Back to work! Some Info about Bosses

The wedding is over! I am now officially married. Now that that’s done I can get back to working on Lineage stuff! Today I want to talk a little bit about bosses, specifically how many there are and how available they will be. A lot of this ties into changes to the spawn system, which I believe we covered in an older post but I will refresh here as well.


First off, I’ve spent a lot of time creating new items and updating boss drop lists to create a much wider array of bosses worth killing. It’s been a lot of work balancing and tweaking these to make them consistent across the board. Originally there were quite a few bosses who nobody ever really touched because they just didn’t drop anything worth the effort. Almost all of these have been re-balanced. Here is a current look at all of our bosses, based off boss tier (covered in an older post), with some info about what they drop that makes them worth killing.

Tier 0: They pretty much all can drop enchants, but are not guaranteed to every time. .01% chance at elixirs from some of them.

Caroak (New boss in start zone, for newbies to kill and maybe get an early boost)

Crocodile (good for some stuff lower level players may craft)

Team Caspa (all of them can drop enchants, gems, and mage stuff like Mana Crystal Ball [Old level 50 quest reward, now a drop] plus their hats [Some of which were buffed])

Ifrit (Pretty similar, except fiery coals were added and a lot of junk was removed)

Drakes (Mostly the same, although they drop a lot more Drake Meat and less junk)

Mambo Rabbit [New] (This mambo  has a blue vest, he was previously an unused model. Will spawn somewhere on PI. Same drop list as the other mambo)

Mambo Rabbit Pirate [Formerly the purple mambo] (Pirate since it’s Pirate Island and he has an eye patch. He was renamed because we wanted every monster to have a unique name. Drop list has been tweaked, good source of gems)

Mambo Rabbit Carrot Lord [Formerly orange mambo] (Hits you with a big carrot, a good bit stronger than his mambo brothers. Drops better as a result)

Doppelganger Boss (His rings/amulet are in the process of a rework. Drops SB Poly more frequently)

Lasta Squad Captains (All of these guys will have updated drops worthy of a miniboss. They will also give a good chunk of XP. This should make them worth killing while you hunt there)

Necromancer (Beefed up version of team caspa, drops a variety of their stuff)

Dark Elder (Now drops enchants and other consumables in addition to his items)

Seer (Lost a lof of junk, gained some better items. rare source for AB, drops Eyes of the Seer [upgraded manaball], and very rare source of COI)

Greater Minotaur (Drops all of the FI stuff, Dark Elf set pieces, and Guarder of Might [WR guarder])

Alter Ego of Hardin (New boss that spawns in the new IT, he’s fairly strong and drops rare spells. Probably the strongest T0 boss)


T1: You can expect some enchants every kill. Many of these bosses have a rare chance of dropping a very good item. Most drop doll tokens, all of them drop elixirs at .05%.

Kurtz (Removed junks, lowered blessed scroll drop rate, increased set piece drop rate a bit, drops guarder of might, kxbow, and sword of kurtz)

Baphomet (Lots of junk removed from his drop list, Armor and Staff of Bapho were both reworked a bit. His area is much harder, as all of TI was redesigned in this client)

Beleth (Same as Bapho)

Vampire (Very rare source of COI, also drops Water Cloak and Advance Spirit)

Kapu (Source of rare elf water spells)

Great King Squid [New-ish] (This guy may be relocated to abyss lake. Fairly standard drop list, may drop rare elf or knight skills)

Giant Worm (Enchants, Spells, and Spirit Crystals mostly)

Diamond Golem of Maino Shaman [IGG boss 1] (AB, Kedo, Kclaw, and Destroy are his best drops. His map is a good hunting ground for rough metals)

Ancient Giant (Titan belt, AG ring, and Maphrs Retribution are his best drops)

Barbados (Bori, Advance Spirit, and Shield of Eva [reworked, much better] are his best drops)

White Mane [New werewolf boss on northern TI] (Currently no unique items yet, but still a solid value drop list. Belonged to Gereng before TI was overrun)

