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Today I want to talk a bit about the new item slots that are available in this client. In the picture below you can see there are two additional ring slots (so 4 total now) and four new item slots below those.


First we will talk about the ring slots, which we covered briefly in the past. In the core rules they unlock at high level milestones (76 and 81 I believe). We can potentially change when they unlock, but we can’t change the graphic used that shows the old unlock levels. I am considering making them unlock at 70 and 80, but I’d like to hear people’s thoughts on this topic. One thing I do want to make clear, you can never equip more than two of the same kind of ring, even if you have all the ring slots. This is a limitation they already had and I think it’s a good one so I don’t plan on changing it.

The four new item slots are a much more complicated. The existing items in the database had nonsensical names, and no clear way they were supposed to be obtained. Some did nothing, others were very powerful. There was no clear way to identify which ones went in which slot as a player. The game calls them ‘Talisman Left/Right” and “Relic Left/Right”. To address this, I decided it was best to start fresh and create new items, each with a naming scheme and general stat role. Here is what I have currently:

Relic (Right) -> Curio of (BLANK)
Relic (Left) -> Relic of (BLANK)
Talisman (Right) -> Artifact of (BLANK)
Talisman (Left) -> Rune of (BLANK)
Items of each type will have the word Curio/Relic/Artifact/Rune in the name 100% of the time, so that players can easily know what spot that item goes in.
Now here is a rundown of what we currently plan to have them do and some potential examples:
Curios = Health/Mana
                     Curio of Minor Health -> 25hp
                     Curio of Health -> 50hp
                     Curio of Major Health -> 100hp
                     Curio of Minor Mana -> 25mp
Relics = HPR/MPR
                     Relic of Regeneration -> 15hpr
                     Relic of Restoration -> 7mpr
                     Relic of Revitalization -> 15hpr 7mpr
Artifacts = Defensive Stats (MR/AC/DR)
                     Artifact of Resiliance -> 5ac
                     Artifact of Resistance -> 10mr
Runes = Utility Effects
                     Rune of Teleportation -> ROTC effect
                     Rune of Summoning -> ROSC effect
                     Rune of Polymorph -> ROPC effect
A couple things I want to make a note of here. First, these items and their stats, as well as the item slot focus, are all hypothetical at the moment. None of these items drop yet, they just exist for testing purposes. I designed them this way because I don’t want each slot to just become “Equip the one that gives +int”. That’s also why currently none of them give core stats. I would rather these be small to moderate bonuses for your character that are not essential for success. Lastly, the Rune slot is intended to make life easier for end game characters so they don’t need to swap rings constantly.
This leads me to my next question, how do people feel these should be obtained? The easiest answer is to have them drop as items, which is certainly a direction we could go. Some of these I think make sense as crafted items, like Relic of Revitalization being crafted by combining the other two relics or making a rune of teleportation by crafting it out of rings of teleportation. We could also make them quest rewards, so that every player can obtain them. And lastly, we could just do all of these things since we are not limited to just having one way of obtaining them. Maybe early ones are quest rewards, with a way to upgrade those via crafting using rare drops as materials.
Finally, we could just not implement these at all and leave those four inventory spots unequipped. I’m not a huge fan of this option, since it feels like it’s a waste of something this version of the client adds, but it’s definitely something we can consider.
Leave your comments below!

25 thoughts on “New Item Slots

  1. Dinin and so many more says:

    I would certainly say make them quest rewards from the minor item, then make them upgrade from item drops.

  2. PJ says:

    on the actual client the talisman is a reward for the Phoenix quest. the quest has 4 levels compared to the number of people in the party and the hardness of Phoenix. The harder it is the better your talisman is. also they are timed so you have to do the quest regularly to get the talisman and your talisman has to expire before you can do the quest again. the timer only goes down while you are wearing it. if you log out the timer keeps going if it it still equipped. but if you take it off while standing in town the timer does not count. i think the easiest one lasted 2 hours and the hardest one lasted 24 hours. i cant remember what the stats are for it but it could not be traded.

  3. xchaox says:

    Seems like not a big factor unless you will be able to also plus them to 6 for other benefits.

