Nothing To Report

Sorry for the lack of updates, there has just been nothing to update. I took down the notification post until I can spend some time working on it.

I’ve said this before, but I am going to say it again… I am not done with this project, lineage has been and always will be a part of my life. Just things have gotten very busy for me since hurricane harvey of last year. One major thing after another.

Working on lineage would be a relief from life right now, but sadly life comes first. Mental health etc…. I am working 60+ hour weeks and doing side work to help a family friends business. So my free time is very limited. When I do have some, I am so burnt out I just want to veg out in front of youtube or lay in bed.

Thank you all for the continued interest and I assure you this will happen some day. GM Myth checks in on me almost weekly. He is still super pushing for progress, I ask you all as I ask him…please just have patience with me.

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The issue is, with me being in the middle of the skill code rework the game really isnt in a…
I'll put the offer out there again, Legends helped me get old Anarchy files on my server but the boxes…
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#BuildTheServer! #LetMeHostAPrePrePreAlpha!
Someone could dance naked around here.... and no one would notice. Not you RP, or…
A sad day, Rutger Hauer passed away. You will be missed.
I just want to play.
I think it's a cool idea to add motivation for leveling! I know sometimes the grind can get overwhelming and…

Back at it.

Nothing major to report at this time, but we are back working on this. I had some things come up with work that really took my time away but things are getting back on track.

Will post again when we have more to report 🙂

I'm dying here, throw us a bone! =P
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Where do we sign? "And the sign said, "Long haired freaky people need not apply.""…
I'll setup a notifier this weekend so you can sign up for email updates.
please send me an email when this server is running in Alpha?
So go play L1J or the Frisky Cow Beta...this server is never happening lol.
I keep trying other MMO's. Nope, none of them do it for me. I need Lineage!
Any chance of throwing a prealpha up or something for us to give some feedback on what you guys have…
Yea, sorry for the lack of updates lately guys. Life (read work) has gotten super demanding recently. One thing after…

Holiday Season

We are in the holiday seasons, so my personal time is limited. I look to pick this back up after the first of the year. Will post something when progress is started up again.


Appreciate everyone’s interest, at we know it feels like one reaaaaalllly long April fools joke (lol diablo immortal), but a lot of time and energy has gone into this project, I am definitely not abandoning it.

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You think "its just us" til we all check the website for updates :P
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There was one private server advertising using the remaster client on reddit the other day, I think they said the…
Have you seen the Lineage 1 remaster that was released in Korea? It's beautiful! Think it would ever be possible…
Shusssssss.... its just us. Put up a test server!
I'm waiting for this, and also Classic WoW to launch. My patience skill is leveling up fast =P
Hello, again.


Hey all, sorry for the lack of communication.

I have been solo IT at my current job after losing some of my staff. I have a new person starting this monday and it should give me some relief soon. I have not had much if any free time lately and have not had time to work on lineage stuff. Will let you all know when progress continues.

Im still here. Just holiday season and moving our main office at work. So my personal time is very limited.…
Hahahaha even the faithful are starting to lose it. Project's dead bro. The GM's dont owe anything to anyone...never said…
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We probably need a hiatus from your hiatus post. Maybe a hiatus from 2015's posts as well.
Remove random teles/bteles from the game and disable the teleport spell. That would make things interesting! For…
More on the idea, fighting on Dk floor, or other boss areas to know if someone left to town, or…

An answer to all the questions:

I know we get asked “when will the server open” a lot. I’m not going to give you guys a date, and I’ll explain why, however I will give you my rough expectation for the future:

We will release some sort of version that we will call an “Alpha” shortly after the following things are done:

  • Skill Overhaul: Definitely over the hill on this one, a lot of the hard work is done. This was a massive undertaking. Spending so long on such a huge internal overhaul with the skill change, all so that the end result is a firebolt does the same damage as it did previously, can make you feel like nothing is getting done. However, realistically the end result is we can quickly change, balance, or create new skills in a matter of seconds and that is a HUGE achievement. I can say in it’s current state we are actively testing various ability types that have been ported over to the new code, and that both the new and old systems exist side by side. That is very significant progress.
  • Boss spawn changes:  Shouldn’t be too hard, just not a priority at the moment. I want this change implemented so that new bosses will spawn as well. Several new areas are essentially ready except for monsters needing skills and bosses needing to spawn, so I’d like them done so they can be tested as well.
  • Crafting changes: This isn’t a hard task, should only take a solid weekend of work. A lot of new crafting exist in the database already. We just need to add all the new NPCs to our crafting district, code to allow crafting to pull from an SQL database instead of XML files, and properly like the crafting NPCS to what they can craft.
  • Website and forum: We will need this done for testers to provide feedback and discussion. We already have one essentially, it’s just not publicly available.

