2018 Update

Hello 2018!

First, thank you to everyone who wished me well. Things are going much better. My car is still being fixed, but we replaced my fiancee’s car and my mother had her surgery which went great. When they did a biopsy of the growth they determined it was “precancerous” and that their initial diagnosis was not accurate. She isn’t fully out of the woods yet, she will need to do a lot of follow up stuff, but it was absolutely the best news we could have gotten.

Anyway, enough about that stuff, this blog is about Lineage! One of the nice things about the skill overhaul taking longer than expected is I have time to work on stuff we didn’t originally plan to include at launch. I’ve spent the past week or so working on another new zone, our 75+ group hunting zone. The plan for this zone is to provide an extremely challenging experience for players who have reached what I would call the “end game”. Here are a few of the key points for the zone:

  • Zone is currently called Hellscape, and it uses the Hell map.
  • Scrolls to hunt there will be very expensive, probably between 2-5 million adena. Monsters there won’t drop adena either. Hunting there is intended to be an adena sink.
  • The zone will be incredibly difficult. Monsters there use many existing boss models (DK, Demon, Varlok, Tarak, Chaos, Ken, Cerenis, Iris, KV, Bapho, Beleth) plus some new ones. They all have thousands of hp, regen health, do significant amounts of damage in single target and AOE, and will have other abilities that make them very dangerous (stuns, debuffs, cancels, teleporting, summoning adds, etc.).
  • I expect hunting there to require balanced, coordinated groups of players who hunt cautiously. You won’t be able to escape, there will be an NPC who will tele you out if you reach them. People will most likely die, especially the first time they go there.
  • The zone will likely have a boss, but he won’t be THAT much more difficult than the other stuff there simply because most monsters there are already very strong. The real difficulty will be finding him and dealing with him and the other monsters already around.
  • Monsters there have very high XP, but not proportional to the difficulty. It’s not really intended to be a zone you hunt to level up, as other places would offer better efficiency. Still you will earn good XP, especially considering the group XP bonuses.

The droplist is what I am currently working on. It’s going to be skewed towards things that have resale value to other players like enchants, dolls, etc and not include stuff that vendors for adena (except maybe consumables for hunting like potions, so players can try to extend their hunt as long as possible). This is because I want this map to pull money out of the economy and to encourage high level players to sell items to lower level players. It will also serve to help lower the cost for low/mid tier items by increasing their availability once the player base gets strong enough to hunt here regularly.

So what’s in it for the high level people taking the risk? Well, they will likely walk away from a hunt with tons of enchants, doll tokens, and many mid tier weapons/armors/rings they can sell or blow up. Many rare boss drops will drop there, but will remain very rare. Still, it’s a good place to farm for boss tier weapons/armor to try to over enchant. Materials needed for the new Fidelity crafting recipe will drop there, so making Fidelity weapons will require either hunting there or buying those mats from a player who does. Some unique items will drop in the zone that won’t be obtainable anywhere else, like best in slot t-shirts. Standard Elixirs will drop there (a reminder that we combined all elixirs into one item, and it is tradeable. The 5 elixir cap still exists), as well as extremely rare different kind of Elixir called an “Eternal Elixir”. This item works just like a normal elixir, except there is no cap for how many you can use.  This gives super late game players a way to still add power to their character (I stress again though, they are going to be extremely rare). Eternal elixirs will not drop from any other source except Elite Dragons. Speaking of Elite Dragons, this zone will also be the only place where Summoning Shards are dropped in their completed form, giving high end pledges a way to farm up shards significantly faster in order to summon high end elites more frequently. For more info on summoning shards, see our older blog post about the concept. It’s my hope that the chance for reward by including so many unique things, as well as a shot at many powerful items, will be enough incentive for players to take on the risk. As with all things, balance is a process so we will need to adjust as we go along.

I really want this to be a fun, challenging, and rewarding place for experienced players to go hunt. In my mind my perfect success would be if the following scenario happened:  You schedule with your pledgemates “hey, 7pm EST on Sunday we are hunting Hellscape, be there and be prepared!” Everyone level 75+ shows up, two balanced parties are formed, and the pledge hunts there together for as long as supplies hold out. It’s intense, you’re constantly focused on healing people who just got stunned, or drawing aggro as the knight tank, or trying to burn down that damn caster monster that just got pulled and is currently spamming destroy on the water elf. In just a few hours you are mentally exhausted from having to focus for so long, and most people are out of magic gems and potions. The hunt is over, but afterwards people immediately turn in the soul shards they earned hunting and pool all their summoning shards. With all the strong members of the pledge on already, it’s the perfect opportunity to try to take down a T3 Elite together. It’s an extremely intense fight, lots of deaths happen, but eventually they bring the boss down. They distribute the loot from the hunt and the boss, to the tune of hundreds of enchants and other valuables. The pledge continues to stockpile mats to make their next fidelity weapon. Maybe a few people get their next elixir, one or two super lucky players gets something like an endless potion or a knight vald sword, or the pledge finally gets a magic lamp so they can hunt even longer next time! They all look forward to doing it again next weekend, and maybe next time they will finally try an elite dragon….