    Having a permanent spot for rotc does seem like a good idea so the annoying ring changing out doesnt have to happen. Along with that would be nice to do away with char items so mages dont have to change 1000 items before summon. Or make it so if summon builds are popular you have to keep those items on or the summons drop.

  4. Puddles says:

    I approve the Diablo way. Randomize the items, 13 hpts and 4 mana, or 20 hpts and 16 mana, 5 hpts 20 mana. Kinda like how smfc 7% with resistances was the go to currency.

  5. Intron says:

    I think it’d be neat to have basic ones like +25hp, etc. to be drops or minor rewards for low level/low gear players, but also to allow crafting rings such as ropc into a rune. Maybe even get a little weird with it and have some runes grant certain to spells to classes that normally wouldn’t have them, like the magic helmets.

    Regardless of how you guys implement these, it seems pretty neat.

  6. JC says:

    I’m all for not implemting them at all. Lineage before NA server closed down was the best version the game ever offers, in Asia servers the newer clients got too complicated and lost the original feel of the game.

    • GMLegends says:

      Id rather not push out something and spend all my free time bug fixing, rebooting, tracking down a phantom issue, changing source code to update a variable because of balance issues, etc etc etc.

  7. ping says:

    The biggest reason I play private lineage servers is Nostalgia in my case.
    This server has a lot of potential to be really great and more than what I remember about the game due to hard work from the GMs. But at the same time I hope it does not deviate too much from what was so great about the original game.

    • If you are expecting this server to be like Dep on live, I don’t think this is what you are looking for. Lineage Retribution is a better option for a server that is more similar to what live was. This is 100% a custom server with changes to things across the board.

      • Jimbo says:

        While I have fond memories of Classic Lineage, I’m also very aware of some key issues it could have improved upon. I see this server as the natural evolution of Lineage.

  8. Puddles says:

    “I am considering making them unlock at 70 and 80”

    Don’t we get new polymorphs at those levels? Best to spread out the love.

  9. Dinin and so many more says:

    Nothing wrong with getting a new poly AND a new slot for a ring or such at the same level imo..

    • RegressPuppy says:

      I view the ring slots and new polies as separate things so you have something to look forward to while you continue the mindless grind towards 81.

      • That’s fair, maybe we will do something like 73/78, so they are both between grinds for new polys. One of the concerns I have with the original levels (76/81) is their impact on PVP power. A level 81 vs a level 70-75 obviously is going to be stronger, but being able to equip twice as many rings is going to make that gap a lot wider. Maybe this isn’t something I should be concerned about, and the effort of getting to 81 justifies the power increase, but I want to make sure PVP isn’t absolutely dominated by the players who have WAY more time to invest in the game.

        • RegressPuppy says:

          I think 73/78 wouldn’t be a bad idea as those are in between the 2 poly upgrades. What about leaving one of those 4 extra slots at the bottom as an item that requires level 82+ to wear? Maybe do those as a 1-2 stat point + weight reduction. Stat points and weight reduction are always nice. Or maybe instead of stat points have it be MR/WR or a slight combo of the previous tiers that scales up like the others. Using that as an incentive to keep leveling would be nice. As the levels get harder to obtain, it really gets harder to keep going without any goal.

          Thankfully on 3.63 and earlier, level doesn’t mean nearly as much as it does on the newer clients. So you can have someone at level 81 vs a 70-75, but if the 70-75 is better geared or is a better PvPer then that level 81 has a decent shot at losing.

  10. Dinin and so many more says:

    While I do understand RP’s point of making the last or the last 2 spots for items being 82 or so. I just want to say that is a really high level. I doubt many people will ever hit it.

    • RegressPuppy says:

      If the changes to party exp go in and are unchanged, 82 isn’t something that will be too difficult. Even at 4x exp, if you can group hunt and make that much more then the only problem would be if you can find enough spawn.

  11. Dinin and so many more says:

    Yes well if you are part of a group sure, and if you are online when the rest of the group are, and if you have the time to grind like crazy for several hours every day of the week.

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