Covid Blah

As you can imagine, as I work in IT as does Myth, our time has been hit hard with getting people working from home and making sure everything works. So I have not invested a ton of time on lineage. That said I did add some functions for the admin tools for myth, so some progress is being made. Will post an update once things settle down.

any word on any updates it has been over a year since you posted anything here.
Been a while, hope all is well with you guys.
I'm craving Lineage so bad. But promised myself to wait for this server before I play it again. Hope I…
Any updates? literally cooming at the thought of this server

Website In Progress

I am getting the website setup and some of the content plugged in. I want to setup forums so that users can start discussions as well as provide feedback once we open an alpha. Check back soon as I will be putting in some time over these next few weeks really pushing to get us there.

Sounds great we are all waiting impatiently and jumping for joy with this news!

New Year – Some News.

I have not yet started back working on the server, however things are starting to normalize at work. I hope to start putting in a few hours here and there when I can.

To those asking for a server to be thrown up, the server currently isnt in a playable state. I need to finish the skill rework code (which I was not far from) and wrap up a few other small things before it would even be playable. That said, I will discuss with Myth and see if we want to put up some kind of alpha/pre-alpha for people to dink around on and find issues while I continue to work on it.

Will update you all once something has changed. Looking forward to 2020!

Still committed to Lineage 1. Have too much love for this game to not keep coming back to it.
This blog has been going over two years and nothing ready for the public. Don't get me wrong...any chance I…

Checking in

Sorry for the long delays between posts. Nothing has been worked on in a while. Not for lack of wanting, but for lack of time. Will report back when something changes. Thank you all for your patience.

any updates on this server? everyone keeps checking to see if the server is ever going to be live and…
would it be possible to throw up a standard lineage server just so we can start playing something, then wipe…

Nothing To Report

Sorry for the lack of updates, there has just been nothing to update. I took down the notification post until I can spend some time working on it.

I’ve said this before, but I am going to say it again… I am not done with this project, lineage has been and always will be a part of my life. Just things have gotten very busy for me since hurricane harvey of last year. One major thing after another.

Working on lineage would be a relief from life right now, but sadly life comes first. Mental health etc…. I am working 60+ hour weeks and doing side work to help a family friends business. So my free time is very limited. When I do have some, I am so burnt out I just want to veg out in front of youtube or lay in bed.

Thank you all for the continued interest and I assure you this will happen some day. GM Myth checks in on me almost weekly. He is still super pushing for progress, I ask you all as I ask him…please just have patience with me.

Waiting. As patiently as possible, considering there's nothing I can do to help or anything! Really hope this comes to…
Fair enough, would you happen to know how I can fix my boxes/npcs without having to do a ton of…
The issue is, with me being in the middle of the skill code rework the game really isnt in a…
I'll put the offer out there again, Legends helped me get old Anarchy files on my server but the boxes…
Yea. I mean Classic is a great game, possibly the 2nd best MMO ever. But I want to be playing…
So, have you guys had your fix of classic WoW yet? It reminded me exactly of why I stuck to…
#BuildTheServer! #LetMeHostAPrePrePreAlpha!
Someone could dance naked around here.... and no one would notice. Not you RP, or you PJ.
A sad day, Rutger Hauer passed away. You will be missed.
I just want to play.

Back at it.

Nothing major to report at this time, but we are back working on this. I had some things come up with work that really took my time away but things are getting back on track.

Will post again when we have more to report 🙂

I'm dying here, throw us a bone! =P
Si vis pacem, para bellum, meaning "If you want peace, prepare for war."
Where do we sign? "And the sign said, "Long haired freaky people need not apply."" (Are double quotes legal?)
I'll setup a notifier this weekend so you can sign up for email updates.
please send me an email when this server is running in Alpha?
So go play L1J or the Frisky Cow Beta...this server is never happening lol.
I keep trying other MMO's. Nope, none of them do it for me. I need Lineage!
Any chance of throwing a prealpha up or something for us to give some feedback on what you guys have…
Yea, sorry for the lack of updates lately guys. Life (read work) has gotten super demanding recently. One thing after…

Holiday Season

We are in the holiday seasons, so my personal time is limited. I look to pick this back up after the first of the year. Will post something when progress is started up again.


Appreciate everyone’s interest, at we know it feels like one reaaaaalllly long April fools joke (lol diablo immortal), but a lot of time and energy has gone into this project, I am definitely not abandoning it.

This is almost as bad as Roseanne trying to sing the national anthem.
You think "its just us" til we all check the website for updates :P
(Metallica said it best.) Make his fight On the hill in the early day Constant chill deep inside Shouting gun…
Lol - It aint coming man.
There was one private server advertising using the remaster client on reddit the other day, I think they said the…
Have you seen the Lineage 1 remaster that was released in Korea? It's beautiful! Think it would ever be possible…
Shusssssss.... its just us. Put up a test server!
I'm waiting for this, and also Classic WoW to launch. My patience skill is leveling up fast =P
Hello, again.


Hey all, sorry for the lack of communication.

I have been solo IT at my current job after losing some of my staff. I have a new person starting this monday and it should give me some relief soon. I have not had much if any free time lately and have not had time to work on lineage stuff. Will let you all know when progress continues.

Im still here. Just holiday season and moving our main office at work. So my personal time is very limited.…
Hahahaha even the faithful are starting to lose it. Project's dead bro. The GM's dont owe anything to anyone...never said…
Cleveland Browns have won the Super Bowl! Nope. The Jamaican Bobsled Team has landed a man on Saturn! Nope. Nicki…
May 3, 2016 "Mythic LoA Returns! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND WERE BACK!" The first post was a while ago. Seems like just yesterday.…
Omae wa mou shindeiru?
We need WASD movement and tab targeting. Maybe an assist button. @.@
In my best Princess Bride voice, "Hiatus. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you…
We probably need a hiatus from your hiatus post. Maybe a hiatus from 2015's posts as well.
Remove random teles/bteles from the game and disable the teleport spell. That would make things interesting! For real though, it…
More on the idea, fighting on Dk floor, or other boss areas to know if someone left to town, or…

I’m still workin!

I got pulled off from lineage work for about a week a half to work on a kitchen remodel. But I will be back on it very soon. I have made some really good progress and I foresee things rolling through a lot faster now that I am over this hurdle!


Just wanted to give you guys some news.

Answered with a new post.
So, summons. They are going to need some love, too. Old problems range from low to no MR, random tele…
realistically, when will this server be available to play?
More news!
I doubt they will promise a test server before they announce it ...
Significant progress = test server soon?
That kitchen though.
Sounds good!