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Hello! I gave people a few days to answer, here is the actual list. The number shown on the far right of the picture is the number of spawns the monster has. One of the issues people had in their guesses was they combined monsters that are actually separate entries, like DVC succubus vs TOI succubus. Dinin did include ants, which by a wide margin claim the #1 spot with 462 spawns. Cruel Snow tigers come in at #2 with 298, followed by Cursed Elmore Soldiers at 250. In general a lot of TOI monsters are on this list, especially ones that spawn across almost all of their set of 10 floors. Some surprising ones on this list, at least to me, are dream island killer bees/ball lightning. Those are a lot more dense than I would have guessed. A lot of low level monsters like Arachnevils, Spartois, Skeletons, and Zombies are all in the top 30, but I think they lose out because they just don’t spawn with the same density as many monsters in more dangerous/higher level areas so even though they occur in a lot of places there are not that many of them in each place. Deer still come in pretty high, although I will likely remove them for server load sake. I double checked and Sea Dancer is the one record on here that isn’t accurate. It only has one spawn, so I don’t know where it’s getting the 133 number. It’s a mystery we will have to look into.

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5 thoughts on “Answer to the Question!

  1. Dinin and so many more says:

    Yay! I had the right number 1 on my list lol Oh and I did guess that likely TOI vs non TOI would be a thing but if you guess and know for sure …

    • Any monster that has a different drop list is technically a different monster in the eyes of the database. I went through a while ago and renamed a LOT of entries to make this more clear to the players and to us. So for example, Succubus in TOI and Succubus in DVC, the toi one is now an Insolent Succubus. TOI has Nightmares, but so did Kent Dungeon, so the Kent Dungeon ones are now Infernal Nightmares. Eventually when we have an updated lookup tool available this should make life a LOT easier when you want to look up a monster’s stats or loot.

  2. RegressPuppy says:

    Myth, is it possible that the Sea Dancer on that list is the Sea Dancer from Heine Castle Dungeon 2f? The mini underwater zone between the dopple floor and Barbados’ floor.

    How will the monsters like Dark Elf General/Wizard/Thief etc be put into the DB?

    • We figured out the answer to the Sea Dancer issue. There was a boss table entry for the underwater sea dancer and a normal spawn entry. This caused an error which resulted in the number being inflated by the total number of boss spawns. Legend fixed it last night.

      The other Sea Dancers are named Eva Sea Dancer and Grave Sea Dancer so they have their own entries.

      As for dark elves, some have been given slight name tweaks to distinguish them from each other. For example, in Lasta there are three versions of the “Darkness Avenger” which have increasing strength. They were previously all the same name, now there is the vanilla “Darkness Avenger”, the “Empowered Darkness Avenger”, and “Elite Darkness Avenger”. Another good example are Dark Elementalists, of which there are four distinct types. They are now “Dark Elementalist Recluse”, “Mad Dark Elementalist”, “Crazed Dark Elementalist”, and “Elite Dark Elementalist”. The Recluse one spawns in the wilds outside Lasta, while the Elite can be found on Lasta 4f. With these kinds of name changes I wanted to preserve the “common” name so people can still easily identify them or search for something they remember, but add enough uniqueness that you know exactly what you are killing/looking up. I did the same thing for Mambo Rabbits (in addition to creating a 3rd one), who are now Mambo Rabbit, Mambo Rabbit Pirate (He has an eye patch), and Mambo Rabbit Carrot Lord (the one with a big carrot…). This way people can still easily search Mambo Rabbit to find them, but can also more easily discern exactly what one they need to kill to get certain drop chances (their drop lists are similar but not identical).

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