 75% Magic)

Destroy (25% Water 25% Pure 50% Magic)


Ultimately this allows Mages to commit to using a certain type of spell to reduce the overall impact of magic resistance on them. It isn’t a direct increase in damage, but instead a change to the damage distribution. Diversifying damage sources allows for a greater variability in builds and an increased importance in balanced stat distributions. Our end goal is that players will be encouraged to utilize a mixture of resistances and attacks to try to gain an advantage over one another. A pledge may decide to have a mix of mage affinities to combo with the different elf types and force an opponent to use different resistances. If they stack Earth Resist to try to avoid Ebind, they may open themselves up to a water elf’s elemental falldown + water mage COC. Elves will also be affected by this change, with their spirit line translating into some elemental damage conversion for things like triple arrow (as well as obvious things like Wind/Fire buffs). Overall expect elemental resistances to matter a good bit more than they did previously across the board.

All of the numbers that were used in this post are subject to change/balance. This will be a system overhaul that will require a lot of tweaking/testing during the Beta to get it right. Please let us know what you think about the overall change, and if you  have any suggestions to improve it, in the comments section for this post!




20 thoughts on “Bonus Post: MR and Elemental MR Changes

  1. Puddles says:

    I smell an influx of fire affinity. But sounds like fun. Depends on what it takes to change an affinity, cost, time limit, etc. But as far as I remember, fire does the most damage, and will continue to do so.

    • GMLegends says:

      Keep in mind, with the changes to elemental damage\reductions. Spells and monsters will be balanced\brought in line to reflect those changes.

    • Sunburst, Cone of Cold, and Eruption will be made closer in terms of overall DPS. They do each have some slight advantages over one another that we need to take into account for, but expect all 3 to be viable.

      It will likely require speaking to an NPC and paying a fee to change your affinity. The fee won’t be so insignificant that you change on a whim, but not so steep that you feel you can’t change at all. It’s possible we will make the process more complicated in the future, but to start with expect something like that.

      • RegressPuppy says:

        What about maybe the npc takes something like Mark of Water Affinity that drops off of every water monster at varying degrees if a droprate or off of water based bosses.

        Amounts needed and rarity of course would be up to you guys but i think with them being rare would be a good idea since you probably won’t want people stockpiling them.

  2. Kersleaf says:

    This is sounding really good. Hoping for lots of differant lvling areas so i have a choice of places to lvl at instead of the same old one all the time.

    Really looking forward to the testing phase and helping iron out the bugs.

    • There are definitely more places to level. Talking Island is no longer a newbie zone, with totally new monsters (and two new bosses) and an updated look. I’ve been working on adding drops / tweaking monster balance there a lot lately.

      Ivory Tower is also totally revamped. It’s full of demons and crazed wizards. It’s definitely intended for a much higher level of players than the old IT.

      I’ve also been spending some time tweaking other existing zones to improve them. Things like changes to monster xp/health, drops, or adding additional spawns. The ultimate goal is to revitalize the places that are cool and unique, but never saw any use due to poor balance. Castle dungeons are the best example of this (has anyone EVER hunting IGG dungeon?!).

      We also hope to have at least one or two more custom areas added by the time we go to Beta, although they won’t be in the Alpha. Beta is where we will gather a good amount of data on rate of xp / wealth so we can balance the zones properly. I do my best to evaluate things and balance appropriately, but I’m not perfect and I know things will need adjusting.

  3. Kersleaf says:

    Sounds awesome. right now i am playing on KoD server and the only place worth lvling is in giran prison and that has a three hour timer on it a day. Good to hear your thinking of this and working on new places for us to explore also.

    Looking forward to seeing this server. 🙂

  4. Phyz says:

    Oh may be a repeat i would like to sign up for alpha or beta testing. If you could send me info when its ready thanks

  5. Crank says:

    Just a quick question, doesn’t have much to do with this exact post. Will the Knight be a viable character to play in PvE on this server, or will it just be a second fiddle to the DE? Is there any way to add a threat generation skill? So the Knight can actually be a tank? Based on what I’ve seen in this blog it makes me very excited to see the final product. You two gentlemen have been working hard to produce a top grade private server. Your passion for the game has not been seen in years! I look forward to starting another Knight but I wont if it’s a waste of time like most servers.

    • I absolutely believe knights will be viable characters for PVE. Bosses in general are a lot stronger than other private servers, requiring group efforts to kill many of them. With the addition of elites, having a durable tank character will be almost a necessity for some encounters.

