Another quick update

Major progress has been made on the skill overhaul. Legend is at the point where he is working on importing and implementing specific types of skills. Attack skills work, as do most status effect skills. Buffs and Debuffs are next but shouldn’t be too hard. There’s still more to go but the light is visible at the end of the tunnel.

In addition to the skill changes we’ve also worked on a few other things (gotta step away every once in a while for sanity sake). Importing of various XML files into database format has had some progress. This includes things like starting item kits and crafting recipes. Having these as SQL databases will make editing/adding to them much easier.

We overhauled one core aspect of the game, how monster melee damage is determined. The original code took the monster level, then added between 0 and it’s Str stat, to determine their damage. The highest Str could go was 127. This means the highest damage a monster could do with a melee swing was 99-226.

After discussing this fact, Legends and I decided we wanted the ability to create harder hitting monsters. We also felt that using level to determine base monster damage was a little awkward and restrictive. To this end, we added two new monster fields to the database called Min Dmg and Max Dmg. We took the existing formula and used them to populate those fields with values identical to what monster were doing previously. This means as it currently stands, everything hits exactly as hard as it did previously. Monster’s also had Int converted to SP, which will be used by the new skill system, but is functionally identical. Monsters no longer have core stats like Con/Str/Dex/Wis/Cha as none of these did anything.

This does mean however we will likely tweak existing bosses (and definitely elites), as well as some new monsters, to adjust their physical damage output. In the past, bosses really were only dangerous if they had high damage magic. Now, some bosses will be dangerous without the need for magic (like Baranka).

That’s all for now, more to come soon.



12 thoughts on “Another quick update

  1. RegressPuppy says:

    Something seems off about the math for melee damage as we have all experienced things such as Fire Archer of Darkness meleeing us for 300+ or the Mummy Lords/KVs on 91+ doing that much as well. I’m not saying the code is wrong, but there has to be something else in there as well that adds to damage.

    • Having seen the code, the only explanation for something like that occurring is the monster either has a spell with no animation and 1 range, essentially a melee attack, OR latency issues causing multiple hits to register together. The melee code itself is not complicated, and definitely could not exceed those boundaries. I can see either of those explanations, or both, being true. We can investigate further just in case.

  2. Puddles says:

    One GM, whom will remain nameless for various reasons, tried to explain the explosions of damage like this, “Its the monsters on lower or higher floors congregating above or below you and hitting you. You cannot see them, but thats what is happening.”

    Well all know that is BS, but he was referring to Giran Prison monsters and their spirit forms doing 300 to 500 damage sometimes. No clue what it was, but that place was dangerous on his server.

    (Rob knows who I am talking about.)

    • That is the weirdest and most nonsensical explanation I have ever heard. So the client and server communicate via packets every second. If you are hit twice within one second, you will likely see that damage register at the same time, thus giving you the impression you were hit harder. I don’t know if this is exactly what is happening in your scenario, but it’s far more plausible than monsters in different maps being able to hit you (they can’t).

  3. Puddles says:

    It would be nice in the game if monster skills had some kind of low impact visual for when they do something special with a swing or a spell. Far too often, when you are hitting them, you see nothing because they display their hit animation. Then you walk off and see a few ‘rogue’ spells fly all over the place AFTER they are dead.

    Really happens a lot when you are swinging and casting spells with middle mouse button. Kill group of monsters with aoe, take 2 steps and heal and random firestorms appear where you were fighting. Its… disturbing to say the least.

    Just saying it would be nice if, say Baranka, does some kind of special attack, that I can reliably visually see that he just did it. Probably not possible to implement with how old the game is and how things take priority for visuals. And god knows how I hate to be blinded to the action by multiple tornados or sunburst spam.

      • Giant Worm’s issue is the cast time/delay on his spell is shorter than the animation. This means multiple casts occur before the first animation ends. We should be able to fix this specific instance very easily with the new skill code.

        • RegressPuppy says:

          Oh nono, I was just talking about using the Giant Worm AoE animation as the animation for any monster skill. On a little for fun server I hosted for us before, I added that to weapons and he just LOVED (read: hated) it lol.

    • Well, one nice thing about this skill overhaul is it will be significantly easier to change spell animations (or add animations to spells that lack them). It’s going to be something that we will need to experiment with, and isn’t something I plan on addressing until post alpha/beta, but we can definitely make improvements. Sometimes though it’s just the nature of how packets are sent from client to program, the way the timer works, and overlapping animations cancelling each other out. Those are things we will never be able to fix. But we can definitely make sure if Baranka does some sort of cleave skill or power hit, that it has an animation with it that makes sense.

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