Broodmother Araxsis [New spider boss on southern TI] (Similar as White Mane)

Dwalin the Exiled [New dwarf boss on central TI] (Similar to White Mane)

Mork the Mystic [New orc boss on western TI] (Similar to White Mane)

Zombie Lord (Not much change except Guarder of Might was added to his drop list)

Alpha Predator [Still the boss of the Proving Grounds, a level gated zone for 50-60] (Drops a lot of random items rarely)

Death Knight (Armor set now all drops from him, rates adjusted to not be quite as rare. Drop list had a lot of junk removed. Best items are his sword, paagrio’s hatred, edo of Ronde, and COI)

Phoenix (Junks removed, can drop MS, Soul of Flame, Guarder of might, Kxbow, Paag’s Hatred, and unique to PHX a new belt called Ignis Soul Belt)

Cougar (Mostly unchanged)

Aaarrrggg… [Kent Dungeon Boss] (Now drops various mid tier items, many silver items, and a new unique boss tier axe called Infinity Edge)

Spirit [Orc Dungeon Boss 1] (Drop list completely rebuilt. Rare items are Spirit Defender, a weapon that will proc an AC/DR buff, and Shield of Elven Legacy, an extremely powerful elf only shield)

Maino Shaman [IGG boss 2, Savage Lands] (His zone was rebuilt and is now teeming with Mainos.  He is unique in that he drops all the element cloaks, as well as kclaw, titan belt, and AB)

Count Taros [Giran boss 1] (Drops dragon slayers, kedo, shield of eva. Also drops Diamond of Taros, needed to craft the Shiny Ancient Amulet, and Shield of Legend which is an extremely powerful royal only shield)

Mammon [Giran boss 2] (Drops various spells, his best item is the Spell Pouch of the Sage, a powerful belt for mage/illu/elf)

Ice Demon (Staff of Demon, Claw of Hate (reworked), Blade of Revenge are all rare drops, and unique to him he drops the Aqua Soul Belt)

Orcin the Crusher [Orc Dungeon Boss 2] (A giant orc, drops similar to ancient giant)

Giant Ant Queen (No longer drops DK boots. Possibly one of the most rewarding bosses, Drops 5 different items unique to her. Terra soul belt, Sword of The Ancient Elves [Reworked, boss tier sword for fire elves], Bow of the Ancient Elves [Reworked, boss tier non-proc bow for dex elves], Silver and Golden Wing of the Giant Ant Queen. I may relocate the sword/bow to a new boss to spread out these items.)

Mummy Lord (Mostly unchanged, Crown of the Mummy Lord is a powerful royal only helm)

Iris (Drops Chain Sword of Cruel Temptation, a boss tier weapon for Dragon Knights, and Amulet of Iris)

Abyss Master (Meteor, KClaw, Bori, and Soul of Flame are his best items)

Ken Rauhel (Drop list updated a lot. Now has Dragon Slayer, Kedo, Shield of Eva, Titan Belt, and two unique items: Guarder of Physical Perfection and Sword of the True King. Guarder is all classes, sword is Royal only)

Cerenis (Drops many rare spells, including Destroy, as well as COI, plus Spell Blade of the Magi, a powerful mage sword with mana stealing properties)

Supreme Court Justices (These guys are all getting a rework, as the crafting process for Fidelity is being overhauled)

Ice Queen [Strongest T1 boss] (Drops some rare spells, like AB and Destroy. Also drops Shield of Eva and COI. Drops her staff, dress, and sandals. Drops a unique Kiringku called “Kiringku of Silver Ice”)


T2: These guys drop a healthy amount of enchants each kill. They drop a lot of mid tier items (Crystal Gloves and such) frequently. Even without a rare drop, these guys should always feel rewarding to kill, but their rare items are all very good, some best in slot. Elixirs here are .1%

Knight Vald (Best items are KV Sword, a knight only boss tier 2hs, and Counter Barrier, plus his charm for 80F)