I can’t give a date for that Alpha because I don’t know how long the skill changes will take, as we’ve learned a lot of unexpected issues can arise. All I can say is we are making significant progress towards it and it isn’t like we are trying to fix/finish everything before we get there. This “Alpha” will not be what we want the final product to be. It’s primary purpose will be to allow testing and feedback for the skill overhaul, we want to make sure every skill in the game works and feels right and we know we can’t possibly do the kind of testing needed on our own. We will need players to play, fight, pvp, etc and give us feedback. There may also be bugs players encounter that we have not simply because we are not actively playing, and those will need to be documented and fixed. This is after all a new client that Legend and I have never actually played on.

From there, we will begin adding in what we consider to be key features. These are ideas we have fully flushed out and know we can implement, and we consider critical to be done before a perpetual live release. These include boss summon system for elites, karma changes, death matches, scheduled automated events/restarts, online candle/player systems, town invasions, PVP tower map, summon changes, etc. This is a period of time I am very excited about, as I think it will “feel” like we are making significantly faster progress since many of these won’t take very long on their own so the visible results are much more apparent. Whether we implement those while the server is “online and available” or we close down the “Alpha” for a period of time will likely depend on how much we feel running the server is distracting from development. I will say the likely hood of us keeping the server running during this time increases if we make the Alpha closed.

When we feel we have all our key features done we will definitely have a set period of time for a Beta. I imagine this will mostly involve significant balance changes as players provide feedback on everything. This is when we will be most receptive to changing how things work, how strong things are, how much stuff costs, how much money drops, how long leveling takes, etc. When we launch live, we will be significantly more resistant to changing these things for the sake of fairness.

There are a number of ideas we have placed as “future possibilities” that we may develop and include down the distant road, but those are post release at best.

Our end goal is to release a server that is very east to edit, balance, and add new content to. One that is extremely automated so that restarts are consistent and events can start and end automatically. One that players are able to accomplish the vast majority of their requests like candles, name changes, and character resets on their own through a web portal. In a perfect world, we can turn the final product on and as long as the server bills are paid the game will run forever. This is a big dream. We made a lot of mistakes in our past two server attempts and what we learned from those is you can’t release an unfinished product and expect to run it and develop for it at the same time.

If you are interested in playing Lineage now, there are several private servers currently operating. If you are looking for a “live-like” experience, then one of them is certainly a better choice for you than ours will be anyway. If you think this is some long, elaborate scam then will I guess maybe just don’t come read this blog? This project was ambitious when it started, and only became more so as it developed. Good things take time, we don’t do this for a living and do have other hobbies/responsibilities.  It will get done eventually. Whether you continue to follow us here through development or not you’ll still be welcome to join us when it’s done.



P.S. On a completely unrelated topic, I am going on vacation to Japan August 1st through the 17th.  I won’t be around to respond to questions or comments during that time.

Ninja Edit from Legends: Work has gotten rough for me so I have been working long hours, we are in the process of moving our headquarters to a whole new city. Have patience!

I think that this project was a very vast undertaking. While you guys are making edits to improve the over…
I been spreading rumors all over the internet that the Browns will repeat as superbowl champions before Mythic releases.
watched that game at the Indians stadium. people looked sick lol
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Just got an update from them, server will launch when the Browns win the Super Bowl. Go Browns!
is there a way to make a facebook page or something so we can get notifications when this is ready…
have fun in japan. currently living there myself, there is so much to do

Summon and Pet Changes

Puddles brought up Summons in the comments of the previous post, I figured the reply deserved it’s own post. We have plans to change the summoning system as well as pets. I’ll talk about summons first, but want to note that these changes are not going to be implemented before we do some kind of alpha release. That said, we’ve done feasibility testing already and confirmed we can make most of these changes work without too much effort.

Elf Summons:

Two core changes are planned for Elf Summons. First, summon lesser elemental will be changed to “Summon Elemental”. It will change the strength and style of summon based on your level, essentially combining the lesser/greater elemental summons into one spell.

