Bonus Post!

Some of the progress Legends made yesterday was too exciting not to share. We currently run off the 3.52 client which is stable and has a lot of newer features like the new UI and minimap. However we also have some more recent versions of the game available. These are for the most part non-functioning and would require an enormous amount of work to try to make them work. It isn’t really what we want to spend our time on, however the newer clients do offer us something useful. Legends managed to pull out all the icon/ground sprite files from the newer client and import it into our existing one. This means hundreds¬†of new icons/sprites we can use to make new unique looking items! Below is a short gif of us testing this in game by cloning an item and changing its sprite to one of the new ones.






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    Sorry about the comment going away! I had to rebuild the post after a mishap while I was updating some blog info.

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