Demon King [Formerly Demon, Ivory Tower is vastly reworked and much harder] (Staff of Demon, Claw of Hate, Paagrios hatred, COI are his best items)

Chaos (Claw, Cloak, Emblem, Helm, and Finger of Chaos are his unique items. All are bone, safe to +0. Many scale well with over enchanting for the brave souls willing to try)

Lich (Lich robe is his best item, but 90F charm, guarders, COI, and rare spells also drop)

Archon of Souls [New, Boss 1 of undead lvl 60+ zone] (Similar to Lich, except he doesn’t drop Lich Robe. Instead he drops “Tome of Dark Magic” which is an extremely powerful mage/Illu shield)

The Harvester [New, Boss 2 of undead lvl 60+ zone] (Similar to grim. Drops CB and COI)

Grim Reaper (Destroy, COI, BKedo, 100F Charm, plus two unique items, Soul Guarder and Hand of the Reaper)

Kurama [New fox boss in eastern spirit area] (Drops Crown of Vines, a unique Elf/DE dex helmet)

Assassin King Salazar [Lasta Basement Boss] (Drops Belt of Darkness (Reworked/Buffed), COI, and three unique items: Rain of Blades [Boss tier gauntlet], Bloodletter [Knight only boss tier dagger], and Guarder of Assassination)

Dread King Baranka [Lasta 1f Boss] (Drops Claw [Boss tier claw], Helmet, Armor, Gloves, Boots, and Ring of Baranka [1 primary 2DR all classes]. His armors focus on high +str)

Dread Queen Laia [Lasta 2f Boss] (Drops Destroy, COI, as well as Wand, Robe, Necklace, Ring, Tiara, and Glass Slippers of Laia. Wand is a hybrid of Demon staff and Csom (4SP instead of 5, but gives regen). Her items focus on high +SP/Int)

Arcane King Hellvine [Lasta 3f Boss] (Best item is Slave of the Arcane King, a boss tier Kiringku. Other items of his are currently being considered for reworks)


Elite T1: A full compliment of enchants guaranteed every kill. These guys will have a variety of items split through their drop lists from bosses in T1, not just the items their counterpart had. All of them have a rare chance to drop endless haste, mana, and lesser healing potions. Elixirs here are .5%

Korgoth, The King’s Knight [Kurtz]

Kathos, The Bull [Maino Shaman]

Scorch [Phoenix]

The Red Queen [Ant Queen]

Amenhotep [Mummy Lord]

The Fallen [Aaarrrggghhh…]

Galahad, The Golden Knight [Count Taros]

Elizabeth Corvantes [Iris]

Vladimir Corvantes [Vampire]

Mab, Queen of Fae [Ice Queen]


T3: These are some of our hardest bosses. From here on you will start seeing Mythic/Legendary enchants [work like normal but with slightly higher success rates]. I’m going to stop listing things like Destroy/COI/CB as lots of these guys drop them, instead just listing items that are unique to them. Also, many of these were Karma bosses with key requirements. Those will be removed and there won’t be a buff required to fight them, these bosses are open and available for all. Elixirs here drop at 1%. Titan Souls, a crafting component for Fidelity, start dropping at this level. One thing to note, they do not drop Endless Potions like the elites below them, those are elite only.

Avatar of Death [Formerly Death] (Drops Cloak, Armor, Scale, and Shield of Death. All are safe to +0. Shield is Knight only. Armor is everyone but Mage/Illu. Cloak and Scale are all classes. Cloak specifically scales incredibly well with over enchanting)

Tarak (Taraks Robe, Gloves, Boots, and Cloak. Robe is Mage/Illu only. Boots are Mage/Illu/Elf. Gloves are everyone BUT Mage/Illu. Cloak is all classes. All are safe to +4)

Varlok (His weapon is craftable via his parts, eventually becomes a 2hs with MS effect. Also drops Varloks Blood Colored Cloak, a COI that gives MR and some stun resist)