Hope you enjoyed this post and I hope your 2018 is going well!



17 thoughts on “2018 Update

  1. RegressPuppy says:

    Little Dev question for you guys. How would you go about creating a new type of doll bag for some other dolls? In the files I have, there are like 50 different dolls and I wanted to find a way to implement them other than adding them to a shop or making them drops. I tried to add them to the Arka bag but that didnt change anything.

  2. Some clarifications. This zone is not instanced, nor is it time locked. It’s a hunting zone the same as any other, it’s just geared towards a much higher level of risk vs reward. The risk is high because it costs a lot to go there and the enemies there are extremely dangerous. The reward though reflects that, with many unique items and a chance at a lot of quality loot. It’s still not any different from any other place on a functional level though. The boss there will spawn randomly just like any other boss. Players will be able to fight there just like any other hunting zone.

    Regresspuppy, that’s a question better suited for Legend’s to answer. There should be an XML file that the game uses to determine the contents of a box/bag. You need to adjust the values in that file to add items to that box. We are removing that from our server and having boxes link to a table on the SQL database, so that the game no longer relies on the XML files and it’s much easier to edit/customize on the fly.

  3. Puddles says:

    “In my mind my perfect success would be if the following scenario happened:”
    All the 75s on the server meet up for the first glimpse at HellZone. Adventure is had. In the end all the loot is divided up and everyone is abuzz in anticipation of leveling back up to level 70. Aaaaah, the fun they had. Can’t wait.

    Want to stab something.

    • PVP is certainly a possibility, but honestly it’s not one I am overly concerned with. I have no intention of designing traditional PVP out of the game, despite never being a big fan of it myself. I don’t think it will be a huge problem for this zone because of the high cost to go there and the high risk. Hypothetically, you need to pay 5mil for a scroll, tele there, then run around and survive long enough to find your enemies’ hunting party assuming they are even hunting the map. I don’t think it’s very likely people would spend that kind of money and effort just to cruise around looking for the enemy. Even if they knew ahead of time their enemies were hunting there, you still need to either successfully grief or attack them, ideally without dying. Every failed attempt requires another scroll, another 5 mil, and you are not earning that back like the group hunting there. That’s is a big cost for very little gain. If you knew your enemies were committed to hunting there, you would be better off utilizing that time to either hunt bosses, have your own group hunt somewhere else, or spend your summoning shards.

  4. Dinin and so many more says:

    No offence to you at all Myth, however serious PvP people would happily pay that amount just to ruin the enemy’s day. The sheer shit that went down in all my years on Dep… you would not belive it…

    • No offence taken, I played Dep as well. I totally get where you are coming from and I know there is always that one crazy jackass who just wants to see the world burn. I am just hesitant to make major design changes because of the potential actions of a few bad apples. That doesn’t mean I won’t be open to it, should the community as a whole be largely in favor of a change. I think this is just a bridge we will have to cross at that time.

  5. Dinin and so many more says:

    I am not saying you should change it to a non pvp zone at all.. Dep was PvP whereever and that is how the game should be, else I would not have played it from even before it was called Dep lol

    • In all honesty, the place I am most concerned about is the small map we have tentatively selected for the summoning shard NPC. It’s essentially where people will be able to spend their shards to summon bosses. Current plan is for it to be a normal zone. This is mainly so people can choose to defend their summoned boss from campers/thieves (If you spend 15 shards summoning a tough boss, you don’t exactly want to share it with other pledges/people). That said, doing so raises other issues. I don’t know how we will handle it yet honestly. We may try to enable bookmarking there, simply so that people can port in without being funneled into a predictable location. Otherwise I imagine some group of malcontents will eventually just set up shop and blast any unfortunate soul who happens to tele there. There is a lot of room for pvp related grief having such a central boss location. If possible maybe we can edit the map data to make where you tele in a small safe zone, but that may be difficult if not impossible.

      I’m hoping having sieges and our pvp map will be enough to keep the PVPers busy long enough for the PVE folks to sneak in and kill their bosses without getting too much interference. We will have to wait and see how it plays out though.

  6. Dinin and so many more says:

    That shard summoning area does indeed sound very much like grief players paradise 😛 “look I am bored guys, I will go see if anyone is there, tele there see a party, teled there invis, calls pledge”

  7. Dinin and so many more says:

    Not a plain old fight at top drake thing, more like a fight at iris or kv thing … only you can tele there o.0

  8. Dinin and so many more says:

    and before someone thinks I do not know this despite playing Dep from the beta to shortly before the end.. yes of course those with a charm could tele to boss lvl’s in ToI, howerer I doubt many pledges that fought had ALL their members outfitted with charms.

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