      Solid Carriage is also getting a rework, where it will allow a knight using a shield to sacrifice some percentage of their damage (amount to be determined) in exchange for a significant percentage of damage reduction (also to be determined). This is a skill that will require a lot of testing/balancing, so I don’t have concrete numbers to give yet. Needless to say it is intended to make Knights actually able to be tanks for extremely high damage content.

      In PVP knights still have a major role with stuns / counter barrier. One of our goals regarding skill balance is to avoid the CB situation you see on other private servers, where it is incredibly rare but also drastically changes the class balance once obtained. While there will still be “rare” skills on our server, they will all be obtainable from multiple sources and not quite as rare as actual weapons/armor. It’s far too difficult to balance pvp/end game content without being able to assume most people have acquired all their skills by level 70-75.

      At some point, likely after Alpha, we will have to post a complied skill change list with before/after numbers. Many skills in game have planned balance changes that are worked out but not yet added to the game (because we switched clients). Other skills are going through complete reworks (like elf summons!)

      As a side note, I am getting over a cold right now (ugh…) and starting next week I am on vacation (camping!) for about a week. I’ll be leaving you all in Legend’s capable hands!

  6. Kersleaf says:

    This all sounds promising and about what i expected from what i have read on this blog so far.

    On a side note i hope you all will make connecting to your server an easy process. I tried checking out lin universe and trying to install and connect is a nightmare. They require me to use non unicode korean to install and i don’t want to do that. I hope this won’t be a requirement to install your server.

    • You will download the client in a zip file. Unzip and it will be ready to go. Inside is a login.exe file, that opens our launcher. The launcher has info on the current server rates + if it’s up or not. Legends also made a patching utility that is really awesome in case we ever update HTML files client side (sprites / icons etc). You just run it, it verifies the date on your files and syncs if needed.

      Overall it should be a very easy process. And for the record I am running it on Windows 7 and Legends is running it on Windows 10, so both are working currently.

  7. Metis says:

    So is there any info on items that will assist lets say knights in MR or just items in general.. realy i am trying to figure what type of toon to play … We are counting the seconds till this server opens , we have beta tested many servers over the years including US beta…. so we are eagerly waiting for this server…

    • There are a ton of item changes when compared to vanilla lineage. Many “rare” items from difficult bosses had horrible stats. This lead to things like people using ancient armors almost indefinitely, with a few classes having a better option much later (magical dragon armor for example).

      Any armor related to a boss has typically been improved. Armor of Baphomet, Baranka stuff, Laia robe, Tarak items etc. Other items like Crystal Plate Mail / Crystal Gloves have also been changed to give scaling ele resist. Overall we want players to feel like they have options when choosing how to progress their characters. By giving people a wide variety of armors, each with their own advantages, we hope to accomplish this.

      If we have time to throw one together we may post a lookup tool at some point so you can see what’s currently in the DB. It’s not a major priority atm though.

  8. Puddles says:

    Any chance of lessening the impact of immune to harm? I cannot remember a single skill that entered a long standing game that had THAT much impact on every aspect of the game, including, pve, pvp, siege, standing in town, brothel (avoiding stds), just everything. I2H is just way way way to op for just 1 class to lord over all with it. I remember the game before I2H. It was a simpler life. More fun. Less catering to the typical grumpy mage that wants to charge you per every I2H he casts. Or waiting for one to log on to do any boss runs.

    • One of the earlier blog posts talked a little about the idea of having some sort of immune to harm “scroll”. There is actually a sprite for the item in game already. He have been debating on if they should be implemented or not, but likely you will see them in beta for testing purposes. You are correct in that the game essentially has been balanced around i2h, and being without it makes a lot of content almost impossible. That said, we don’t want to trivialize the spell so much that everyone can roll around with i2h all the time at zero cost.

      If we do keep scrolls around, we will probably price them in such a way that casual use is not very economically feasible. They would not be for someone to keep i2h on all the time during a siege. Instead they would be something you use when you find a very hard boss but no mages are around, or you are working on clearing a really tough elite/dragon and you need your mages to be doing other things besides immune-ing the party.

      • RegressPuppy says:

        Live servers now have it scaling with level to pretty much give an incentive to level. It is still 50% on self but goes as low as 10% on other people. When i get home ill link the spell as it is on live.

  9. Puddles says:

    Sounds like fun, the immune scrolls, and Regress’ idea about making them level based and less expensive. Like, a level 50 guy gets 10% immune, 60 gets 20%, and so on. I don’t want to be forced to play a mage because I have the most time to play the game. But, good work, can’t wait, and hopefully soon we get some looks at how it all works.

    The struggle is real.

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