Yahee (Drops pieces of the Yahee set (.1% each). Alone they do basically nothing, but combined they are the most powerful armor set in the game)

Thebes Horus/Anubis (They drop Belt of Thebes Osiris, ring of Thebes Osiris, and Ring of Thebes Anubis. Belt was buffed considerably for all classes)


Elite T2: All of these have a very low chance of dropping a WIDE variety of items from lower tier bosses. The chances are low to compensate for the sheer volume of possibilities. Mythic/Legendary scrolls become more common. Elixirs here are now 2.5%. Endless Healing Potions now drop, and previous endless potions drop more commonly. A unique Genie Lamp also drops at this tier, which summons a vendor to your location who sells supplies (at slightly inflated prices) and buys junk. The vendor disappears after a set amount of time and the item has a cooldown. Extremely useful for people hunting hard to reach places.

The Summoner [Arcane King Hellvine]

The End [Grim Reaper]

Szass Tam [Lich]

Yvonnel [Laia]

Belial [Chaos]

Markov Corvantes [Knight Vald]


Dragons: These guys drop all the “boss tier” weapons, split between them. They also drop adena, which no other bosses do, to reflect the dragon’s hoard of wealth.  They drop their “dragon” components, which are needed for crafting a variety of items including Fidelity. Elixirs drop at 5%.





Fafnir [New, Valley of Dragons lvl 70+ zone boss]


Elite T3: These guys drop all the rare items from T2 bosses and stuff from T3 bosses, most of which are at better or similar rates. These guys have drop lists with 90+ items, the vast majority of which are very powerful. They drop hundreds of enchants, multiples of mythic/legendary enchants, and lots of sellable mid grade items. Elixirs now drop at 20%. It takes a lot of work to grind up the shards to summon one of these, and a LOT of effort to kill one. You won’t be killing one of these every day, or even every week. The reward will hopefully reflect the man hours needed to put in to do so. These now drop Endless Greater Healing Potions.

Gilgamesh [Avatar of Death]

Azmodan [Varlok]

Baba Yaga [Yahee]

Karat [Tarak]


Elite Dragon: These guys drop T3 items at a good rate. They also drop Fidelity armor pieces, completed Fidelity weapons, and have a VERY low chance to drop “artifact” tier weapons. Those are weapons with extremely unique traits/procs on par with Fidelity. They cannot be obtained any other way. These guys drop regular elixirs 50% of the time, and Eternal Elixirs 5% (huntable in Hellscape at super low rate, no cap on how many you can use, intended for character growth into the ultra extreme late game). We may also make killing these drop some kind of server wide reward, as it will likely take a server wide effort to accomplish.

Ashardalon [Valakas]

Tyrannosaurus Ryu [New Antharas]

Aquanos [New Fafurion]


Artifact Weapons: Many feature two different procs that will happen independently.

World Breaker: A 2h Sword with frequent and powerful aoe procs.

Eternity: A 1h Staff with massive +MP, +MPR, and +Wisdom.

Evergrowing Vines: A bow with an aoe entangle proc and a slow proc.

Blade of Divinity: A sword with an extremely high damage destroy proc.

Divine Talons: Claws with 100% crit rate and extremely high +hit. Blind and slow procs.

Silence and Death: Edoryu with extremely high +dex. Procs silence and very short duration paralyze poison.

The Chains That Bind: Chain Sword that procs a Root and Wind Shackle.  Gives very high +HP, +Con, and +Hpr

Hearld of Storms: Kiringku that procs both a Lightning Storm AOE and a Lightning Strike High damage single target that also leaves an MR reducing debuff.

Fidelity weapon are in every way the best weapons in the game in terms of just raw damage output. These weapons are the best weapons in the game in terms of utility. They are unbelievably difficult to obtain and as such are extremely powerful. I don’t expect one to be obtained for at least a few years of the server running.