The first change opens up the ability to change the greater summon spell obtained at level 50. Our plan is to have this summon an actual greater elemental, but it will have a high cost, low duration, and long cooldown. Each element type will provide a different short buff, as well as casting a different attack spell at your enemies (or meleeing). Essentially something you use to get a big boost for damage in over 10-15 seconds every few minutes. How strong these are is going to require a lot of testing, and it’s possible this spell won’t work in PVP.


Mage Summons:

Our plan with mage summons is two fold, first we just want more summon options all the way up to level 80. Second, we are going to adjust how the game determines what you can summon. Level 68+ will be “boss tier” summons and will include a melee and ranged option at each. The ranged option will be significantly weaker than the melee one to compensate for the benefit of being ranged.


New summons currently planned are:

Level 68: Doppleganger Boss (Melee) and Seer (Ranged)

Level 72: Cougar (Melee) and Greater Minotaur (Ranged)

Level 76: Death Knight (Melee) and Ice Demon (Ranged)

Level 80: Dread King [Baranka] (Melee) and Dread Queen [Laia] (Ranged)

[Note, while these may share their model with actual bosses, they will not have the same stats or abilities]


So on to how summoning will work. First, we are going to combine your LEVEL with your CHARISMA value to determine what is essentially your summoning power. Each tier at level 68+ will require it’s level requirement + 40 in order to be able to summon them. This essentially means only mages who invested a good bit of charisma can summon “boss tier” monsters at level. However, very high level mages will still be able to access lower tier summons eventually with significantly reduced stat cost. Here is a breakdown:


To summon a Seer at level 68, you must have 40 charisma (with items on). To summon a Seer at level 80, you only need 28 charisma (with items on). With amazing rare items currently you can get about +14 CHA.


This means a player at level 80 only needs to invest 6 points to get a Seer, 10 points to get a Cougar, 14 points to get a Death Knight, or 18 points to get a Dread Knight, assuming they own all the best charisma items in the game. A level 80 player has probably gained 35 stat points (30 from levels, 5 from elixirs), so unlocking max summons requires ~50% investment of your overall stats.  My hope is that players use this sliding scale to increase the variety of builds used at high level, balancing Int, Con, Wis, and Cha to create a character that is strong, but can also summon their desired tier of monster.

That said, players that MAX their base charisma do get an extra perk. They will be the only ones able to summon more than one boss tier monster. At level 76, they can summon two level 68 tier summons. At level 80 they can summon three level 68 tier summons or two level 72 tier summons.  This is unique to players with BASE 35 Cha, you MUST max it to summon multiples regardless of your level/overall CHA. We are also toying with the idea of allowing certain charisma thresholds the ability to cast buffs on their summons. This will be dependent on if we can make it work, but essentially if you are a 35 base CHA mage you might get the ability to i2h and buff your summon.


Summons below level 50 will likely get some tweaks, especially beyond level 56.


We are not yet certain how summons will work in PVP. They may deal reduced damage vs players, or not be usable in PVP. This will largely depend on testing and community feedback during Beta.



On our previous server we standardized all pets so that different appearances were only cosmetic. This will remain true here. All base level 5 pets will be adoptable for a small fee from an NPC. Pets will still evolve to high pets via fruit of evolution, but crafting one will likely be moved to our crafting district and the ingredients changed. Pet items will hopefully work in Alpha, but we will make sure they work before release.

Pets themselves will be changed to take a small static percentage of your earned XP. This is a change from how it worked previously, where pets HAD to hit the monster and only took the percentage of the damage they did. This will make leveling pets much easier, but also means bringing a storage pet has a cost. It also means high level pets are significantly more useful since they won’t steal large chunks of XP if they do a lot of damage.

We have not decided yet on how we feel about gold dragons. Consolidating all pets into a single top tier model isn’t something I am a fan of. I expect this is something we will tackle down the road. With the removal of the haunted house/pet arena/monster races/cooking contest you won’t be able to obtain fruit of the victor. We may add a new way to obtain it, or simply some way to obtain gold dragons on their own without evolving a pet. If we can get them working properly, I could see having dragon hatchlings/gold dragons be rare, hard to obtain pets that have better growth rates than standard ones.


Hope you found this post interesting. Again these are planned changes, but obviously subject to change/cuts/balancing.





