An answer to all the questions:

I know we get asked “when will the server open” a lot. I’m not going to give you guys a date, and I’ll explain why, however I will give you my rough expectation for the future:

We will release some sort of version that we will call an “Alpha” shortly after the following things are done:

  • Skill Overhaul: Definitely over the hill on this one, a lot of the hard work is done. This was a massive undertaking. Spending so long on such a huge internal overhaul with the skill change, all so that the end result is a firebolt does the same damage as it did previously, can make you feel like nothing is getting done. However, realistically the end result is we can quickly change, balance, or create new skills in a matter of seconds and that is a HUGE achievement. I can say in it’s current state we are actively testing various ability types that have been ported over to the new code, and that both the new and old systems exist side by side. That is very significant progress.
  • Boss spawn changes:  Shouldn’t be too hard, just not a priority at the moment. I want this change implemented so that new bosses will spawn as well. Several new areas are essentially ready except for monsters needing skills and bosses needing to spawn, so I’d like them done so they can be tested as well.
  • Crafting changes: This isn’t a hard task, should only take a solid weekend of work. A lot of new crafting exist in the database already. We just need to add all the new NPCs to our crafting district, code to allow crafting to pull from an SQL database instead of XML files, and properly like the crafting NPCS to what they can craft.
  • Website and forum: We will need this done for testers to provide feedback and discussion. We already have one essentially, it’s just not publicly available.

I can’t give a date for that Alpha because I don’t know how long the skill changes will take, as we’ve learned a lot of unexpected issues can arise. All I can say is we are making significant progress towards it and it isn’t like we are trying to fix/finish everything before we get there. This “Alpha” will not be what we want the final product to be. It’s primary purpose will be to allow testing and feedback for the skill overhaul, we want to make sure every skill in the game works and feels right and we know we can’t possibly do the kind of testing needed on our own. We will need players to play, fight, pvp, etc and give us feedback. There may also be bugs players encounter that we have not simply because we are not actively playing, and those will need to be documented and fixed. This is after all a new client that Legend and I have never actually played on.

From there, we will begin adding in what we consider to be key features. These are ideas we have fully flushed out and know we can implement, and we consider critical to be done before a perpetual live release. These include boss summon system for elites, karma changes, death matches, scheduled automated events/restarts, online candle/player systems, town invasions, PVP tower map, summon changes, etc. This is a period of time I am very excited about, as I think it will “feel” like we are making significantly faster progress since many of these won’t take very long on their own so the visible results are much more apparent. Whether we implement those while the server is “online and available” or we close down the “Alpha” for a period of time will likely depend on how much we feel running the server is distracting from development. I will say the likely hood of us keeping the server running during this time increases if we make the Alpha closed.

When we feel we have all our key features done we will definitely have a set period of time for a Beta. I imagine this will mostly involve significant balance changes as players provide feedback on everything. This is when we will be most receptive to changing how things work, how strong things are, how much stuff costs, how much money drops, how long leveling takes, etc. When we launch live, we will be significantly more resistant to changing these things for the sake of fairness.

There are a number of ideas we have placed as “future possibilities” that we may develop and include down the distant road, but those are post release at best.

Our end goal is to release a server that is very east to edit, balance, and add new content to. One that is extremely automated so that restarts are consistent and events can start and end automatically. One that players are able to accomplish the vast majority of their requests like candles, name changes, and character resets on their own through a web portal. In a perfect world, we can turn the final product on and as long as the server bills are paid the game will run forever. This is a big dream. We made a lot of mistakes in our past two server attempts and what we learned from those is you can’t release an unfinished product and expect to run it and develop for it at the same time.

If you are interested in playing Lineage now, there are several private servers currently operating. If you are looking for a “live-like” experience, then one of them is certainly a better choice for you than ours will be anyway. If you think this is some long, elaborate scam then will I guess maybe just don’t come read this blog? This project was ambitious when it started, and only became more so as it developed. Good things take time, we don’t do this for a living and do have other hobbies/responsibilities.  It will get done eventually. Whether you continue to follow us here through development or not you’ll still be welcome to join us when it’s done.



P.S. On a completely unrelated topic, I am going on vacation to Japan August 1st through the 17th.  I won’t be around to respond to questions or comments during that time.

Ninja Edit from Legends: Work has gotten rough for me so I have been working long hours, we are in the process of moving our headquarters to a whole new city. Have patience!


19 thoughts on “An answer to all the questions:

  1. Intron says:

    If you guys are changing the crafting around a bit, will you be documenting what’s changed or where the crafting NPC’s location is(if it’s changed)? I know personally for me I have an issue with finding the location of crafting NPC’s in some custom servers.

    • Yes to a large extent I will be documenting almost all of the changes on our server. I’m also making guides for each class to help players understand any ability tweaks and what gear is available to them. The crafting change is in part intended to prevent the issue you are talking about though, as we are relocating and consolidating crafting NPCs to just one location, Giran Trade Zone. No more crafting npcs all over the world, or elf only crafting. Just one big crafting district for everything.

  2. xchaox says:

    is there a way to make a facebook page or something so we can get notifications when this is ready 😛

    id liek to join but i dont want to check all time to see if there is progress. would be cool if it notified us if there is a new post added.

    • The heat death of the universe will happen before the Browns win the Super Bowl. In reality we are both just very busy at the moment. I am still getting some stuff done here and there but being absent from work for two and a half weeks meant having a lot of backlogged stuff to take care of. Last few weeks have involved some very long days.

  3. JPShroud says:

    I think that this project was a very vast undertaking. While you guys are making edits to improve the over all functionality of the client, you are really doing just as much work as if you had started from scratch. Hell, Starting from scratch may have been easier.

    Ultimately this is a labor of love and passion for you guys. We also love the game which is why we still follow the blog. The people who are truly looking for that lineage experience will stick around, and they will make sure to keep up with what is going on. They will be willing to wait, because we understand that good things take time.

    On the one hand, I would love to have this available to play, because it is all i would do in my free time. Then on the other, I want to see the finished vision of what you guys have described. There will always be a delicate balance in the development process, and I am glad that you guys take it as seriously as you do.

    Basically. Thanks for being awesome and creating something that all of us who are still around and keeping up with this blog are clearly excited for and want to see come to fruition.

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