So that is all the bosses we currently plan to have at launch. Over time we will probably add more normal bosses and definitely add more elites. Still, it’s quite a large number, 55+ T1/T2/T3/Dragons. T0 bosses will respawn every 30min-2hours. T1 bosses will respawn every 2-8 hours. T2 bosses will respawn every 4-16 hours. T3 bosses will respawn every 6-24 hours. Dragons will respawn every 24-72 hours. The way the new spawning system will work is it will roll a timer for respawn as soon as a boss spawns and start ticking down. If the boss is still up when that timer ends, it queues up a double spawn and waits to roll a new timer until the second one spawns. This system results in the most possible randomness/least predictable spawn. When you kill a boss, assuming no second appears, you don’t know when the one you killed spawned so you have no idea when the timer started. Here are some sample scenarios:

At 1PM a DK spawned. The game rolled a 2hr timer on respawn and started counting. At 2PM, you find the DK and kill it. There is still 1hr left until it respawns. From your perspective, it could be as soon away as 5minute or as long as 8 hours depending on how long ago that DK spawned. You could check for another one at any time and possibly find it. If you waited the 2 hour minimum, that DK would have already been up for 1hr and possibly killed by someone else who didn’t know you had killed one recently.

At 1PM a DK spawned. The game rolled 2 hour on respawn and started counting. At 3PM the DK was still alive, the game queues up a double spawn and waits for the first DK to die. At 4PM you find and kill the DK. The game spawns a new DK and rolls a new timer for 6 hours. You check for doubles, find the new DK and kill it. You now know the next DK will be between 2hrs and 8hrs, but you don’t know exactly when. Still, you know you don’t need to check for at least 2 hours.

While this system makes bosses less predictable, the sheer volume of bosses should make it so boss hunters can still find prey without being able to monopolize a boss’ spawn. We are also considering implementing some sort of server wide notification when particularly powerful bosses are killed, but we will likely wait to do so until Beta when we can get player feedback. If we did, it would likely only be for T3/Dragon. We could implement some sort of 5 minute delay so players are not caught in a dangerous situation, or make it instant to encourage pvp. There could also just be an NPC who you can ask when the last dragon/t3 boss was killed. The idea behind this would be to give everyone a fair playing field to find the next spawn, as these bosses are highly valuable commodities that people will want to monopolize. Leave your thoughts on this in the comments, but remember we are not actually implementing this yet and don’t necessarily plan to unless players want it.


Hope you found this post interesting. I plan to start posting more frequently again now that my life is returning to normal.





22 thoughts on “Back to work! Some Info about Bosses

  1. Dinin and so many more says:

    Wooot this is indeed juicy! As for the notifier when a T3 boss is slain, I am for the 5 min delay server message.

    • We might have to make it more like 10 minutes depending on how long it takes a team to kill a double spawn on average. It would be something like “ATTENTION: Varlok has been slain by a band of heroes! Rejoice!”.

  2. Boggler says:

    Its posts like this that have me super interested. I’m probably just going to farm upper FV with a Knight, but I must check out what has happened to TI. Did a previous post mention any exp X? Grats on marriage. Marriage is a lot easier than Lineage.

    • Thanks! We are planning for 4x xp, but with significant changes to party XP (essentially you used to split XP for each party member, but with our system you will earn a small bonus % for each party member you have with you. Royals add an additional bonus [limit 1!]). We’ve also creating some new leveling zones and revitalized a lot of old zones. Upper FV for example has boosted spawns, so more taurverus and astagios walking around. Just be warned that bosses on our server are a lot stronger, including Ifrit/Phoenix!

      I did an earlier post talking about changes to TI in the 5/30/2016 status update post. Long story short, TI is now a 50+ hunting zone. The island itself has 5 new bosses. To the north of town is a massive werewolf named Whitemane. To the south, arachnevils have evolved and there is now an enormous spider named Broodmother Araxis. To the far west, on the hill over looking the island, Mork the Mystic leads the orc tribe that has dominated much of the land. Wandering the fields to the south west is Mork’s muscle, a huge orc named Orcin the Crusher. Lastly, wandering the island and lamenting his mistakes, the dwarf prince Dwalin the Exiled can be found.