When they believe it is as good as they can make it
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What do I have to gain by doing this as a hoax? lol
Very simple. No big deal.
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This server is the longest and most elaborate hoax Ive ever seen. Its been over two years this is hilarious…
It will take a bit of coding, but would work similar to how items with cooldowns do. When you cast…

I’m still workin!

I got pulled off from lineage work for about a week a half to work on a kitchen remodel. But I will be back on it very soon. I have made some really good progress and I foresee things rolling through a lot faster now that I am over this hurdle!


Just wanted to give you guys some news.

Answered with a new post.
So, summons. They are going to need some love, too. Old problems range from…
realistically, when will this server be available to play?
More news!
I doubt they will promise a test server before they announce it ...
Significant progress = test server soon?
That kitchen though.
Sounds good!

Another quick update

Major progress has been made on the skill overhaul. Legend is at the point where he is working on importing and implementing specific types of skills. Attack skills work, as do most status effect skills. Buffs and Debuffs are next but shouldn’t be too hard. There’s still more to go but the light is visible at the end of the tunnel.

In addition to the skill changes we’ve also worked on a few other things (gotta step away every once in a while for sanity sake). Importing of various XML files into database format has had some progress. This includes things like starting item kits and crafting recipes. Having these as SQL databases will make editing/adding to them much easier.

We overhauled one core aspect of the game, how monster melee damage is determined. The original code took the monster level, then added between 0 and it’s Str stat, to determine their damage. The highest Str could go was 127. This means the highest damage a monster could do with a melee swing was 99-226.

After discussing this fact, Legends and I decided we wanted the ability to create harder hitting monsters. We also felt that using level to determine base monster damage was a little awkward and restrictive. To this end, we added two new monster fields to the database called Min Dmg and Max Dmg. We took the existing formula and used them to populate those fields with values identical to what monster were doing previously. This means as it currently stands, everything hits exactly as hard as it did previously. Monster’s also had Int converted to SP, which will be used by the new skill system, but is functionally identical. Monsters no longer have core stats like Con/Str/Dex/Wis/Cha as none of these did anything.

This does mean however we will likely tweak existing bosses (and definitely elites), as well as some new monsters, to adjust their physical damage output. In the past, bosses really were only dangerous if they had high damage magic. Now, some bosses will be dangerous without the need for magic (like Baranka).

That’s all for now, more to come soon.


Very nice.
Oh nono, I was just talking about using the Giant Worm AoE animation as the animation for any monster skill.…
That is the weirdest and most nonsensical explanation I have ever heard. So the client and server communicate via packets…
Giant Worm's issue is the cast time/delay on his spell is shorter than the animation. This means multiple casts occur…
Well, one nice thing about this skill overhaul is it will be significantly easier to change spell animations (or add…
Giant Worm AOE, there you go! Hah, we all know how much you love that one.
It would be nice in the game if monster skills had some kind of low impact visual for when they…
One GM, whom will remain nameless for various reasons, tried to explain the explosions of damage like this, "Its the…
Having seen the code, the only explanation for something like that occurring is the monster either has a spell with…
Something seems off about the math for melee damage as we have all experienced things such as Fire Archer of…


I know you all haven’t heard from me in a bit. Wanted to give a quick update on where I am and what I am working on.

BUGS! Squash the bug. So we have been trouble shooting an issue with high XP values flipping to negatives. We have isolated the cause and are trying to find a solution. Lots of debugging being added. Hopefully figure it out this evening.

[Edit 6/8/2018]
We have found the bug! Bosses and mobs can now have extremely high HP and XP values. No more negative xp. This bug has thwarted us for months. I wrote an entirely new custom Debugger just to track the damn thing down. All credit goes to Mythic though, he was able to figure out the issue. I am not going to say what the issue was because the more info about bugs the more options for possible exploitation. But, it was a heck of a bug!

New Skill Code: Work continues, I feel I am making significant progress with it. Some of the more tedious bits are done with it, now i am working out the damage/buff/debuff logic based on the new tables. Will let everyone know as soon as its in game and actually fires a spell off.

Will follow up when something changes.

I live for these updates! Seriously, save me from WoW... I actually think WoW is great, but it's no Lineage.…
Put one foot in front of the other, and soon you'll be walking out the door. Baby…
Thanks for heads up and cant wait, great job guys.