        • Full disclosure, the TI rework is mostly something that came with the client. TI and Ivory Tower were at some point redesigned by NC. On our server they had creatures, but no names or drops. I named all the monsters, created their drop lists, tweaked their spawns, and adjusted their stats/XP, however the core ideas behind the changes were not my own. Some new areas are fully designed by me (outside of the sprites obviously) but not those two.

    • Cloak of Vampire exists in the DB, but it does not have any stats. I believe it just polymorphs you into a vampire, which is really just for cosmetic purposes. Do you have stats for it from live? I’m certainly open to making it a useful item that he drops, as long as it doesn’t overlap with existing items in terms of purpose/role.

    • RegressPuppy says:

      Wanna build on this, it’s 3mr per enchant so the MR is definitely good on it. Given the classes that can use it and how rare it is, it is pretty balanced.

    • I stacked that up against our existing cloaks and made some changes. It will be -2ac safe to 4, All classes except mage/illu, 50hp 5hpr 5MR +3MR/Enchant. Drop rate ~1-1.5% from Vamp, .05% from 81f+ Vamps. Will also drop from vamps in Kent Castle Dungeon.

      Here’s my explanation for the tweaks and how it fits into progression: Lowering the safe enchant level on a high +mr/enchant item makes them more valuable late game, as players are encouraged to over enchant them for significant MR bonuses. The item itself will have MR identical to a cloak of magic resistance at safe enchant levels (+5), however it provides extra HP/HPR making it still a superior choice. This gives the item more of a role as the server ages, where people will be willing to try for +7/8 versions for the added MR.

      Overall the item is what I would consider “Mid Grade”, similar to things like silver cloak (2ac safe 4 +4MPR +15MR) and elemental cloaks (3ac safe 4 +2mpr +10MR +10Ele[+1 per enchant]). Both of those other cloaks are most likely the preferred choice of mages/illusionists, so this new one should benefit the other classes more hence the new class restrictions. Knights may also favor Cloak of the Arcane King (4ac safe 6 +10mr[+2 per enchant]) because the added AC translates into DR better for them than other classes. Royals will likely favor their class cloak Soverigns Majesty (2ac safe 4 +1 all stats +10mr[+1mr per enchant]). Mages may also ultimately use their class cloak Cloak of Mana (2ac safe 4 +50mp +5mpr +5mr[+1mr per enchant]).

      All of those items though are out paced by actual end game items, who drop at .2% from various bosses. Those cloaks are:

      Silver Wing of Giant Ant Queen: 0ac safe 4 +100mp +15mpr +10mr(2 per enchant) Mage/Illu/Elf/DE
      Gold Wing of Giant Ant Queen: 4ac safe 4 +100hp +30hpr +10mr(2 per enchant) Knight/Royal/DE/DK/Elf
      Cloak of Chaos: 5ac safe 0 +12MR(3mr per enchant) All Classes
      Cloak of Death: 6ac safe 0 +50hp +50mp +10hpr +10mpr +5mr(3 per enchant) +5 all element resist (3 per enchant) All Classes
      Cloak of Tarak: 2ac safe 4 +2 Primary +100hp +5hpr +5mpr +10mr (2 per enchant) All Classes

      Silver Wing is your best MPR cloak, Gold is your best HPR cloak, Chaos has the highest potential MR if you over enchant it, Death is the best defensive cloak in the game, and Tarak is the best offensive cloak in the game. Expect Cloak of the Vampire to be a solid intermediate step most players will use for a long time before upgrading to one of these very rare end game options.

  3. xchaox says:

    +1 every enchant would be a bit unbalanced :p

    great job guys on setting up this game. Just want to say thanks for the hard work and im really looking forward to playing.

    • Just read a little bit about this, I wouldn’t be surprised if they manage to fix the issue and possibly purge most or all of the illicit items depending on how far back their backups go. The guys running that server do know their stuff. Just takes time.

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